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Bedienungsanleitung Xerox P1202
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Xerox DocuPrint P1202
User Guide 1 retpa h C
Introduction ................................................................................. 1-3
Printer Unpacking and Setup ..................................................... 1-4
Printer Components .................................................................... 1-5
Laser Print Cartridge Installation ............................................... 1-6
Paper Tray Adjustment ............................................................

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DocuPrint P1202 User Guide Xerox Corporation 800 Phillips Road Webster, NY 14580 United States of America Xerox Europe Channels Group Bessemer Road Welwyn Garden City Herts AL7 1HE United Kingdom © 1999 Xerox Corporation. Xerox®, The Document Company®, the stylized X, DocuPrint, and the identifying product names and numbers herein are trademarks of Xerox Corporation. Xerox Canada Ltd. and Xerox Europe are licensees of all the trademarks. Copyright protection claimed includes all forms and ma

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ENGLISH DocuPrint P1202 User Guide Introduction Thank you for purchasing this laser printer. The Xerox DocuPrint P1202 is a desktop laser printer specially designed for the demanding small office and home office users. It uses a highly innovative printing technology, which provides all the performance and power you need for your business, small workgroup and personal printing. In this guide you will find information essential for setting up and operating your laser printer. So, do keep it ha

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DocuPrint P1202 User Guide Printer Unpacking and Setup Remove the printer and all accessories from the packing carton. 1 Save the carton and packing materials in case you need to repack the printer for service or storage. Make sure that your printer came packed with the following items: 2 •Laser print cartridge •Power cord • User Guide (this book) • Warranty Information • DocuPrint P1202 CD-ROM This CD-ROM contains the software required to operate your printer, along with useful printer utili

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ENGLISH DocuPrint P1202 User Guide Printer Components Front View ˚ Face down output stacker ¸ Paper support Multi-Purpose Tray (MP Tray) ˝ Tray 1 (250 sheet) ˛ Tray 2 (250 sheet, optional) ˇ Control board cover (provides access to SIMM slots for adding/removing additional memory) — Control panel Paper level indicators Inside Front View ˚ Top cover ¸ Laser print cartridge Serial number ˝ Top cover release button Rear View ˚ Rear cover (with face-up output stacker inside) ¸ Printer cable

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DocuPrint P1202 User Guide Laser Print Cartridge Installation 1 4 2 5 3 6 Pull sealing tape completely out of cartridge. Do not expose cartridge to direct sunlight or strong room light. To avoid damaging photo-sensitive drum, never open drum shutter. To avoid damaging cartridge, complete cartridge installation as quickly as possible. 1-6 ENGLISH

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ENGLISH DocuPrint P1202 User Guide Paper Tray Adjustment Length Length A4 Folio Legal 1 1 2 2 Remove Remove guide guide from rear from side slot and slot and place in place in side slot rear slot as shown. as shown. 3 3 For Legal and Folio, lengthen tray by sliding out guide as shown. Width Refer to the section “Paper for Loading“ (page 1-8) proper paper loading procedure. After paper has been loaded, readjust tray as necessary. 1-7

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 8

DocuPrint P1202 User Guide Paper Loading Pinch side guide as shown below to adjust it to 1 4 proper paper width. Do not remove tray while printing. This may cause paper jams. Press bottom plate until it locks into place. 2 Fan paper before loading. 3 Do not load above limit line as shown. Insert paper under metal corner guide as shown. 5 Certain media must be manually fed one at a time through the MP Tray. Refer to “MP Tray Printing“ (page 1-9). 1-8 ENGLISH

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 9

ENGLISH DocuPrint P1202 User Guide MP Tray Printing The multi-purpose tray (MP Tray) is an auxiliary input device that you can use to feed media into the printer. You can stack up to 100 sheets of paper for automatic loading, or manually feed items one at a time. When you print on certain envelopes, heavier weight papers, transparencies, index cards, or certain paper labels, you must manually feed them one at a time through the MP Tray. It is also recommended that you use the face-up output s

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DocuPrint P1202 User Guide Printer Connections Parallel Interface USB Interface Serial Interface LocalTalk Interface (Requires option; see Appendix D of on-line Reference Guide) (Requires option; see Appendix D of on-line Reference Guide) Power Cord Power On/Off 1-10 ENGLISH

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 11

ENGLISH DocuPrint P1202 User Guide Printer Driver Installation Use the following instructions to install the PCL 6 and/or PCL 5e printer drivers on a Windows-based PC. The printer driver enables you to control the DocuPrint P1202’s features and capabilities (see the table on the next page). Use the driver’s on-line help for a complete description of its functionality. If necessary, consult your Windows documentation for instructions on accessing the driver. For other software installation pro

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DocuPrint P1202 User Guide Printer Driver Features 1 Setting Usage/Description PCL 6 PCL 5e PS Number of copies Select 1-99 copies. *** Page orientation Select Portrait or Landscape. *** Paper size Select from supported paper sizes *** (see “Printer Specifications”). Paper source Select printing from Tray 1, MP Tray or Tray 2 *** (if installed). Graphic quality Select enhancement for graphical and/or text *** printing. 2 Graphic mode Select vector or raster mode. ** * 2 TrueType fonts Select fon

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ENGLISH DocuPrint P1202 User Guide Software Utilities Installation For full details on the printer software, consult the Reference Guide on the DocuPrint P1202 CD-ROM. Installing the USB Port Driver Installing the RCP and SM (Windows 98) (Windows) The USB port driver must be installed in order The RCP (Remote Control Panel) and the SM to print to the DocuPrint P1202 via a USB (Status Monitor) software are Windows-based connection. Currently, USB printing is only programs that allow the user to

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DocuPrint P1202 User Guide Control Panel Indicator Light On Off ERROR Error during printing or No active errors. standby. MANUAL FEED Manual feed tray ready Manual feed tray is and waiting. inactive. PAPER Out of paper. Printer does not need paper. READY On-line and ready. Off-line and not ready. Control Button Control Button Operation Control Button Function Toggle printer on-line/off-line. Briefly press button. Reset printer. Turn printer off-line (all lights off). Press and hold button for

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ENGLISH DocuPrint P1202 User Guide Control Panel Indicators On-line Out of paper Receiving data (slow blinking) or Paper jam Printing (rapid blinking) Legend Off Off-line On Blinking Error: • Printer cover open Manual feed mode or • Laser print cartridge not installed Printing with manual feed Insufficient memory for the job Waiting for paper to be manually fed System error 1-15

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 16

DocuPrint P1202 User Guide Clearing Paper Jams From Input Area From Output Area From Inside Printer (Tray 1 or Tray 2) 1 Gently pull paper to remove. 1 Open paper tray. 1 Open top cover. Printing will resume (if not, see Troubleshooting in on-line Reference Guide). 2 Gently remove jammed paper. 2 Remove laser print cartridge. From Face-Up Tray 1 Open rear cover. Make sure remaining paper in tray is positioned correctly (refer to “Loading Paper.” 3 Gently remove jammed paper. 3 Close tray. Pr

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ENGLISH OPEN CLOSE OPEN CLOSE DocuPrint P1202 User Guide Installing Memory 1 4 7 Turn off power and disconnect Install memory SIMM into Replace control board cover. the power cable. second slot labeled “DRAM” as shown, slightly angled, notch side up. 2 5 8 Open control board cover. Push back on the SIMM until it Reconnect power cable and turn clicks into place. on power. 3 6 Remove metal plate. Print a configuration sheet (hold Reinsert metal plate. down control button until all lights blin

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 18

DocuPrint P1202 User Guide Making Installation Diskettes Use the following procedures to copy software installation files from the Xerox DocuPrint P1202 CD-ROM onto floppy diskettes for installation onto computers that do not have a CD-ROM drive or Internet access. To install the software, see “Installing Software from Diskette“ (page 1-19). PCL 6 Printer Driver PCL 5e Printer Driver Label a new or freshly formatted diskette Label a new or freshly formatted diskette 1 1 “DocuPrint P1202 PCL 6

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 19

ENGLISH DocuPrint P1202 User Guide Installing Software from Diskette PCL Printer Drivers RCP and SM The following instructions specify the PCL 6 driver. To install Windows 95/98 and NT 4.0 the PCL 5e driver, substitute PCL 5e for PCL 6 in the 1. Insert the diskette “DocuPrint P1202 RCP/SM.” instructions. Note: RCP only for Windows NT 4.0. 2. From the menu, select . Start Run Windows 95/98 3. Type . Click . a:\setup.exe OK 1. Insert the diskette “DocuPrint P1202 PCL 6 Driver.” 4. Follow on-sc

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 20

DocuPrint P1202 User Guide Printer Specifications Item Specification and Description Print Speed 12PPM (A4/Letter) Resolution True 600 x 600 dpi; 1200 dpi with Image Enhancement Paper Handing (output) Face Down: 250 sheets; Face Up: 10 sheets 2 Feed Capacity Tray 1: 250 sheets of paper (80 g/m / 20 lb.) 2 MP Tray: 100 sheets of paper (80 g/m / 20 lb.); 10 envelopes 2 Option Tray 2: 250 sheets of paper (80 g/m / 20 lb.) Power Rating AC100~120V/ 220~240V(±15%), 50/60Hz (±3%) Acoustic Noise Stand b

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