Bedienungsanleitung Samsung DIGIMAX 4500

Bedienungsanleitung für das Gerät Samsung DIGIMAX 4500

Gerät: Samsung DIGIMAX 4500
Größe: 2,44 MB
Datum des Hinzufügens: 2014-01-13 15:30:10
Seitenanzahl: 140
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Bedienungsanleitung Samsung DIGIMAX 4500
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GU,SUNGNAM-CITY, KYUNGKI-DO, KOREA 462-121 TEL : (49) 6196 66 53 03
TEL : (82) 31-740-8086,8088, 8090, 8092, 8099 FAX : (49) 6196 66 53 66
FAX : (82) 31-740-8398, 8111
Thank you for buying a Samsung Camera.
This manual will guide

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Instructions Use this camera in the following order Before connecting the USB cable to the PC and this Set up the camera camera, you have to set up the camera driver. Install the camera driver that is contained in the Application S/W CD- driver ROM. (p.110) Take a picture (p.26) Take a picture Insert the supplied USB cable into the PC USB port and Insert the USB the camera USB connection terminal.(p.99) cable Check the camera power. If the power is turned off, slide Check the camera the camera s

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READY Contents SHUTTER button 32 READY WIDE / TELE button 33 Getting to know your camera 5 UP/ Voice memo button 35 About the symbols 6 MACRO / SUPER MACRO button 36 Caution 6 FLASH button 37 Warning 7 SELF-TIMER / REMOTE button 40 Danger 8 MENU/ OK button 42 Special features 9 MF button 43 This digital camera can be used for 10 +/- button 44 Manufacturer's contents 12 Using the LCD monitor to adjust the Identification of features 13 camera 46 Front & Top 13 How to use the menu 48 Back & Bottom

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Contents Thumbnail & Wide / Video 91 Tele & Trimming button 65 Connecting to an external monitor 92 Thumbnail / Enlargement / Quick view 93 Trimming button 66 MyCAM menu 94 UP / Voice memo button 67 Start up image 94 DOWN / LEFT / RIGHT button 68 Start up sound 95 MENU / OK button 68 Shutter sound 95 DELETE button 69 List of camera function 96 PLAY & PAUSE button 70 Starting PC mode 99 Setting up the play back function Important notes 101 using the LCD monitor 71 Warning indicator 102 Slide show

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 5

READY Getting to know your camera Thank you for buying a Samsung Digital Camera. Prior to using this camera, please read the user manual thoroughly. Keep the manual in a safe place. About the symbols This manual contains instructions on using this camera that will help you to use this camera safely and correctly. This will help prevent danger and injury to others. DANGER DANGER indicates an imminently hazardous situation which, if not avoided, will result in death or serious injury. WARNING WAR

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About the symbols The camera mode icons will be marked on the right side of the title bar. The title is available only in the marked camera mode. Refer to below. Icon Mode dial Camera working mode Icon Mode dial Camera working mode Easy mode Program mode Portrait mode Night mode Aperture priority mode Shutter priority mode Manual mode Movie clip mode User set mode Voice recording mode Play mode Caution Leaking, overheating, or burst batteries could result in fire or injury. Use batteries with

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READY Warning Do not use the flash in close proximity to When taking photographs, never point the lens people or animals. Positioning the flash too of the camera directly into very strong light. close to your subject’s eyes, may cause This may result in permanent damage to the eyesight damage. camera or your eyesight. For safety reasons keep this product and accessories out of reach of children or animals to prevent accidents e.g.: Swallowing batteries or small camera accessories. In case of acc

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Danger Do not attempt to modify this camera in any Please do not use this product in close way. This may result in fire, injury, electric proximity to flammable or explosive gases, as shock or severe damage to you or your this could increase the risk of explosion. camera. Internal inspection, maintenance and repairs should be carried out by your dealer or Samsung Camera Service Center. Should any form of liquid or a foreign object enter the camera, do not use it. Switch off the camera, and then

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READY Special features This digital camera has the following features. A fine resolution of 4.0 mega pixels A 3X optical and 4X digital zoom lens A superior Schneider lens 9 power source options (a world first!) A Super macro(6cm) function 3 different “My SET” modes An FCC warning This device has been tested in accordance with the limits of a class B digital device under item 15 of the FCC rules. These limits are designed to provide protection against harmful interference in commercial installat

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This digital camera can be used for Viewing images on a TV screen or external monitor (refer to page 92) Printing images using a dedicated printer, DPOF- compatible printer or DPOF- equipped photo lab.(p.76) Taking a picture. (refer to page 26) Down loading image files from camera to computer.(p.100) Editing images on a PC.(p.123) 10

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READY This digital camera can be used for Creation of a digital photo album Inserting images directly into any electronic document Recording your voice (refer to page 35) Taking a self-portrait and using the image to personalize name cards Recording a movie clip (refer to page 30) You can even create your own unique gift- wrap paper by using your digital images 11

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Manufacturer's contents Please check that you have the correct contents before using this product. marked contents are optional. Digital Camera Pouch AV cable USB cable Camera strap Software CD User manual Product warranty SD memory card CR-V3 battery Remote control Battery pack Digimax Premium Power Pack : SLB-1437 KIT Rechargeable battery Battery charger Cigar jack for car AC adapter 12

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READY Identification of features Front & Top Shutter button (p.32) Power switch Microphone Flash fading control sensor Viewfinder Self-timer lamp Strap eyelet Flash Remote control sensor Lens Back & Bottom Flash indicator Mode dial Lamp lamp(Red) Mode dial (p.15) Autofocus indicator lamp(Green) WIDE/THUMBNAIL button (p.33/65) Viewfinder TELE/Digital zoom +&-/PLAY & PAUSE button (p.33/66) button (p.44/70) 5-function button Speaker MF / DELETE button (p.43/69) LCD/INFROMATION USB/ AV connection bu

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Identification of features Side Memory card slot Battery chamber Memory card cover/ Battery chamber cover 5-function button Voice memo / UP button (p.35/67) SELF-TIMER/REMOTE/ RIGHT FLASH / LEFT button button (p.40/68) (p.37/68) MENU/ OK button (p.42/68) MACRO / SUPER MACRO / DOWN button (p.36/68) 14

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READY Mode dial You can select the desired working mode by using the mode dial located on the back of the camera. This digital camera has 8 working modes. These are listed below. EASY Easy mode To make camera operation easier, a bare minimum of camera settings are required in this mode, such as image size. ( for printing, memo and email) PROGRAM Program mode In program mode, you can take a properly exposed photograph. Moreover you can select all camera settings except aperture and shutter speed.

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Mode dial A/S/M Aperture priority / Shutter priority / Manual mode The Aperture and Shutter can be set manually in the A/ S/ M mode. MOVIE CLIP Movie clip mode A movie clip can be recorded as long as the available recording time allows. Image size and type are listed below. - Image size : 288 X 208 - File type : *.AVI MySET User set mode You can set your preferences and save them in this mode. There are 3 kinds of user setting modes. VOICE RECORDING Voice recording mode You can do voice recordi

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READY Connecting to Power There are two ways in which to provide the camera with power. You can use batteries (AA Alkaline, CR-V3, Ni-MH, Li-ion), or alternatively, you can use an AC(100 ~ 250V) Adapter (DC 5V 2.0A). Using the batteries 1. Open the battery chamber cover by pushing in the direction of the arrow. 2. Insert the batteries taking note of the polarity (+ / -). Inserting the AA type battery Inserting the CR-V3 type battery 3. To close the battery chamber cover, push it until it clicks.

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 18

Connecting to Power INFORMATION This camera will automatically switch off when not in use for a period of time. Refer to [POWER OFF] function (p.81). We recommend batteries for digital camera (Within a year from the date of manufacture). The batteries are listed below. Non rechargeable batteries : AA type - Alkaline, Ni-Mn, Ni-Zn, Lithium CR-V3 type - Lithium Rechargeable batteries : AA type - Ni-MH, Ni-Cd (over 1000mA) Exclusive type - SLB-1437 (Digimax V4 only) SBP-1103 (CR-V3 type) NOTICE Imp

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READY Connecting to Power Using the AC power adapter If you have access to a mains supply, using an AC Adapter allows the camera to be used for long periods of time. Plug the adapter into the connection point (DC IN 5V) on the camera. Remove the batteries when using the AC adapter. DANGER Always turn off the power before taking the AC adapter out of the mains supply. As with all mains powered devices, safety is important. Ensure that neither the camera nor adapter comes into contact with water

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 20

Inserting the memory card 1. Turn off the camera power and pull the memory card cover in the direction of the arrow to open. 2. Insert the memory card all the way into the memory card slot. The Label stuck to the memory card and the front side of the camera should face in the same direction. The memory card pins and the LCD monitor should face in the same direction. 3. To close, push the card cover against the arrow until you hear a click. If the card cover does not close, check that the memory

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