Bedienungsanleitung Samsung 650TS-2

Bedienungsanleitung für das Gerät Samsung 650TS-2

Gerät: Samsung 650TS-2
Größe: 3,34 MB
Datum des Hinzufügens: 2013-11-12 16:13:37
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Bedienungsanleitung Samsung 650TS-2
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SyncMaster 650TS-2
LCD Display
User Manual
The color and the appearance may differ depending on the
product, and the specifications are subject to change
without prior notice to improve the performance.

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 2

Safety Instructions Notational Note These safety instructions must be followed to ensure your safety and prevent property dam- age. Make sure to read the instructions carefully and use the product in the correct manner. Warning / Caution Failure to follow directions noted by this symbol could result in bodily harm or damage to the equipment. Note Important to read and under- Prohibited stand at all times Disconnect the plug from the Do not disassemble outlet Ground to prevent an electric Do n

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 3

Safety Instructions Ensure that the power plug is plugged into the power outlet firmly and correctly. • Otherwise, this may result in fire. Do not forcefully bend or pull the power plug and do not place any heavy material on it. • Otherwise, this may result in fire. Do not connect multiple appliances to the same power outlet. • Otherwise, this may cause fire due to overheating. Do not disconnect the power cord while using the product. • Otherwise, this may result in damage to the product due

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 4

Safety Instructions • Use a cabinet or rack of a size appropriate to the product. DO NOT PLACE CANDLES, MOSQUITO REPELLANT, CIGA- RETTES AND ANY HEATING APPLIANCES NEAR THE PROD- UCT. • Otherwise, this may result in fire. Keep heating appliances as far away from the power cord or the product as possible. • Otherwise, this may result in electric shock or fire. Do not install it in a badly ventilated location such as a bookcase or closet. • Otherwise, this may result in fire due to an increase i

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 5

Safety Instructions Do not spray cleaner directly onto the surface of the product. • Otherwise, this may result in the discoloration and distortion of the structure and the screen surface may peel off. When cleaning the power plug pins or dusting the power outlet, clean it with a dry cloth. • Otherwise, it may result in fire. When cleaning the product, make sure to disconnect the power cord. • Otherwise, it may result in electric shock or fire. When cleaning the product, disconnect the power

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 6

Safety Instructions When you drop the product or the case is broken, turn the power off and disconnect the power cord. Contact a Service Center. • Otherwise, this may result in electric shock or fire. If thunder or lightning is occurring, do not touch the power cord or antenna cable. • Otherwise, this may result in electric shock or fire. Do not try to move the monitor by pulling only the wire or the signal cable. • Otherwise, it may fall and result in electric shock, damage to the product or

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 7

Safety Instructions When using headphones or earphones, do not turn the volume too high. • Having the sound too loud may damage your hearing. To avoid eyestrain, do not sit too close to the product. Take a rest for at least five (5) minutes after using the monitor for one (1) hour. This reduces eye fatigue. Do not install it in an unstable location such as an unstable rack or uneven surface or a location exposed to vibrations. • Otherwise, it may fall and cause personal injury and/or damage t

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 8

Safety Instructions Use only the specified standardized batteries, and do not use a new battery and a used battery at the same time. • Otherwise, the batteries may be damaged or cause fire, per- sonal injury or damage due to a leakage of the internal liquid. The batteries (and rechargeable batteries) are not ordinary re- fuse and must be returned for recycling purposes. The customer is responsible for returning the used or rechargeable batteries for recycling. • The customer can return used or r

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 9

Safety Instructions • Since the front part of the product is heavy, install the product on a level and stable surface. Do not put any heavy objects on the product. • This may result in personal injury and/or damage to the prod- uct. Using an object other than the supplied stylus can leave scratch- es on the product. • There is a possibility that using a pen which is too thin (i.e. ballpoint pen, sharp pencil, PDA pen, etc.) will not be recog- nized by the touch sensor due to limitations of the

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 10

Introduction Package Contents Checking the Contents of the Package Remove the lock from the package box, as shown in the figure above. Lift up the package box by Check the contents of the Remove the Styrofoam holding the grooves on package. and vinyl cover. both sides of the package box. Note • After unpacking the package, make sure to check the contents of the package. • Store the packaging box in case you need to move the Product later. • If any items are missing, contact your dealer. • Conta

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Introduction Manuals Quick Setup Guide Warranty Card User Manual, Samsung In- teractive whiteboard (Not available in all loca- tions) Cables Power Cord USB Cable D-Sub Cable Others Remote Control Batteries (AAA X 2) Stylus pens (x3) (BP59-00138A) (Not available in all loca- tions) Sold separately DVI Cable D-Sub to BNC Cable D-Sub to Component Ca- ble Wall Mount KIT Semi Stand KIT NetWork Box

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Introduction Your LCD Display Front MENU button [MENU] Opens the on-screen menu and exits from the menu. Also use to exit the OSD menu or return to the previous menu. Navigate buttons (Up-Down buttons) Moves from one menu item to another vertically or adjusts selected menu values. Adjust buttons (Left-Right buttons) / Volume buttons Moves from one menu item to another horizontally or adjusts selected menu values. When OSD is not on the screen, press the button to adjust volume. ENTER button [ENT

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Introduction Note When the PIP function is activated on the monitor, the touchscreen function may not work properly. Power button [ ] Use this button for turning the LCD Display on and off. Brightness Sensor (Optional) Automatically detects the surrounding brightness. Note This function is activated only on the models equipped with an auto bright- ness sensor. Power indicator Shows PowerSaver mode by blinking green Note See PowerSaver described in the manual for further information regarding

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 14

Introduction POWER S/W ON [ ] / OFF [O] Switches the LCD Display On/Off. POWER The power cord plugs into the LCD Display and the wall outlet. RS232C OUT/IN (RS232C Serial PORT) MDC(Multiple Display Control) Program Port RGB/COMPONENT IN (PC/COMPO- NENT Connection Terminal (Input)) • Connect the [RGB/COMPONENT IN] port on the monitor to the RGB port on the PC using the D-SUB cable. • Connect the [RGB/COMPONENT IN] port on the monitor to the COMPONENT port on the external device using the D

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 15

Introduction • Connect a monitor to another monitor through a DVI cable. • Connect the [DVI OUT] port on the mon- itor to the [HDMI IN] port on the other monitor using the DVI to HDMI cable. • DVI, HDMI and network signals sent via the [DVI OUT] port are displayed on the second display which has the DVI IN port. Note Up to 6 Full HD or 10 HD monitors can be connected (May differ depending on the product). AV IN [VIDEO] Connect the [AV IN [VIDEO]] terminal of your monitor to the video output

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 16

Introduction Note The external speakers are optional. To enable the connected external speakers, set Speaker Select under the Sound menu to External (on screen). EXT SPEAKER(8 )[- - L - +, - - R - +] (Speaker ports) TOUCH SCREEN Connect to the PC using the USB cable in order to use the TOUCH function under PC mode. Note See Connecting Cables for further information regarding cable connections. Remote Control Note The performance of the remote control may be affected by a TV or other electro

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 17

Introduction MENU RETURN EXIT MagicInfo Turns the product On. 1. POWER Turns the product Off. 2. OFF 3. Number Buttons Press to change the channel. The "-" button is used to select Digital channels. 4. DEL / GUIDE but- Electronic Program Guide (EPG) display. ton - This function does not work for this LCD Display. 5. + VOL - Adjusts the audio volume. Press the button to change the input signal SOURCE. 6. SOURCE Changing the SOURCE is only allowed for external devices that are connected to

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 18

Introduction FM Stereo Mono Mono Manual Change Stereo Mono Stereo SAP Mono SAP Mono DUAL- STEREO/MONO, DUAL l / DUAL ll and MONO/NICAM MONO/NICAM STEREO can be operated depending on the broadcasting type by using the DUAL button on the remote control while watching TV. This button is used to return to the immediately previous 14. ENTER/PRE-CH channel. - This function does not work for this LCD Display. Pauses (mutes) the audio output temporarily. This is dis- 15. MUTE played on the lower lef

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 19

Introduction Installation VESA Bracket • When installing VESA, make sure to comply with the international VESA standards. • Purchasing VESA Bracket and Installation Information : Please contact your nearest SAMSUNG Distributor to place an order. After your order is placed, installation profes- sionals will visit you and install the bracket. • At least 2 persons are needed in order to move the LCD Display. • SAMSUNG is not responsible for any product damage or any injury caused by installation at

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 20

Introduction Dimensions Notice For securing the bracket on a wall, use only machine screws of 6 mm diameter and 8 to 12 mm length. Wall Bracket Installation • Contact a technician for installing the wall bracket. • SAMSUNG Electronics is not responsible for any damages to the product or harm to customers when the installation is done by the customer. • This product is for installing on cement walls. The product may not stay in place when installed on plaster or wood. Components Only use the comp

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