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Gerät: LG Electronics 60PCLD
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Datum des Hinzufügens: 2013-08-11 16:27:41
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Bedienungsanleitung LG Electronics 60PCLD
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60PCl D
Internet Home Page :
ENERGYSTAR is a set of power-saving
Please read this manual carefully before operating your set.
guidelines issued by the U.S. Retain it for future reference.
Environmental Protection Agency(EPA). Record modem number and serial number of the set.
See the label attached on the back cover and quote
this information to your dealer
Parmer LGE

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Warning r n ! n CAUTION WARNING: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT REMOVE COVER (OR BACK). NO USER SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE. REFER TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL. the presence of uninsulated "dangerous voltage" within the product's enclosure that may be of suffi- ,i_ The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to cient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons. important operating and maintenance (servicing)

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Safety Instructions ! S|ructio S f WARNING • To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this apparatus to rain or moisture. Apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the apparatus. iMPORTANT SAFETY iNSTRUCTiONS 1. Read these instructions. 8. Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat. 2. Keep these in

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Safety Instructions S 12. Use only with a cart, stand, tripod, bracket, or table 14. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. specified by the manufacturer, or sold with the appa- Servicing is required when the apparatus has been ratus. When a cart is used, use caution when moving damaged in any way, such as power supply cord or the cart / apparatus combination to avoid injury from plug is damaged, liquid has been spilled or objects tip-over. have fallen into the apparatus, the appara

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Contents C 0 Bt e n | s 2 Warning 3~4 Safety instructions 7 Accessories 8~11 Controls Connection Options 12~13 Remote Control Key Functions 14 Attaching the TV to a wall 15 Desktop Pedestal Installation 16-17 Basic Connection 18 Antenna or Cable Connection 19-20 VCR Setup 20 External AV Source Setup 21-22 DVD Setup 23-24 HDSTB Setup 25 AV Out Setup 25 Digital Audio Output 26-28 PC Setup i!!!liii/ll/ll!i lilliii! I 29 Turning on the TV 29 Volume Adjustment 29 Channel Selection 29 On Screen Menus

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Contents 44 Manual Clock Setup 44 Auto Clock Setup 45 On/Off Timer Setup 45 Sleep Timer 46 Auto Off 47 Aspect Ratio Control 48 Caption/Text 49 Caption Option 49 Low Power (42PC3D/3DV, 50PC3D, 60PC1D Only) 50 ISM (Image Sticking Minimization) Method (42PC3D/3DV, 50PC3D, 60PC1D Only) 51_52 Parental Lock Setup 53~58 External Control Device Setup 59~60 IR Codes 61 Programming the Remote 62~63 Programming Codes 64~65 Troubleshooting Checklist 65 Maintenance 66~67 Product Specifications

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Introduction i ! | rOd UC| i!!i O n r= Accesso !es Ensure that the following accessories are included with your TV. If any accessory is missing, please contact the dealer from where you purchased the product. User must use shielded signal interface cables(D-sub 15 pin cable) with ferrite cores to maintain standard compliance for the product. Power Cord 75D Round Cable Owner's Manual Remote Control / Batteries For 42PC3D/3DV, .......................................................................

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 8

Introduction Controls (Model Name: 42PC3D/3DV, 50PC3D, 60PC1D) - This is a simplified representation of front panel. - This picture shown below may be somewhat different from your TV. 42PC3D/3DV, 50PC3D = CHANNEL (A, V') Buttons - VOLUME (_,_) Buttons ENTER Button MENU Button INPUT Button Remote Control Sensor (b/t (Power) Button Power/Standby Indicator ,, illuminates red in standby mode. ,, illuminates green when the set is switched on. 60P01 D I Remote Control Sensor Power Standby Indicator Il

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 9

Introduction ConnectionOptions (Model Name: 42PC3D/3DV, 50PC3D, 60PC1D) - This picture shown below may be somewhat different from your TV. S-VIDEO Input Provides better picture quality than the video input. AUDIO Input Connections are available for lis- tening to stereo sound from an external device. VIDEO Input Connects the video signal from a video device. @COMPONENT IN @ RGB IN (PC) Connect a component video/audio device to Connect the monitor output from a PC to the these jacks. appropriate

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Introduction Controls (Model Name: 32/37/42LC2D, 32LC2DU) - This is a simplified representation of front panel. - This picture shown below may be somewhat different from your TV. (A, _) Buttons (_,_) Buttons -- ENTER Button Button -- INPUT Button -- (b/l (Power) Button Remote Control Sensor Power/Standby Indicator ,, illuminates red in standby mode. ,, illuminates green when the set is switched on. Swivel Stand (42:LC2D Only) - The TV can be conveniently swivelled on its stand 30 ° to the left o

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Introduction i " n Connecton Optlo s (Model Name: 32/37/42LC2D, 32LC2DU) - This picture shown below may be somewhat different from your TV. S-VIDEO Input Provides better picture quality than the video input. VIDEO Input Connects the video signal from a video device. AUDIO Input Connections are available for listening to stereo sound from an external device. @COMPONENT IN @ RGB IN (PC) Connect a component video/audio device to Connect the monitor output from a PC to the these jacks. appropriate i

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Introduction Remote C:ontro! Key Functions Turns your TV or any other programmed equipment on or In AV! _2; ComPonent 1:2; or RGB-PC, HDMI!!DVl, and HDM!2 input sources, screen returns t0 the last TV channe!. _ ' INPUT ....... _- h MODE::- l External input modes rotate in regular sequencei Tv, AVl:2, Competent i_21RGB-PC, HDM!!/DVI 0r HUM!2, (AV !-2, C0mp0nent !-2; RGB:PC, HDMI!/DV! or HDM!2 input sources are linked automatically, only if these are con- nected.) m MODE -_ Selects the remote oper

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Introduction VCBiOVOJBVNSJC",.c,,.,o' BU 'ONS control some video cassette recorders or DVD players TV INPUT _ INPUT ( RECORD button is net available for DVD player). Increases/decreases the sound level. CHANNEL UPiDOWN Selects availab e channels found with EZ scan and Manual scan Use to scroll the Favorite channels. J NUMBER BUTTONS Used to enter a program number f0r mu!tipie program chan- Returns to the last Channel viewed. J Selects a factory preset picture mode depending on the view- 1 ing en

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Introduction ! I ! 32/37/42LC2D, 42PC3D/3DV, 50PC3D 60PC1D 32LC2DU I _ Open the battery compartment cover on the back side and instal[ the batteries matching cor- rect polarity (+with +,-with -). _ Use a remote control up to 7 meters distance and #_Install two ] .5V AA batteries. Don't mix old or 30 degree (left/right) within the receiving unit used batteries with new ones. scope. _ Dispose of used batteries in a recycle bin to pre- _Close coveg serve environment. ATTACHING THE TV TO A WALL We r

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 15

Installation I n St a ![a t i1 o n DESKTOPPEDESTALINSTALLATION For proper ventilation, allow a clearance of 4inches on each side from the wall. 42PC3D/3DV, 50PC3D, 60P01D 32/37/42LC2D, 32LC2DU iiii_i!i!iiiii_iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii_i_i_i_i_iii_i_i!_iiiii!ii_i_;i;1i!!!_i_!_ii!ii_!_iiIi!_i_iiiiIi_i_iiiii[iiii[ii _; This picture shown below may be somewhat different from your TV. Power Supply Short-circuit Breaker GROUNDING Ensure that you connect the earth ground wire to prevent pos

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Basic Connection (For 32/37/42LC2D, 32LC2DU) Connect the cables as necessary. After connecting the cables neat- ly, arrange the cables to the Cable Holder. To connect an additional equip- ment, see the External equip- ment Connections section. 32LC2D/U 37/42LC2D Reinstall the CABLE MANAGE- MENT as shown. 32LC2D/U 37/42LC2D 3 Bundle the cables using the sup- plied twister holder. 32LC2D/U 37/42LC2D ¢_ Do not hold the CABLE MANAGEMENT when moving the product. L - If the product is dropped, you may

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 17

B w as!c Connection Place the set with the screen facing down on 2 Pull the stand out as shown• a cushion or soft cloth as shown• After unfolding the stand, please insert and Before unfolding the stand, please make sure tighten the screws (provided as parts of the two locks (A) on the bottom of the stand push product) in the holes (B) on the bottom of the outward• /+: _++':"-,, stand• (B) (A) This may cause the set to fall, causing serious When closing the stand for storage bodily injury and ser

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 18

Installation Exte r n a[ ,,,;,;; q u I p me n t Co nec|:! o s NOTE: All cables shown are not included with the TV - Antenna or Cable Service without a Cable Box Connection For optimum picture quality, adjust antenna direction if needed. Vlulti-family Dwellings/Apartments _Connect to wail antenna socket Wall Antenna Socket RF Coaxial Wire (75 onmJ VHF Antenna _ UHFAntenna _ t Outdoor AnteT_: clockw'se t° tighten" Bronze Wire Be careful not to bend the bronze wire when Single-family Dwellings Hous

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 19

Installation - To avoid picture noise (interference), leave an adequate distance between the VCR and TV. - Typically a frozen still picture from a VCR. if the 4:3 picture format is used; the fixed images on the sides of the screen may remain visible on the screen. VCR @ Connect the RF antenna out socket of the VCR to " e the Antenna s0cket on the set _" @ @ Connect the antenna cable t0the RF antenn a in .......... @ _ @ socket of the VCR .£_,[_ /R/AUDio ILl WDEO ,.e ® ® O Set VCR output switch t

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Installation VIDE0 inPut on the set. The picture quality is @ Select AV! input source With using the NPUT button on the remote control. _ !f connected to AV IN2, se!ect AV2 input s0urce. [ Do not c0nnect to both Video and STVideo at the same time: In the e_ent that you Connect "t L both Video and the S-Video cables, only the S-Video will work. @ Connect the AUDIO/VIDEO jacks between TV and external equipment. Match the jack colors i_ Right = red Select AV2 input source with using the iNPUT (Vide

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