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Gerät: Maytag French Door JS42CSDBFA
Größe: 5,99 MB
Datum des Hinzufügens: 2014-02-05 18:35:03
Seitenanzahl: 80
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Bedienungsanleitung Maytag French Door JS42CSDBFA
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Form No. B/07/04 Part No. 12890901 Litho U.S.A.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS WELCOME Welcome ..........................................................................................1 Welcome and congratulations on your ® purchase of a Jenn-Air Built-In refrig- Safety Instructions..........................................................................2 erator! Installation........................................................................................3 Machine Compartment.................................................................4 Your

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IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS WARNING 15.Keep your refrigerator in good To reduce risk of fire, electric 10. Do not remove warning tag condition. Bumping or dropping shock, serious injury or death from power cord. refrigerator can damage refriger- when using your refrigerator, 11. Do not tamper with refrigerator ator or cause refrigerator to follow these basic precautions, controls. malfunction or leak. If damage including the following: occurs, have refrigerator 12. Do not service or replace an

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INSTALLATION For complete directions on proper instal- CLIMATEZONE™ Note: lation of this refrigerator, please refer to AIR DIVERTER the separate installation instructions pro- Install the fresh food and freezer light vided. shields according to the following IMPORTANT: instructions. CAUTION The Air Diverter must be installed cor- rectly to ensure efficient operation of To protect personal property and TO INSTALL THE LIGHT SHIELDS: the ClimateZone™ storage drawers. refrigerator from damage: 1. P

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MACHINE COMPARTMENT The Machine Compartment is located at power switch, the water filter, the con- Note: the top of the refrigerator. Within the denser and a switch to change the elec- Machine Compartment are the main tronic control from Fahrenheit to Celsius. DONOT remove the foam pieces from the machine compartment cover or the condenser. Condenser Fahrenheit /Celsius Water Filter (see page 19) Main Switch (see page 6) (see pages 13-14) Power Switch TO REPLACE THE MACHINE Follow by inserting T

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 6

ELECTRONIC CONTROL CENTER The electronic control center is located at •Press the Door Alarm pad again to Note: the top of the fresh food compartment. deactivate. Thermometers placed in the refriger- •When the alarm has sounded, close Note: ator may record a temperature slightly door to reset. above or below the displayed tempera- Allow the refrigerator to run for 8-12 OR ture. This is normal as the displayed hours before loading. This ensures temperature is an average. •Press the Door Alarm pad

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 7

• Set the switch to the desired mode - POWER INTERRUPT Note: °C or °F. When enabled, Power Frozen foods which have thawed com- All temperature displays will change to Interrupt will record and pletely should not be refrozen. Discard the selected mode, including the display the highest temp- these items. Fresh, perishable items ClimateZone™ drawer displays. erature reached in the stored above 40° for two hours or fresh food and freezer longer should also be discarded. compartments during a power

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 8

FRESH FOOD COMPARTMENT The entire assembly can then be moved SHELVES ELEVATOR™ SHELF forward and clear of the refrigerator The Fresh Food Compartment is The Elevator™ shelf can be adjusted up compartment. equipped with Standard Adjustable or down without being unloaded. To reinstall, reverse the removal proce- Shelves and/or Elevator™ Shelves (fea- To adjust the height, pull out the knob on dure. Be sure the shelf is in a level posi- tures may vary by model). the handle built into the shelf fron

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 9

CLIMATEZONE™ STORAGE DRAWERS The two lower drawers in the fresh food Notes: compartment are equipped with ClimateZone™ Technology. This tech- • After prolonged or repeated drawer nology allows the temperature within openings and/or loading the drawers, each drawer to be tightly controlled for the displayed temperature may rise. storing meats, fresh produce or citrus. This is normal.The temperature will recover in a short period of time. The electronic temperature control within these drawers pro

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CLIMATEZONE™ STORAGE DRAWERS, CONT. A fabric-like material* covers small air *The Automatic Humidity Control AUTOMATIC vents in the drawer housing above the system features a unique, patented mate- HUMIDITY crispers.This material controls the flow of rial called Shape Memory Polymer (SMP) moisture vapor out of the crisper. If a food that when laminated to fabric, becomes CONTROL spill should occur on the air vent or DIAPLEX. DIAPLEX is manufactured by The ClimateZone™ drawers are equip- fabric-l

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FREEZER COMPARTMENT TO REINSTALL SHELF: ADJUSTABLE ICE DRAWER • Align the shelf into the guides on the (Non-dispenser Models) WIRE SHELVES frame. TO REMOVE WIRE SHELVES: The automatic icemaker keeps this • Push the shelf all the way back. (It is not drawer stocked with ice.To retrieve ice, • Completely unload the shelf or remove necessary to push up the tabs for rein- pull open the drawer. basket. stallation). TO REMOVE: • Lift up the rear of the shelf slightly. In ordinary use, the Elevator™ sh

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AUTOMATIC ICEMAKER After the refrigerator has been connected ICE BIN WARNING to the water supply, move the wire lever To check the ice level or gain access to To avoid personal injury or prop- arm on the icemaker into the down the ice bin, lift the door on the bin. erty damage, observe the fol- (ON) position to start its operation.The lowing: icemaker will fill with water when the TO REMOVE THE BIN: freezer reaches the proper temperature. • Do not place fingers or hands •Turn off the icemaker by

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AUTOMATIC ICE AND WATER DISPENSER (SELECT MODELS) DISPENSING WATER CRUSH,CUBE, ICE AND WATER DISPENSING TIPS AND ICE WATER PADS • Some crushed ice may be dispensed Notes: even though cubed ice was selected. This happens occasionally when a • When using the ice dispenser for the few cubes are accidentally channeled first time, discard the first two or into the crusher. The control pads are located on the dis- three dozen cubes. penser control panel.To select the desired • Likewise, when changing

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WATER FILTER 3. Carefully remove the filter from its INITIAL FILTER SPECIAL NOTICES packaging. CARTRIDGE It is essential that operation, maintenance 4. Remove the red cap from the filter. and filter replacement requirements be INSTALLATION carried out as scheduled.This product is 5. Lubricate the O-ring with food-grade The water filter mounts in the machine for cold-water use only. vegetable oil. compartment above the refrigerator. Do not use with water that is microbio- 6. Line up the cartridge

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PERFORMANCE DATA Substance Average Influent Product Avg NSF Reduction Max. Min. % NSF Reduction Influent Challenge Water % Requirements Effluent Red. Test Red. concentration > 50% Chlorine Taste and Odor 1.9 + + 0.05 97% 0.07 96% 508654-02 2.0 mg/L + 10% - - > 85% Particulate 3233333 At least 10,000 particles/ml 74667 97.7% 260000 92% 508534-02 Class I Particle size: <0.5 to < 1 um Contaminent Reduction Cysts* 109000 1 99.99% 99.95% 1 99.99% 508194-02 Minimum 50,000 /L Turbidity 11.4 11 + + 1 NT

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 16

FOOD PURCHASING, STORAGE & HANDLING GUIDELINES TEMPERATURE FRESH MEATS AND FRESH FRUITS AND The fresh food compartment should be POULTRY VEGETABLES set in the range of 34° F (1° C) - 38° F Leave meat and poultry in original store Store in a ClimateZone™ storage drawer (3° C), based on your preference. wrap before use (repeated handling can set on the appropriate setting (Produce introduce bacteria into the product). or Citrus, see page 8). The freezer compartment should be set at 0° F (-18° C)

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 17

VEGETABLE SELECTION AND STORAGE CHART FRESH VEGETABLES SELECTION STORAGE Artichokes Choose tight, compact heads that feel heavy for their size. Store in the ClimateZone™ drawer on Avoid if wilted, moldy or woody. the “Produce” setting. Asparagus Choose firm, straight stalks with compact tips. Wrap stem ends in a wet paper towel. Store in the ClimateZone™ drawer on the “Produce” setting. Beets Choose small to medium-size beets with skin that is firm Remove tops for storing. Store in the and smoo

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 18

FRUIT SELECTION AND STORAGE CHART FRESH FRUITS SELECTION STORAGE Apples Look for apples with firm, smooth skin and good color.The Store in the ClimateZone™ drawer on presence of scald, which is a dry brown patch on the skin the “Produce” setting. does not affect taste. Handle with care to avoid bruising and skin damage. Apricots Select plump, fairly firm apricots that are golden or burnt Ripen at room temperature.When ripe, orange in color.Avoid if there are soft or mushy spots or store in the

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 19

FRESH FRUITS SELECTION STORAGE Peaches Avoid peaches that show signs of green, are very hard or Ripen at room temperature, then store in have wrinkled skin. The skin should have a background the ClimateZone™ drawer on the color that is creamy or yellowish. “Produce” setting. Pears Select pears that are firm and unblemished. Ripen at room temperature, then store in the ClimateZone™ drawer set on the “Produce” setting. Pineapple Pineapple needs to be picked when it is ripe as it will not Store in

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 20

MAINTENANCE TO ACCESS THE UPPER LIGHT- •Remove the ClimateZone™ Air CONDENSER BULB AREA IN EITHER Diverter located at the rear of the fresh Cleaning of the condenser is recom- COMPARTMENT: food compartment. mended every 3-6 months. • Push in on • Lift up and remove the glass shelf. TO CLEAN: the finger- tabs located • Remove Machine Compartment cover behind the (see page 4). electronic control panel at the top of •Turn the power to the unit off using the the compartment. Main Power switch. Air D

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