Bedienungsanleitung Whirlpool RT18BM

Bedienungsanleitung für das Gerät Whirlpool RT18BM

Gerät: Whirlpool RT18BM
Größe: 1,38 MB
Datum des Hinzufügens: 2013-06-01 18:44:13
Seitenanzahl: 24
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Bedienungsanleitung Whirlpool RT18BM
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for a safety is to 1 ad PI / toll-free is available a 2 Date Purchase Phone Dealer Number Serial Name Dealer Number Model reference. future for place safe a in together slip sales the and book this Keep number. telephone and name dealer’s your and slip sales the from date purchase the numbers, these record to you for below place handy a included have we convenience, your For 5). and 4 pages on diagrams (see label number serial and model the on information this find can You number.

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l l l l l l l l l l l l l l 3 properly. it operate to unable anyone by used not is refrigerator the sure Be refrigerator. the maintain Properly manual. this in described uses the for only refrigerator the Use cold. properly get to time has it before food with refrigerator the load not Do Sheet.) Instructions Grounding and Requirements Electrical the to (Refer grounding. and supply electrical correct the with outlet, of kind proper the to only refrigerator the Connect we

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(all (snap-off door trim on 4 grille) base grille Base - Crispers - cover -Crisper EIHD) RTl / shelves Door -compartment Butter RTISHD and (shown) RTISDK Models control control switch moisture control Freezer Light Exterior Refrigerator models) panel Control models. several cover to designed is manual This exactly. illustration the match not may and shown features and parts the of some or all have may purchased have you model The like. look they what and located are features

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/ / (on A / or on grille Base only) lutter RT22AK and RT20BK (shown), RTZOAK Models grille) 4J base (behind grille Base - rollers Leveling model) depending wire, (glass shelves Adjustable drawer Meat wall) aide label number serial and Model - panel Control shelf Freezer - trays cube Ice only) (RTlBBM bin and maker ice Automatic RT18BM and RTlSBK (shown), RTISAK Models

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In This Removing materials it l make l . cord 7 6 Package. Literature your in Sheet Instructions ing plug grounding Ground- and Requirements Electrical See cord. extension an use not power Do chain, pull or switch a with off turned be f Refrigerator cannot which receptacle a Use provided. be appliance this only serving circuit separate a that recommended is It required. is supply electrical grounded properly and fused ampere 20 or 15 only AC Hz., 60 Volt, 115 A receptacle w

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cm) maker, maker to 4. 15.) page (!&e grille. base Replace 5. level. with Check wise. counterclock- screw turn front, lower To 3. clockwise. screw turn front, raise To 2. 15.) page (See grille. base Remove 1. screwdriver below. directions the follow these, of both or one adjust To left. the on one and right the on screws-one lower to left raise; Right leveling front 2 has refrigerator Your it Leveling Instructions.) Installation (See supply. water ice the up hook ice automatic

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In This controls 8 9. page settings”on control the “Changing see settings, these adjust to need you If firm. is cream ice when and like you as cold as is juice or milk when correctly set are controls The usage. refrigerator household normal, for correct be should above indicated settings The hours. several take may This food. adding before completely down cool to time refrigerator the Give 3. (warmest). D to (coldest) A from range adjustments Control Freezer FREEZER C. to Control

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Exterior moisture l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l temperatures room cold very or warm Very warm too added food of amount Large C Freezer sections often opened Door 6 Refrigerator Both enough) often cycle (can’t enough temperature room cold Very A Freezer fast made 4 Refrigerator usage ice Heavy not Ice cold too conditions your for A Freezer section 2 Refrigerator correctly set not Controls Refrigerator enough) often cycle (can’t temperature room cold Very w

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Removing trim Removing trim 10 shelf. the on items Replace 3. place. into securely snaps it until back straight piece trim Push 2. wall. liner door the on button the with piece trim the of ends up Line 1. piece: trim the replace To out. straight piece trim Pull 3. piece. trim the of end each at tab inside the on out Pull 2. shelf. the from items all Remove 1. piece: trim the remove To models) some (on door snap-off the shelf. the on items Replace 3. stops. it until down straigh

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shelves 3. Removing meat drawer cover out to lift front 2. on 11 page next continued order. reverse in cover Replace 4. out. straight cover Pull 3. cover. of back Lift up. cover of front Tilt 1. cover: the remove To order. reverse in Replace 4. way. the of rest the out drawer meat Slide 3. drawer. meat of front Lift 2. stop. the to out drawer meat Slide 1. pull and the drawer: meat the remove To stop, the Pull RT22AK and RTZOBK RTZOAK, RT18BM, RT18BK, RT18AK, Models and th

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Lift front, out lift front 2. 3. Removing crispers crisper cover out to Lift front of front onto For 12 position. level to front lower Then frame. cover into insert glass of back Slide models: some 3. support. cover metal lower then refrigerator, of walls on supports notch into frame cover of corners back Fit 2. cabinet. of section front in supports wall on support cover metal Replace 1. cover: the replace To support. cover metal Remove 4. out. and up frame cover Pull 3. t

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Removing automatic maker maker, l DOWN make maker maker to l maker l maker Water maker make 13 properly. operating and maintained well is softener water the that sure avoided, be cannot supply water softened a If quality. ice poor to lead and mold ice the damage can softener, malfunctioning a from salt as such chemicals, softener supply. water softened a to ice the connecting avoid to Try quality. ice good for important is quality water Good maker. cubes. the of size th

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ice l l l l l l l maker make l l make l l Water l l Wrap l l l maker l maker l maker l maker make 14 supply. new a and ice Dump off-taste. an have may ice new a from ice of batches few First ice New supply. water softened avoid to Try cabinet.) refrigerator of back (See hookup. supply water ice proper for Instructions Installation Follow ice to Plumbing 18. and 17 pages on chart cleaning need cleaning See bin. ice and freezer Clean freezer and bin Ice wrapped 21. and

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Removing 15 18. page on coils condenser and pan defrost for instructions cleaning See door. refrigerator Close 3. place. into snap to firmly Push 2. clips. metal with tabs support grille up Line 1. grille: the replace To grille. the behind fastened Sheet Tech remove not Do 3. clips. metal the from tabs support the release to forward grille base Pull 2. door. refrigerator Open 1. grille: the remove To grille base the shape. and size same the of one with bulb a replace to sure Be r

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Reversing sounds make Water make l l Slight hum, soft hiss maker, Clicking makes makes l l l l l l 16 removed. is food as soon as door sunlight. direct in or radiator furnace, Close want. you what for search to have heater, water range, a as such source heat won’t you so organized food Keep time. a to next not is refrigerator your sure Make one at out everything Get door. the open enough. cold that’s them, likes family you before need you what about Think your as cold

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In This 19 WHAT HOW l l l l l l 17 on page next continued thoroughly. dry and Rinse water). of L] [.95 quart 1 to g] [26 tablespoons (2 soda baking - water warm and stick) won’t or detergent, mild detergent mild or soda cloth so up warm - and baking with towel paper to freezer (allow water warm of mixture with Wash or cloth soft Sponge, walls Inside parts. plastic wax not Do protection. rust provides surfaces metal painted Waxing cloth. soft clean, a with wax Apply year

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 18

WHAT HOW l mikf l l l l l l l l l l l l l l moving care vacations maker: l arm l maker. l 18 bin. ice the Empty ice to supply water off Shut position. (up) OFF to signal Raise ice automatic an has refrigerator your If 3. items. other Freeze 2. perishables. any up Use 1. weeks. four than less for away be will you if refrigerator the off shut to need No Short and Vacation level. is refrigerator the if see to Check place. into back refrigerator Roll floor. Clean

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 19

Moving vacations maker: maker: l l maker maker l l l maker. arm maker maker, Ask kg) ? Wear 19 1-800-44-ROPER. burns. ice dry from hands number, telephone toll-free our Call your protect to gloves days. 4 to Questions 2 for frozen food keep will This space. freezer of foot cubic every for freezer ft. of dispose unsafe, is it in ice dry of (0.9 Ibs. 2 Place (b) feel you if or poor, is food the of condition OR the If affected. be may flavor and quality locker. food

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 20

fresh Wrap Leftovers Fruit I I I Milk 20 freeze. and packaging freezer in wrap supply, extra an storing When compartment. closed or dish covered in butter opened Keep margarine or Butter shelf. interior on milk purchased. as day place storage, best For cartons. milk Wipe same the shellfish and fish fresh Use NOTE: freezing. for directions the follow shelf. interior on carton given, times the than longer meat storing *If original the in or models) some (on vided pro- bin egg

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