Bedienungsanleitung Samsung GT-I9195ZKADBT

Bedienungsanleitung für das Gerät Samsung GT-I9195ZKADBT

Gerät: Samsung GT-I9195ZKADBT
Größe: 19,42 MB
Datum des Hinzufügens: 2014-10-11 13:53:55
Seitenanzahl: 133
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Bedienungsanleitung Samsung GT-I9195ZKADBT
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User Manual

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 2

About this manual This device provides high quality mobile communication and entertainment using Samsung’s high standards and technological expertise. This user manual is specially designed to detail the device’s functions and features. • Please read this manual before using the device to ensure safe and proper use. • Descriptions are based on the device’s default settings. • Images and screenshots may differ in appearance from the actual product. • Content may differ from the final produc

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 3

About this manual • Default applications that come with the device are subject to updates and may no longer be supported without prior notice. If you have questions about an application provided with the device, contact a Samsung Service Centre. For user-installed applications, contact service providers. • Modifying the device’s operating system or installing softwares from unofficial sources may result in device malfunctions and data corruption or loss. These actions are violations of yo

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 4

About this manual Trademarks • SAMSUNG and the SAMSUNG logo are registered trademarks of Samsung Electronics. • The Android logo, Google , Google Maps , Google Mail , YouTube , Google Play ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ Store, and Google Talk are trademarks of Google, Inc. ™ • Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. worldwide. ® • Wi-Fi , Wi-Fi Protected Setup , Wi-Fi Direct , Wi-Fi CERTIFIED , and the Wi-Fi logo are ® ™ ™ ™ registered trademarks of the Wi-Fi Alliance. • All other trademark

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 5

Table of Contents 36 Connecting to a Wi-Fi network Getting started 37 Setting up accounts 7 Device layout 38 Transferring files 8 Buttons 39 Securing the device 9 Package contents 41 Upgrading the device 10 Installing the SIM or USIM card and battery 13 Charging the battery Communication 15 Inserting a memory card 17 Turning the device on and off 43 Phone 49 Contacts 18 Holding the device 52 Messaging 18 Locking and unlocking the device 54 Email 18 Adjusting the volume 18 Switching to silent mo

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 6

Table of Contents Media Travel & local 68 Music 104 Maps 69 Camera 105 Local 76 Gallery 106 Navigation 79 Story Album 81 Video 83 YouTube Settings 84 FM Radio 107 About Settings 85 Flipboard 107 Connections 110 My device 123 Accounts Application & media stores 124 More 86 Play Store 87 Samsung Hub 87 Samsung Apps Troubleshooting 88 Play Music Utilities 89 S Memo 92 S Planner 94 Dropbox 94 Cloud 95 Clock 97 Calculator 98 S Translator 98 Voice Recorder 100 S Voice 101 Google 102 Voice Search 102 M

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 7

Getting started Device layout Proximity/Light sensor Front camera Earpiece Power button Touch screen Home button Menu button Back button Multipurpose jack Microphone Microphone for IrLED speakerphone Headset jack Rear camera GPS antenna Flash Volume button Back cover Speaker Main antenna 7

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 8

Getting started The microphone at the top of the device is active only when you use the speakerphone or take videos. • Do not cover the antenna area with your hands or other objects. This may cause connectivity problems or drain the battery. • Do not use a screen protector. This causes sensor malfunctions. • Do not allow water to contact the touch screen. The touch screen may malfunction in humid conditions or when exposed to water. Buttons Button Function • Press and hold to turn the dev

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 9

Getting started Package contents Check the product box for the following items: • Device • Battery • Quick start guide • The items supplied with the device and any available accessories may vary depending on the region or service provider. • The supplied items are designed only for this device and may not be compatible with other devices. • Appearances and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. • You can purchase additional accessories from your local Samsung retaile

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 10

Getting started Installing the SIM or USIM card and battery Insert the SIM or USIM card provided by the mobile telephone service provider, and the included battery. Only microSIM cards work with the device. Remove the back cover. 1 Be careful not to damage your fingernails when you remove the back cover. Do not bend or twist the back cover excessively. Doing so may damage the cover. Insert the SIM or USIM card with the gold-coloured contacts facing downwards. 2 10

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 11

Getting started • Do not insert a memory card into the SIM card slot. If a memory card happens to be lodged in the SIM card slot, take the device to a Samsung Service Centre to remove the memory card. • Use caution not to lose or let others use the SIM or USIM card. Samsung is not responsible for any damages or inconveniences caused by lost or stolen cards. Insert the battery. 3 2 1 Replace the back cover. 4 11

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 12

Getting started Removing the SIM or USIM card and battery Remove the back cover. 1 Pull out the battery. 2 Pull out the SIM or USIM card. 3 12

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 13

Getting started Charging the battery Use the charger to charge the battery before using it for the first time. A computer can be also used to charge the device by connecting them via the USB cable. Use only Samsung-approved chargers, batteries, and cables. Unapproved chargers or cables can cause the battery to explode or damage the device. • When the battery power is low, the device emits a warning tone and displays a low battery power message. • If the battery is completely discharged, the

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 14

Getting started • The device can be used while it is charging, but it may take longer to fully charge the battery. • If the device receives an unstable power supply while charging, the touch screen may not function. If this happens, unplug the charger from the device. • While charging, the device may heat up. This is normal and should not affect the device’s lifespan or performance. If the battery gets hotter than usual, the charger may stop charging. • If the device is not charging prop

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 15

Getting started Reducing the battery consumption Your device provides options that help you save battery power. By customising these options and deactivating features in the background, you can use the device longer between charges: • When you are not using the device, switch to sleep mode by pressing the Power button. • Close unnecessary applications with the task manager. • Deactivate the Bluetooth feature. • Deactivate the Wi-Fi feature. • Deactivate auto-syncing of applications. • Dec

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 16

Getting started Remove the back cover and battery. 1 Insert a memory card with the gold-coloured contacts facing downwards. 2 Push the memory card into the slot. 3 Replace the battery and back cover. 4 Removing the memory card Before removing the memory card, first unmount it for safe removal. On the Home screen, tap Apps → Settings → More → Storage → Unmount SD card. Remove the back cover and battery. 1 Pull out the memory card. 2 To remove the memory card, insert a fingertip through the

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 17

Getting started Replace the battery and back cover. 3 Do not remove the memory card while the device is transferring or accessing information. Doing so can cause data to be lost or corrupted or damage to the memory card or device. Samsung is not responsible for losses that result from the misuse of damaged memory cards, including the loss of data. Formatting the memory card A memory card formatted on a computer may not be compatible with the device. Format the memory card on the device. → →

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 18

Getting started • Follow all posted warnings and directions from authorised personnel in areas where the use of wireless devices is restricted, such as aeroplanes and hospitals. • Press and hold the Power button and tap Flight mode to disable the wireless features. To turn off the device, press and hold the Power button, and then tap Power off. Holding the device Do not cover the antenna area with your hands or other objects. This may cause connectivity problems or drain the battery. Lockin

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 19

Basics Indicator icons The icons displayed at the top of the screen provide information about the status of the device. The icons listed in the table below are most common. Icon Meaning No signal Signal strength Roaming (outside of normal service area) GPRS network connected EDGE network connected UMTS network connected HSDPA network connected HSPA+ network connected Wi-Fi connected Bluetooth feature activated GPS activated Call in progress Missed call Synced with the web Connected to computer

Inhaltszusammenfassung zur Seite Nr. 20

Basics Icon Meaning Error occurred or caution required Battery power level Using the touch screen Use only fingers to use the touch screen. • Do not allow the touch screen to come into contact with other electrical devices. Electrostatic discharges can cause the touch screen to malfunction. • Do not allow the touch screen to contact water. The touch screen may malfunction in humid conditions or when exposed to water. • To avoid damaging the touch screen, do not tap it with anything sharp or

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