Manual de instrucciones de Canon Media Loan 360.867.6253

Manual de instrucciones del aparato Canon Media Loan 360.867.6253

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Manual de instrucciones de Canon Media Loan 360.867.6253
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Operating Guide for
PROfi CiEn Cy REqui REd
edia oan
Media Loan Operating Guides are also available online at
Caringf orM ediaL oan e quipMent inCLuded W ith ther ebe LS:
Media Loan hasa limited number of Canon rebel battery, battery Charger, uSb Cable,V ideo Cable,
Xts. Weappr eciateyour help incaring for this item Wired remote,18-55mm Lens, built-in flash, using
toinsur e it'slong-ter m use at evergreen. theCanon r

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MEdiA LOAn CAnOn REbEL xT about the b attery' S Life dioptri C ad JuStMent Whenthe camera is on,the battery level will be turn thedioptric adjustment indicatedin 1 of 3levels: knob left or rightuntil the AF points in the viewfinder batterylevel is oK looksharp. by adjusting the battery level is low diopter to suityour eyesight, you can see a sharp viewfinder image even without battery must be recharged eyeglasses. i Tip: t o save battery power, you

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CAnOn REbEL xT MEdiA LOAn SeLeCting the Metering Mode bLaCK-and-White Shooting thecamera has thr ee metering modes; evaluate, a black-and-white optionis available in the partialand Center-weighted average metering. parametersettings. press Menu, Jump(to get to the second little camera), scrollto parameters and Set Evaluate Meteringis the camera's standar d then togglethe arrow from Set 1 to bW. metering mode suitedfor most subjects even und

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MEdiA LOAn CAnOn REbEL xT iMage- r eCording q uaLity Setting S iMage f iLe Si Ze &C f Card Capa City tran Sferring iM age S to a Co Mputer (using Windows Vista, Xp or Mac oSX (v 10.3/10.4) - plug camera uSb cable into Camera uSb port. - plug other end of cable intoan available uSb port. - t urn cameraon andwait follow on-scr een prompts. i note : it may take afew minutes forthe initial installbefor e you can transfer your photos. diSConne Cting the Ca Mera Make

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CAnOn REbEL xT MEdiA LOAn The LCd panel does not display a clear image - bring camera back to Media Loan for servicing. The image is out of focus - the Lens focus mode switch is set to Mf (manual). - the camera was shaken when the picture was taken or shutterspeed was not fast enough for hand held shooting. images cannot be printed - the camera is not properly connectedto the printer. - the printeris not turned on. 5

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MEdiA LOAn CAnOn REbEL xT PROfi CiEn Cy q uESTiOn S Written te St: Complete this written portion on a separate sheet of paper before arriving for your operational proficiency. 1. how do you set the shutter speed and where will you view the shutter speed settings? 2. how doyou connect the camera to apower outlet? 3. What creative zone settingsshould you use to set the aperture? 4. When setting the Mode dial to full auto, what three modes are set? 5. how do you shoot black & white? 6. W

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