Manual de instrucciones de Olympus X-15

Manual de instrucciones del aparato Olympus X-15

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Manual de instrucciones de Olympus X-15
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Basic Manual
Book_Basic_FE360.indb 1 Book_Basic_FE360.indb 1 6/20/2008 9:09:04 PM 6/20/2008 9:09:04 PM

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Contents Contents Preparing the Camera ...........................3 Using the digital image stabilization mode (h mode) ............................................11 Checking the contents of the box ............3 Shooting movies (n mode) ..................11 Attaching the camera strap ......................3 Charging the battery ................................3 Using Shooting Functions ..................12 Loading the battery and the Using the zoom ......................................12

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Preparing the Camera Checking the contents of the Charging the battery box Lithium ion battery 3 ▼ Battery charger 2 Digital camera Strap 1 AC outlet Charging indicator On: Charging AC cable Off: Charged Battery comes partially charged. Before use, be sure to charge the battery until the LI-42B Lithium Ion Battery LI-40C Battery Charger charging indicator goes off (for approx. 5 hours). For details on the battery and the charger, see “Battery and charger” (p. 45). USB cable AV cable When

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Loading the battery and 3 the xD-Picture Card™ (sold separately) into the camera Notch Do not insert anything other than an Contact area xD-Picture Card or the microSD Attachment into the camera. 1 2 1 Battery/card compartment Insert the card straight until it clicks into cover place. Do not touch the contact area directly. 2 4 1 2 This camera allows the user to take pictures using the internal memory even when no xD-Picture Card (sold separately) is inserted. “Using an xD-Pictur

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Using the microSD card/ Setting the date and time microSDHC card (sold The date and time set here are saved to image separately) fi le names, date prints, and other data. A microSD card or microSDHC card (hereafter 1 both will be referred to as microSD card) is also Press the o button to turn on compatible with this camera using the microSD the camera. Attachment. ● The date and time setting screen is displayed when the date and time are not set. “Using the microSD Attachment” (p. 48)

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Changing the display language The language for the menu and error messages displayed on the monitor is selectable. 1 Press the m button, and press klmn to select [x SETUP]. IMAGE IMAGE SILENT SILENT QUALITY QUALITY MODE MODE CAMERA CAMERA RESET RESET MENU MENU SETUP SETUP P/AUT P/AUTO O SCENE SCENE DIS DISMODE MODE MENU OK EXIT SET 2 Press the B button. SETUP 1 MEMORYFORMAT 2 BACKUP 3 ENGLISH PIXELMAPPING NO MENU EXIT SET OK 3 Use kl to select [W] and press the B button. ENGLISH FRANCAIS

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Shooting, Playback, and Erasing Shooting with automatic 2 Hold the camera and compose the settings ( h mode) shot. This is a fully automatic mode that allows the user to take pictures by simply pressing the AUTO Monitor shutter button without using the menu to make 1/400 1/400 F3.5 F3.5 detailed settings. 1 Press the o button to turn on Horizontal grip the camera. h mode indicator AUTO Vertical grip 88M M N NORM ORM IN 44 3 Press the shutter button halfway Number of storable still ima

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Viewing images 4 To take the picture, gently press the shutter button all the way down while being careful not to shake the 1 Press the q button. camera. AUTO 88M M N NORM ORM 100-0001 100-0001 Press fully 2008.10.26 2008.10.26 12:30 12:30 IN 11 1/400 1/400 F3.1 F3.1 Number of frames Image review screen Playback image To view images during shooting 2 Pressing the q button enables playback of Use klmn to select an image. images. To return to shooting, either press Displays Displays next

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Operations during movie playback Erasing images during Fast-forward: Press and hold down n. playback ( Single image erase) Rewind: Press and hold down m. Pause: Press the B button. 1 Press the S button when the image to be erased is displayed. ERASE ERASE IN 2008.10.26 2008.10.26 12:30 12:30 100-0004 100-0004 IN 00:12 00:12 //00:34 00:34 Elapsed time/ YES Total recording time NO NO During playback MENU OK CANCEL SET First (last) frame/frame advance: During pause, press k to display the fi rst

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Using Shooting Modes To lock the focus distance for Using the best mode for the underwater shoots (AF lock) (Available shooting scene ( f mode) in the FE-360/X-875/C-570 only) [ f] (p. 27) When [k UNDERWATER WIDE1], or, [H UNDERWATER MACRO] is selected, 1 Press the m button. press l. 2 Use klmn to select [ f], AFL ^ mark and press the B button. PORTRAIT To cancel, press l again to clear the MENU EXIT SET OK ^ mark. ● An explanation of the selected mode is displayed Shooting with opt

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Shooting mo vies (n mode) 3 Press the B button. P mode indicator 1 Confi rm the mode indicator is n. P A mode indicator 88M M N NORM ORM IN 44 QV QVG GA A 15 15 IN 00:34 00:34 Using the digital image stabilization mode (h mode) When the mode indicator is not n, press n/K button. This mode enables the user to reduce blurring that is caused by a camera shake and subject 2 movement. Press the shutter button halfway down to focus on the subject, and 1 Press the B button. gently press the bu

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Using Shooting Functions Using the zoom 2 Use mn to select the setting option, and press the B button to set. Pressing the zoom buttons adjusts the shooting range. Option Description Pressing the wide Pressing the telephoto The fl ash fi res automatically in (W) button (T) button FLASH AUT O low-light or backlight conditions. Pre-fl ashes are emitted to reduce REDEYE the occurrence of red eye in your photos. P P The fl ash fi res regardless of the FILL IN available light. FLASH OFF The fl a

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Shooting closeups Using the self-timer ( Macro shooting) After the shutter button is pressed all the way down, the picture is taken after a time delay. This function enables the camera to focus and shoot subjects at close distances. 1 Press the Y button. 1 Press the & button. P Y OFF P OFF O OK K SET SET ON OK OK SELFTIMER SELFTIMER SET SET 88M M N NORM ORM OFF OFF % & OFF 2 Use kl to select the setting 2 Use mn to select the setting option, option, and press the B button to and press

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Printing *1 Direct printing ( PictBridge ) 2 Turn on the printer, and then connect the printer and camera. By connecting the camera to a PictBridge- compatible printer, you can print images directly < button without using a computer. To fi nd out if your printer supports PictBridge, Multi-connector refer to the printer’s instruction manual. *1 PictBridge is a standard for connecting digital cameras and printers of different makers and printing out pictures directly. USB cable (supplied)

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Using OLYMPUS Master 2 Windows System requirements and After the computer detects the camera, a installation of OLYMPUS message indicating the completion of the Master 2 setting appears. Confi rm the message and click “OK”. The camera is recognized as a Install the OLYMPUS Master 2 software by removable disk. referring to the included installation guide. Macintosh When iPhoto has started, exit iPhoto and start Connecting the camera to a OLYMPUS Master 2. computer While the camera is c

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Operating OLYMPUS Master 2 When OLYMPUS Master 2 is started, Quick Start Guide appears on the screen that helps you to handle the camera without any question. When the Quick Start Guide is not displayed, click in the tool bar to show the Guide. For details on the operation, refer to the help guide of the software. Transferring and saving images without using OLYMPUS Master 2 This camera is compatible with the USB Mass Storage Class. You can transfer and save the image data on your com

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Appendix Using the microSD Attachment SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Do not use the attachment with Olympus CAUTION digital cameras that do not support this RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK microSD Attachment, as well as with other DO NOT OPEN brands of digital cameras, computers, CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRICAL printers, and other devices that support SHOCK, DO NOT REMOVE COVER (OR BACK). xD-Picture Card. Doing so not only may NO USER-SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE. damage the pictures taken, but may a

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Location — To avoid damage to the product, mount CAUTION the product securely on a stable tripod, stand, • Stop using the camera immediately if you or bracket. notice any unusual odors, noise, or smoke Power Source — Connect this product only to the around it. power source described on the product label. • Never remove the batteries with bare hands, Foreign Objects — To avoid personal injury, never which may cause a fi re or burn your hands. insert a metal object into the product. • Never

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Battery Handling Precautions CAUTION • Before loading, always inspect the battery carefully Follow these important guidelines to for leaks, discoloration, warping, or any other prevent batteries from leaking, overheating, abnormality. burning, exploding, or causing electrical • The battery may become hot during prolonged shocks or burns. use. To avoid minor burns, do not remove it immediately after using the camera. • Always unload the battery from the camera before DANGER storing the

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 20

Battery Handling Precautions LCD Monitor • This camera uses a lithium ion battery specifi ed by • Do not push the monitor forcibly; otherwise the Olympus. Do not use any other type of battery. image may become vague, resulting in a playback • If the battery’s terminals get wet or greasy, camera mode failure or damage to the monitor. contact failure may result. Wipe the battery well • A strip of light may appear on the top/bottom of the with a dry cloth before use. monitor, but this is not a ma

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