Manual de instrucciones de Samsung SPRINT M240

Manual de instrucciones del aparato Samsung SPRINT M240

Aparato: Samsung SPRINT M240
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Manual de instrucciones de Samsung SPRINT M240
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Get started
All you need to know to get going.

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 2

_ _ Welcome! Get Your Phone Ready Sprint is committed to developing technologies that Insert the Battery give you the ability to get what you want when you 1. Remove the battery compartment cover on the back of want it, faster than ever before. This booklet introduces the phone by pressing down and sliding the cover in the direction of the arrow on the back cover. you to the basics of getting started with Sprint and your new Samsung M240. 2. Insert the battery into the battery compartment

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_ _ Activate Your Phone Make Your First Call Activate Your Phone Make Your First Phone Call • If you pur chased your phone at a Sprint Stor e, it is 1. Enter a phone number using your keypad. (If you make probably activated and ready to use. a m i s t a k e w h i l e d i a l i n g , p r e s s to erase.) • I f y o u r e c e i v e d y o u r p h o n e i n t h e m a i l , a n d i t i s a n e w 2. Press . S p r i n t a c c o u n t o r a n e w

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 4

_ _ Voicemail Contacts Set Up Your Voicemail Save a Phone Number 1. Enter a phone number and press Options All unanswered calls are automatically transferred to (right softkey) > Save. your voicemail, even if your phone is in use or turned off. You should set up your voicemail and personal 2. Select New Entry or Existing Entry. greeting as soon as your phone is activated: 3. For New Entry , s e l e c t a t y p e f o r t h e n u m b e r ( s u c h a s Mobile, Home,

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 5

_ _ Messaging Settings Send a Text Message Select Ringer Types for Voice Calls 1. Press > Settings > Sounds > Ringer Type > Incoming 1. Press > Messages > Send Message > Calls and then select With Caller ID or Without Caller ID. Text Message. (A list of ringer type categories will be displayed.) – or – 2. Select a categor y (for e xample, Ring Tones, Melodies, Press TEXT (left softkey). My Stuff ) , and then use your navigation k e y to scr oll through the available rin

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 6

_ _ Manage Your Account Helpful Sprint Information Online: Total Equipment Protection The protection you need so you can be worry free • m a k e a p a y m e n t , s e e y o u r b i l l s , e n r o l l i n o n l i n e b i l l i n g • c h e c k m i n u t e u s a g e a n d a c c o u n t b a l a n c e S h o u l d a n y t h i n g h a p p e n t o y o u r p h o n e , y o u ’ l l h a v e a worry-free way to ensure that you get connected aga

Resumen del contenido incluido en la página 7

_ Resources For Your Phone • T h i s Get Started Guide t o g e t y o u u p a n d r u n n i n g . • User Guide – V i e w t h e c o m p r e h e n s i v e User Guide t o t h e S a m s u n g M 2 4 0 . • Web – G o t o t o d o w n l o a d t h e l a t e s t v e r s i o n o f t h e User Guide , a n d t o a c c e s s t r o u b l e s h o o t i n g a n d o t h e r r e s o u r c e s . For the Environment R e c y c l e y o u

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