Instruction d'utilisation Samsung BL103

Instruction d'utilisation pour le dispositif Samsung BL103

Dispositif: Samsung BL103
Dimension: 8,12 MB
Date d'addition: 2014-01-13 15:30:10
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Instruction d'utilisation Samsung BL103
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English FCC notice Getting to know your camera Ê NOTE : å Microsoft, Windows and Windows logo are registered trademarks This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits of Microsoft Corporation incorporated in the United States and/or for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. other countries These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against å All brand and product names appearing in this manual are harmful interference in a

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Getting to know your camera DANGER WARNING DANGER indicates an imminently hazardous situation which, if not WARNING indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, will result in death or serious injury. avoided, could result in death or serious injury. Do not attempt to modify this camera in any way. To do so Do not use the flash in close proximity to people or may result in fire, injury, electric shock or severe damage animals. Positioning the flash too close to your sub

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English Getting to know your camera CAUTION CAUTION indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, may result in a minor or moderate injury. Remove the battery when not planning to use the camera Credit cards may be demagnetized if left near a camera for a long period of time. case. Avoid leaving magnetic strip cards near the case. Otherwise the battery may leak corrosive electrolyte and permanently damage the camera’s components. Leaking, overheating, or damaged battery

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Identification of features / Contents of camera Camera status lamp Power button Mode dial Zoom T button (Digital zoom) Shutter button Speaker Zoom W button (Thumbnail) AF sensor/ Flash Self-timer lamp E (Effects) button LCD monitor Strap eyelet Lens / Lens cover Face Detection(FD) button USB / AV connection Microphone terminal Fn / Delete button 5 function button Play mode / Printer button Included items User manual, Camera strap Software CD USB Cable AA Alkaline Batteries Camera Product

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English Battery life & Number of shots (Recording time) We recommend batteries for a digital camera (Within a year from Ê When using a 1GB SD memory, the specified shooting capacity will be as follows. These figures are approximate as image capacities can be the date of manufacture). The batteries are listed below. affected by variables such as subject matter and memory card type. - Non rechargeable batteries : 2 X AA Alkaline (High Capacity) - Rechargeable batteries (Optional) : SNB-2512 (Ni

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LCD monitor indicator Ê The LCD monitor displays information about the shooting No. Description Icons functions and selections. Memory card icon / Internal 5 memory icon 6 Battery 7 Image Size 8 Image Quality / Frame Rate 9 Metering 10 Drive mode 11 ISO 12 White Balance 13 Exposure compensation 14 Camera shake Warning 15 Auto Focus Frame [Image & Full Status] 16 Saturation / Color No. Description Icons 17 Sharpness 18 Contrast 1 Recording mode 19 Macro Optical / Digital Zoom bar / 20 Sel

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English Mode dial Ê You can select a desired camera mode by using the Mode dial on the top of the camera. PHOTO HELP GUIDE AUTO Helps the user to learn the correct picture Selects this mode for quick and easy picture taking taking method. This includes solutions for potential with minimal user interaction. problems that may occur, and enables the user to practice shooting. PROGRAM PORTRAIT Selecting the program mode will configure the Use this menu to take a picture of a person. camera wit

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Taking a picture Ê How to take a picture 4. Take a picture. 1. T urn on the camera and select a camera mode by rotating the mode dial. Pressing halfway down Pressing fully Focus and Flash status Image is taken are checked. 2. Hold the camera as shown Ê How to record a movie Rotate the Mode dial and select ( ü ). 1. Confirm the composition 3. Confirm the composition 2. Start the recording Press the Shutter button and the recording starts and press the Shutter button again to stop th

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English Playing back / Deleting images Ê Playingback the images Ê Deleting images -The last image stored on the memory is displayed. - This deletes images stored on the memory card. 1. Select an image that you want to delete by pressing the Left / Right button and press the DELETE ( n ) button. Press the play button ( g ). Delete? Delete? no no Yes Yes Select an image that you want to play T OK OK Comfirm Select Confirm back by pressing the Left/ Right button [Single Image] [Thumbnail I

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Downloading images Ê PC connection mode For Windows For Macintosh 1. Install the supplied Software. PC with processor better Power Mac G3 or later than Pentium III 500MHz USB Mac OS 10.3 or later (Pentium III 800MHz recommended) Connection Minimum 256MB RAM Windows 2000 / XP / Vista Specifications (Over 512MB recommended) Minimum 256MB RAM (Over 512MB recommended) 250MB of available hard disk space (Over 1GB recommend) Software 1024x768 pixels, 16bit color 2. Download the images Suppo

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English Specifications Image Sensor - Type : 1/2.33" CCD Flash - Modes : Auto, Auto & Red-eye reduction, Fill-in - Effective Pixel : Approx. 10.2 Mega-pixel flash, Slow sync, Flash off - Total Pixel : Approx. 10.3 Mega-pixel - Range : Wide : 0.4m ~ 3.0m, Tele : 0.5m ~ 2.5m Lens - Focal Length : SAMSUNG Lens f = 6.3 ~ 18.9mm - Recharging Time : Approx. 4 sec (35mm film equivalent : 35 ~ 105mm) - F No. : F3.0(W) ~ F5.6(T) Sharpness - Soft+, Soft, Normal, Vivid, Vivid+ - Digital Zoo

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S p e c i fi c a t i o n s - Movie Clip -Capacity (1GB Size) · With Audioor without Audio . ;  + D „ (userselectable, recording time : max 2hours) ·Size: 640x480,320x240 Super Fine About 219 About 241 About282 About290 About366 About1089 About1907 · Framerate : 30fps, 15fps Fine About 304 About341 About 395 About412 About507 About1458 About 2204 · 3XOptical Zoomand Mute in Zooming ·

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English Specifications Dimensions (WxHxD) - 93.1 X 61.5 X 24mm (excluding protrusions) Weight - Approx. 120g (without batteries and card) Operating Temperature - 0 ~ 40°C Operating Humidity - 5 ~ 85% Software - Samsung Master, Adobe Reader Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Samsung Eco-mark It is Samsung’s own symbol mark is used to effectively communicate Samsung’s environmental friendly product activitie

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English MEMO EN- 5

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Español Aviso FCC Familiarización con su cámara fotográfica Ê NOTA : å Microsoft, Windows y el logotipo de Windows son marcas registradas Este dispositivo ha sido probado de acuerdo con los límites de un de Microsoft Corporation, registrada en Estados Unidos y en otros dispositivo digital de clase B, según el artículo 15 de los reglamentos de países. la FCC. Estos límites se diseñan para proporcionar protección contra å T odos los nombres de marcas y productos que aparecen en este inte

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Familiarización con su cámara fotográfica PELIGRO ADVERTENCIA PELIGRO indica una situación peligrosa inminente que, si no se ADVERTENCIA indica una situación de riesgo potencial que, si no evita, provocará la muerte o heridas graves. se evita, podría ocasionar la muerte o una lesión grave. No intente realizar ninguna modificación en esta cámara. Esto No utilice el flash muy cerca de las personas o de los podría ocasionar un incendio, lesiones, descargas eléctricas o animales. Colocar el fla

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Español Familiarización con su cámara fotográfica PRECAUCIÓN PRECAUCIÓN indica una situación de riesgo potencial que, si no se evita, podría ocasionar una lesión menor o moderada. Quite las pilas cuando no vaya a utilizar la cámara durante un Las tarjetas de crédito pueden desmagnetizarse si se dejan largo periodo de tiempo. cerca del estuche de una cámara. No deje tarjetas de De lo contrario, la pila puede dejar escapar electrólito corrosivo banda magnética cerca del estuche. y dañar de form

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