Instruction d'utilisation Lenovo ThinkPad T420i

Instruction d'utilisation pour le dispositif Lenovo ThinkPad T420i

Dispositif: Lenovo ThinkPad T420i
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Instruction d'utilisation Lenovo ThinkPad T420i
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Résumé du contenu de la page N° 1

User Guide
ThinkP ad T420 and T420i

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 2

Not es: Befor e using this information and the pr oduct it suppor ts, be sur e t o r ead the following: • Safety and W arr anty Guide • Regulat or y Notice • “Impor tant safety information” on page vi • Appendix C “Notices” on page 249 The Safety and W arr anty Guide and the Regulat or y Notice have been uploaded on the W eb sit e. T o r efer t o them, go t o http://w w w t , and then click User guides & manuals . Second Edition (Oct ober 2011) © Copyright L enovo 2011. LIMITE

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 3

Contents Read this first . . . . . . . . . . . . . . v F unction k ey combinations . . . . . . . . 28 Impor tant safety information . . . . . . . . . . vi V olume and mut e butt ons . . . . . . . . 32 Conditions that r equir e immediat e action . . vii W indows k ey and Application k ey . . . . . 33 Safety guidelines . . . . . . . . . . . . vii Using the Ultr aNav pointing device . . . . . . . 34 Using the T r ackP oint pointing device . . . . 34 Chapt er 1. P r oduct Over view . . . . . . 1 Usi

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 4

Chapt er 4. Security . . . . . . . . . . 89 P er forming a warm swap . . . . . . . . . 151 A ttaching a mechanical lock . . . . . . . . . 89 Inser ting the har d disk drive int o the adapt er . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 153 Using passwor ds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 89 Inser ting the har d disk drive adapt er int o the P asswor ds and sleep (standby) mode . . . . 90 bay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 155 T yping passwor ds . . . . . . . . . . . 90 ThinkP ad P or t Replicat or Series 3,

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 5

Chapt er 10. T r oubleshooting L ocating wir eless r egulat or y notices . . . . 240 comput er pr oblems . . . . . . . . . 201 Expor t classification notice . . . . . . . . . . 241 Diagnosing pr oblems . . . . . . . . . . . . 201 Electr onic emission notices . . . . . . . . . . 241 T r oubleshooting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 202 F eder al Communications Commission Declar ation of Conformity . . . . . . . . 241 Comput er st ops r esponding . . . . . . . 202 Industr y C anada Class B emission co

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 6

iv User Guide

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 7

Read this first Be sur e t o follow the impor tant tips given her e t o continue t o get the most use and enjoyment out of your comput er . F ailur e t o do so might lead t o discomfor t or injur y, or cause your comput er t o fail. P r ot ect yourself fr om the heat that your comput er gener at es. When your comput er is turned on or the batt er y is char ging, the base, the palm r est, and some other par ts may become hot. The t emper atur e they r each depends on the amount of syst em activit

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 8

P r ot ect your comput er and data when moving it. Befor e moving a comput er equipped with a har d disk drive, do one of the following, and mak e sur e that the power switch is off or is blinking: • T urn it off. • P r ess Fn+F4 t o put it in sleep (standby) mode • P r ess Fn+F12 t o put it in hibernation mode. This will help t o pr event damage t o the comput er , and possible loss of data. Handle your comput er gently . • Do not dr op, bump, scr atch, twist, hit, vibr at e, push, or place hea

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 9

Conditions that r equir e immediat e action P r oducts can become damaged due t o misuse or neglect. Some pr oduct damage is serious enough that the pr oduct should not be used again until it has been inspect ed and, if necessar y, r epair ed by an authoriz ed ser vicer . As with any electr onic device, pay close att ention t o the pr oduct when it is turned on. On ver y r ar e occasions, you might notice an odor or see a puff of smok e or sparks vent fr om your pr oduct. Or you might hear sound

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 10

pr oduct ar e z er o. Befor e you r emove the covers fr om a pr oduct equipped with a power cor d, always mak e sur e that the power is turned off and that the pr oduct is unplugged fr om any power sour ce. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Cust omer Suppor t Cent er . Although ther e ar e no moving par ts in your comput er aft er the power cor d has been disconnect ed, the following warnings ar e r equir ed for your safety . C A UTION: Hazar dous moving par ts. K eep fingers an

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 11

Ext ension cor ds and r elat ed devices Ensur e that e xt ension cor ds, sur ge pr ot ect ors, unint erruptible power supplies, and power strips that you use ar e r at ed t o handle the electrical r equir ements of the pr oduct. Never overload these devices. If power strips ar e used, the load should not e x ceed the power strip input r ating. Consult an electrician for mor e information if you have questions about power loads, power r equir ements, and input r atings. Plugs and outlets D ANGER

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 12

Ext ernal devices C A UTION: Do not connect or disconnect any e xt ernal device cables other than Universal Serial Bus (USB) and 1394 cables while the comput er power is on; other wise, you might damage your comput er . T o avoid possible damage t o attached devices, wait at least five seconds aft er the comput er is shut down t o disconnect e xt ernal devices. Batt eries D ANGER P ersonal comput ers manufactur ed by L enovo contain a coin cell batt er y t o pr ovide power t o the syst em clock.

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 13

• K eep it away fr om childr en. • Do not dr op the batt er y pack. Do not put the batt er y pack in tr ash that is disposed of in landfills. When disposing of the batt er y, comply with local or dinances or r egulations. The batt er y pack should be st or ed at r oom t emper atur e, char ged t o appr o ximat ely 30 t o 50% of capacity . W e r ecommend that batt er y pack be char ged about once per year t o pr event over dischar ge. Lithium coin cell batt er y notice D ANGER Danger of e xplosion

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 14

fr om using the k eyboar d by lifting your hands fr om the palm r est; and be car eful not t o use the k eyboar d for any e xt ended length of time. • Do not oper at e your comput er or char ge the batt er y near flammable mat erials or in e xplosive envir onments. • V entilation slots, fans and/or heat sinks ar e pr ovided with the pr oduct for safety, comfor t, and r eliable oper ation. These featur es might inadver t ently become block ed by placing the pr oduct on a bed, sofa, carpet, or oth

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 15

D ANGER • Connect and disconnect cables as described in the following pr ocedur es when installing, moving, or opening covers on this pr oduct or attached devices. T o connect: T o disconnect: 1. T urn ever ything OFF . 1. T urn ever ything OFF . 2. First, attach all cables t o devices. 2. First, r emove power cor ds fr om outlets. 3. A ttach signal cables t o connect ors. 3. Remove signal cables fr om connect ors. 4. A ttach power cor ds t o outlets. 4. Remove all cables fr om devices. 5. T urn

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 16

• Use of contr ols or adjustments or per formance of pr ocedur es other than those specified her ein might r esult in hazar dous r adiation e xposur e. D ANGER Some laser pr oducts contain an embedded Class 3A or Class 3B laser diode. Not e the following. Laser r adiation when open. Do not star e int o the beam, do not view dir ectly with optical instruments, and avoid dir ect e xposur e t o the beam. Liquid cr ystal display (L CD) notice C A UTION: F or pr oducts with mer cur y-containing fluor

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 17

D ANGER Do not connect phone line while using tablet mode. Notice for users in the U .S.A. Many PC pr oducts and accessories contain cor ds, cables or wir es, such as power cor ds or cor ds t o connect the accessor y t o a PC. If this pr oduct has such a cor d, cable or wir e, then the following warning applies: W ARNING Handling the cor d on this pr oduct or cor ds associat ed with accessories sold with this pr oduct will e xpose you t o lead, a chemical known t o the S tat e of C alifornia t o

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 18

xvi User Guide

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 19

Chapt er 1. P r oduct Over view This chapt er pr ovides information about the locations of connect ors, locating impor tant pr oduct information, comput er featur es, specifications, oper ating envir onment, and pr einstalled softwar e pr ogr ams. This chapt er contains the following t opics: • “L ocating comput er contr ols, connect ors, and indicat ors” on page 1 • “L ocating impor tant pr oduct information” on page 13 • “F eatur es” on page 16 • “Specifications” on page 17 • “Oper ating envir

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 20

F r ont view Figur e 1. ThinkP ad T420/T420i fr ont view 2 P ower switch 1 Comput er display 3 Fingerprint r eader 4 T r ackP oint butt ons 5 T r ackP oint pointing stick 6 ThinkV antage butt on 7 S yst em and power -status indicat ors 8 Ultr aConnect wir eless ant ennas (left) 9 Built-in micr ophone (left) 10 Int egr at ed camer a 11 ThinkLight 12 Built-in micr ophone (right) 13 Ultr aConnect wir eless ant ennas (right) 14 Built-in st er eo speak er (left) 15 F or war d and Back k eys 16 Bluet

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