Instruction d'utilisation Blaupunkt HEIDELBERG CD52

Instruction d'utilisation pour le dispositif Blaupunkt HEIDELBERG CD52

Dispositif: Blaupunkt HEIDELBERG CD52
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Instruction d'utilisation Blaupunkt HEIDELBERG CD52
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Radio / CD
Radio / CD
Heidelberg CD52 7 642 280 310
Operating instructions

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Open here 2

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CONTROLS 1 button - unlatches the flip/ 9 button - opens the flip/release release panel panel 2 Volume control : Arrow-key block 3 Button - switches the radio and ; OK button - confirms menu en- mute function on/off tries and starts the scan function 4 RDS button - switches RDS con- < DEQ button (digital equalizer) - venience function on/off (radio switches the equalizer on/off data system). = AUDIO button - adjusts bass, Selects variable radio texts. treble, X-BASS, balance and 5 BND button (ba

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Notes and accessories .......... 35 Traffic announcements in CD mode ...................................... 49 Flip/release panel .................. 37 Naming CDs ................................. 49 Switching on/off .................... 38 Displaying CD text ......................... 50 Removing a CD ............................. 50 Volume adjustment ................ 38 CD changer mode .................. 51 Radio mode ............................ 40 Starting CD changer mode ..

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NOTES AND ACCESSORIES Road safety Notes and accessories Thank you for deciding to use a Blau- Road safety has priority. Only op- punkt product. We hope you enjoy us- erate your car radio if road and traf- ing this new piece of equipment. fic conditions allow. Familiarise your- self with the unit before setting off on Please read these operating instruc- your journey. tions before using the equipment for You should always be able to hear the first time. police, fire and ambulance sirens in The B

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NOTES AND ACCESSORIES CD changer Interface for vehicle-specific display and steering-wheel remote control The following Blaupunkt CD changers can be connected to the radio: Some vehicles are already fitted at the CDC A 02, CDC A 08 and IDC A 09. factory with a display in the dashboard and a steering-wheel remote control. Compact Drive MP3 There are specific interfaces available As an alternative to a CD changer, you for various vehicle types so that you can can connect a Compact Drive MP3 to use

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FLIP/RELEASE PANEL ➮ First pull the flip/release panel Flip/release panel straight and then to the left out of Theft protection the unit. Your car radio is fitted with a flip/release ● After removing the flip/release pan- panel to guard against theft. Without this el, the unit switches itself off. panel, the unit is worthless to the thief. ● All the current settings are saved. Protect your unit from theft by taking the ● If there is a CD in the unit, it re- flip/release panel with you every time

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SWITCHING ON/OFF VOLUME ADJUSTMENT Switching on/off Volume adjustment There are various ways of switching the The system volume can be adjusted in car radio on and off, as described be- steps from 0 (off) to 66 (maximum). low. ➮ To raise the system volume, turn the volume control 2 to the right. Switching on/off using the ignition If the car radio is correctly connected to ➮ To lower the system volume, turn the ignition and has not been switched the volume control 2 to the left. off using the bu

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VOLUME ADJUSTMENT Mute setting ➮ Use the buttons : to set the desired volume. This feature enables you to lower the system volume instantaneously (mute). ➮ When you have completed the set- tings, press either the MENU but- ➮ Briefly press button 3. ton 8 or OK ;. “MUTE” appears on the display. Note: Telephone Audio/Navigation You can adjust the volume for telephone Audio conversations and voice output while they are being heard by using the vol- If your car radio is connected to a mo- ume contr

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RADIO MODE Switching to radio mode Radio mode If you are in CD, CD changer/Compact This unit is equipped with an RDS radio Drive MP3 or AUX mode: receiver. Many of the receivable FM sta- tions transmit a signal that not only car- ➮ press the BND/TS button 5. ries the programme but also additional information such as the station name RDS function (AF, REG) and programme type (PTY). The RDS functions AF (Alternative Fre- The station name appears on the dis- quency) and REG (Regional) extend play a

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RADIO MODE Note: Switching the RDS convenience You can only tune into stations manual- function on/off ly if the RDS function has first been de- ➮ To use the RDS functions AF and activated. REG, press the RDS button 4. Browsing through broadcasting The RDS convenience functions are networks (only FM) active when RDS lights up on the dis- play with a symbol. When the RDS con- If a radio station provides several pro- venience functions are activated, “REG grammes, you have the option of brows- ON”

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RADIO MODE ➮ Use the buttons : to set the ➮ Hold down the preset station but- desired degree of sensitivity. ton 1 - 6 > of the desired station. ➮ When you have completed the set- Scanning receivable stations tings, press the MENU button 8 (SCAN) or the OK buttons ;. You can briefly listen in to all receivable Storing stations stations. The scanning time can be set in the menu at between 5 and 30 sec- Storing stations manually onds. ➮ Select the required FM memory Starting SCAN level, FM1, FM2,

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RADIO MODE Programm-Typ (PTY) Switching PTY on/off Besides transmitting the station name, ➮ Press the MENU button 8. some FM stations also provide informa- ➮ Press the or button : repeat- tion on the type of programme they are edly until “PTY ON” or “PTY OFF” currently broadcasting. This information appears on the display. can be received and displayed by your ➮ Press the or button : to car radio. switch PTY on (ON) or off (OFF). For example, the programme types can When PTY is activated, PT

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RADIO MODE Storing the programme type on the Interference-related waveband preset station buttons change (SHARX) With the SHARX function you can elim- ➮ Use the or button : to select inate interference from neighbouring a programme type. stations almost completely (FM). Acti- ➮ Hold down the desired preset sta- vate the SHARX function in an area of tion button 1 - 6 > for more than high transmitter density. two seconds. Switching SHARX on/off The programme type is now stored on the selected pr

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RADIO MODE TRAFFIC INFORMATION Note: Traffic information If you tune into an already stored sta- Your car radio is equipped with an RDS- tion using a different means (e.g. using EON reception system. EON stands for SCAN or by searching), the “scrolling Enhanced Other Network. texts” will be displayed. When a traffic announcement (TA) is Setting the display broadcast, your unit will automatically switch, within a broadcasting network, In radio mode you can choose between from a station which does

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TRAFFIC INFORMATION TRAFFIC INFORMATION MEMO Setting the traffic Traffic Information Memo announcement volume (TIM) ➮ Press the MENU button 8. This car radio unit has a digital voice memory in which up to four traffic an- ➮ Press the button : repeatedly nouncements are stored. Traffic an- until “TA VOLUME” appears on the nouncements are also recorded when display. the car radio is switched off. The TIM ➮ Use the or button : to set the function must be activated. desired volume. Danger of dam

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TRAFFIC INFORMATION MEMO Playback of recorded traffic Altering the TIM standby time announcements TIM standby continues for two hours after the car radio has been switched When the TIM function is activated, all off and can be extended to 24 hours. incoming traffic announcements of the last station listened to are automatical- ➮ Activate the TIM function. ly saved. If the last station listened to is ➮ Switch the car radio off using but- no longer receivable, the unit automati- ton 3. cally retun

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CD MODE Selecting a track CD Mode You can use this unit to play audio CDs, ➮ Press one of the buttons on the ar- CD-Rs and CDRWs with a diameter of row block : to select the next or 12 cm. previous track. If the or button : is pressed once, Risk of damage to CD drive! the current track is played again from Single CDs with a diameter of 8 cm the beginning. and CDs which are not circular (“shape CDs”) should not be used. Quick track selection We accept no liability for any dam- To quickly selec

Résumé du contenu de la page N° 20

CD MODE Scanning tracks (SCAN) Interrupting play (PAUSE) You can briefly listen in to all the tracks ➮ Press the button 1 >. on a CD. “PAUSE” appears on the display. ➮ Hold down the OK button ; for Ending Pause more than two seconds. The next ➮ Press the button 1 > during the track starts to play. pause. Note: Play then resumes. The scanning time is adjustable. Read about setting the scanning time in the Changing the display section “Setting the scanning time” in ➮ To alter the display betwee

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