Instruction d'utilisation Nokia N95-4

Instruction d'utilisation pour le dispositif Nokia N95-4

Dispositif: Nokia N95-4
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Date d'addition: 2014-07-27 14:00:45
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Instruction d'utilisation Nokia N95-4
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Get started
Nokia N95-4
9207276, Issue 1 EN

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Keys and parts (front) Model number: Nokia N95-4. Hereinafter referred to as Nokia N95 8GB. 1 Power key 2 Selection keys to select commands and access Options 3 Menu key to access the main menu 4 Call key 5 Edit key to open a list of commands when you edit text 6 Scroll key to move around the menus and to select items 7 Numeric keypad 8 Clear key 9 End key 10 Multimedia key to access the multimedia menu and open the music player 11 Light sensor 12 Secondary camera with lower resolution 2

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2 Zoom/volume key Keys and parts (landscape) 3 Review key to view the last stored image or video clip 4 2-stage capture key for auto-focus, still image capture, and video recording When you open the media keys under the 2-way slide, the media mode is activated and the display is shown in landscape orientation. Use the media keys to control music and video players. To activate the main camera, press and hold the capture key. To lock the focus on an object, press the capture key halfway do

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Keys and parts (back) 1 Charger connector 2 Mini-USB connector to connect to a compatible PC 3 Stereo speakers with 3D sound effect 4 Main camera for high resolution image capture and video recording (up to 5 megapixel) 5 Camera flash 6 Nokia AV Connector (3.5 mm) for compatible headsets, headphones, and TV-out cables, for example, the Nokia Video Connectivity Cable 7 Infrared (IR) window 4

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Insert the (U)SIM card and battery A USIM card is an enhanced version of the SIM card and is 4 Close the holder, and lock it into place. supported by UMTS mobile phones. Always switch the device off and disconnect the charger before removing the battery. For availability and information on using SIM card services, contact your SIM card vendor. This may be the service provider or other vendor. 1 With the back of the device facing you, press 5 Insert the battery. To secure the battery into pla

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Switch the device on Charge the battery 1 Press and hold the power key. 1 Connect a compatible charger to a wall outlet. 2 If the device asks for a (U)PIN code or lock code, enter it, and 2 Connect the power cord press the left selection key. to the device. If the The factory setting for the lock battery is completely code is 12345. discharged, it may take a while before the charging Your device has internal antennas. indicator starts scrolling. Note: As with any radio 3 When the batt

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Transfer content Support Transfer personal content from Help another Nokia device The help function provides instructions when using the With the Switch application, you can transfer content, applications in the device. To access it from an application, such as contacts, between two compatible Nokia devices select Options > Help. using Bluetooth connectivity or infrared. To transfer data to your Nokia N95 8GB, press , and select Tools > User guide Utilities > Switch. Refer to the user gui

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 To call your voice mailbox (network service), press and Keypad lock (keyguard) hold . When the keys are locked, is displayed.  To open the multimedia menu, press the multimedia key. To lock the keys, press the left selection key, then the right  To change the profile, press the power key, and select selection key. a profile. To unlock the keys, open the 2-way slide, or press the left selection key, then the right selection key.  To switch between Normal and Silent profiles, press and

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 Standby mode > Shortcuts — to assign a shortcut to Personalization the selection keys in the standby mode In the personalization menu, you can change several settings  Standby mode > Active standby apps. — to change in your device. Press , and select Tools > Settings > the default shortcut icons in the active standby mode. General > Personalization and from the following: Some shortcuts may be fixed, and you cannot  Themes — to change the theme, wallpaper and power change them. saver

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The downloaded videos are saved in Video center > Nokia Video Center My Videos. With Nokia Video Center (network service), you can You can also transfer your own videos to Nokia Video download and stream video clips over the air from Center and view them in My Videos. compatible internet video services. Tip: To convert video files into mobile format, use Nokia Video Center supports files with extensions such as Nokia Video Manager in Nokia Nseries PC Suite. .3gp, .mp4, or .rm. 1 To view yo

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You can transfer music from a compatible PC or other Music player compatible devices using a compatible USB data cable, a Warning: Listen to music at a moderate level. compatible version of Microsoft's Windows Media Player Continuous exposure to high volume may damage installed on your compatible PC, or Nokia Music Manager your hearing. Do not hold the device near your ear available in Nokia Nseries PC Suite. when the loudspeaker is in use, because the volume Copyright protections may pr

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If a headset does not include a microphone, for handsfree Positioning (GPS) phone calls, use such a headset with a compatible remote The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a worldwide radio control unit or the microphone of the device. navigation system that includes 24 satellites and their When using certain headset enhancements, to adjust the ground stations that monitor the operation of the volume during a call, use the volume key in the device. satellites. Your device has an internal

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Assisted GPS (A-GPS) is used to retrieve assistance data Download maps over a packet data connection, which assists in calculating Nokia Map Loader is a PC software that you can use to the coordinates of your current location when your device download and install maps for different countries to your is receiving signals from satellites. device from the internet. To use Nokia Map Loader, you Any GPS should not be used for precise location must first install it to a compatible PC. You can d

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If WLAN scanning is off and you are not connected to any Wireless LAN wizard WLAN, WLAN scanning off is displayed. To set scanning Your device supports wireless local area network (WLAN). on and search for available WLANs, select the status, and With WLAN, you can connect your device to the internet press the scroll key. and compatible devices that have WLAN. To use WLAN, it Important: Always enable one of the available must be available in the location, and your device must be encryptio

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© 2007 Nokia. All rights reserved. Nokia, Nokia Connecting People, Nseries, and N95 are trademarks or registered trademarks of Nokia Corporation. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks or tradenames of their respective owners. Reproduction, transfer, distribution, or storage of part or all of the contents in this document in any form without the prior written permission of Nokia is prohibited. 15

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