Samsung SID-450の取扱説明書

デバイスSamsung SID-450の取扱説明書

デバイス: Samsung SID-450
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Samsung SID-450の取扱説明書
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145-3, Sangdaewon 1-dong, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Samsung House, 1000 Hillswood Drive, Hillswood Business
Gyeonggi-do 462-703, Korea Park Chertsey, Surrey KT16 OPS THREE-AXIS V/F LENS DOME CAMERA
TEL : +82-31-740-8137~8141 FAX : +82-31-740-8145 TEL : +44-1932-45-5308 FAX : +44-1932-45-5325


Thank you for purchasing a SAMSUNG DOME CAMERA. Before operating the camera, confirm the camera model and proper input power voltage. In order to that you can understand this manual thoroughly, we'll introduce our model description. SID-450 SERIES • NTSC MODELS • PAL MODELS SID-450N SID-450P The lightning flash with an arrowhead symbol, within an equilateral triangle is MODEL DESCRIPTION intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated “dangerous voltage” • SID-450X _ within the produ


Contents 6 23 Features Camera Operation Menu 23 Settings 24 8 Precautions • LENS (Adjusting to the brightness level) 25 • SHUTTER (condition and speed control) 26 • WHITE BALANCE control 27 10 Composition • BACKLIGHT (Backlight Compensation) 28 • AGC (Auto Gain Control) 29 11 Name and Function of Each Section • SSNR (Samsung Super Noise reduction) 30 31 • SENS-UP 32 13 • SPECIAL Installation • EXIT 37 Camera Installation 13 16 Adjusting lens angle 38 Troubleshooting Adjusting varifocal lens zoom


Features Warning The camera needs periodic inspection. Built-in Auto Iris Vari-Focal Lens. High Sensitivity Contact an authorized technician for inspection. The focal length of lens is 3 to 9 mm(F 1.2), The built-in high sensitivity COLOR CCD enables Equivalent to 3X zoom. The built-in lens allow a clear image even in 0.002Lux (Sens-Up) the camera to have wider dynamic range, illumination. therefore you can use in various applications. Stop using your camera when you find a malfunction. SSNR (S


Precautions Installation of the camera should be performed Stop use immediately if smoke or Do not install the camera in locations Do not install the camera in by qualified service personnel only. unusual heat is detected in the camera. subject to extreme temperature conditions. unstable lighting conditions. As installation of the camera requires experience and It may result in fire. Only use the camera in conditions where Severe changes in lighting, or flickering, skill, installation without th


Composition Name and Function of Each Section 1. SID-450 2. Instruction Manual 3. M4 Tapping Screws 4EA 4. M4 Machine Screws 4EA Lens Rotation(3-axis) Lens Rotation(3-axis) Guide The lens can be adjusted ±175˚ horizontally and ±80˚ (tele) vertically. 5. Adapter plate When adjusting the lens angle, rotate the lens rotation together with rotation guide. Rotation(3-axis) Lock Focus Handle To provide for accurate focusing of an object within the lens field of view. COLOR DOME CAMERA User’s Manual C


Name and Function of Each Section Installation Zoom Handle Camera Installation To adjust zoom magnification by turning. Notes SETUP button Used for the menu display or function settings. • The product has been designed for installation on a ceiling. If the ceiling is not Left button Right button strong enough to support the camera, it may fall. Take the necessary steps to Used when changing item values, by moving the cursor to the left or right on the strengthen the installation surface before i


Installation 1. When installing on a adapter plate 2. When installing the camera on a electrical box An arrow for installing directions 1) Place the bracket provided on the 1) Place the bracket provided on the electrical Electrical box adapter plate installation surface and fix it with the M4 box where the camera will be installed tapping screws (provided).(Select either and fix it with the screws provided.Fix 85X85 or 83.5X46) it correctly, depending on the type of 2) When placing the camera bo


Installation (2) Adjusting the vertical angle (Tilt operation) Adjusting lens angle. 1) Adjust the lens rotation vertically to have the desired field of view shown 1. Lens 3-axis adjustment on the screen. (1) Adjusting the horizontal angle (PAN operation) (Do not turn the rotating lens horizontally as it may jeopardize correct functioning of the lens control for zooming and focusing.) 1) Turn the rotation lock to the unlocking direction(counter-clockwise) to free the rotation guide. Notes 2) Tur


Installation (3) Adjusting the H. position of the screen (Z-axis operation) 2. Adjusting the screen, unlock or lock it. 1) After setting the lens direction of the rotating lens, turn the rotation horizontally 1) To adjust the lens, turn the rotation lock to the UN-LOCK position. with the zoom and focus control groove facing downwards (towards the bottom 2) To fix the lens, turn the rotation lock to the LOCK position. surface). Notes Unlocking direction • Be aware that turning only the lens rotat


Installation Adjusting varifocal lens zoom and focus Connecting to a Monitor 1) Unlock the zoom (or the focus) handle to release it Please connect video output terminal located on the back of the camera to the monitor 2) Adjust the zoom (or the focus) handle by moving it to WIDE (NEAR) or TELE (FAR) position. 3) After adjustment, tighten the zoom (or the focus) handle, taking care that the adjusted position does not change. Monitor CCTV Camera • As the connecting method varies with the instrumen


Installation Camera Operation Connecting to Power Menu Connect the adaptor to the power input connector as shown in the figure below. SETUP menu The recommended adaptor specification for SID-450N/SID-450P is DC 12V, 500mA . LENS (Adjusting to a lens) · DC SHUTTER (Conditon and speed control) · FLK WHITE BALANCE control · ATW · AWC · MANUAL · OFF · LOW · MIDDLE BACKLIGHT (Backlight compensation) · HIGH AGC (Auto Gain Control) · OFF · LOW · MIDDLE · HIGH When the resistance value of copper


Camera Operation Settings Select any function you Modes can be changed wish to operate by Settings can be made using the 5 buttons located on the back of the camera. using the LEFT and using the UP and RIGHT buttons. DOWN buttons. 3. Please press the LEFT or RIGHT button if you wish to change mode. • When the LEFT or RIGHT button is pressed, available values and modes SETUP button DOWN button are displayed in order. Please keep pressing the button until you get to the LEFT button RIGHT button U


Camera Operation 2. Using the SETUP button, you can control the brightness of the screen. WHITE BALANCE control Notes The screen color can be adjusted by using the WHITE BALANCE function. 1. Please position the arrow to point to 'WHITE BAL' on the SETUP menu by • The brightness of the screen can be adjusted within the range of 1~70. The optimum level of brightness for the using the UP and DOWN buttons. user can be achieved by adjustment. 2. Please select the mode you wish to operate by pressing


Camera Operation AGC (Auto Gain Control) BACKLIGHT (Backlight Compensation) 1. Please position the arrow to point to 'AGC' on the SETUP menu by using the When there is a strong backlight behind the object, clear images of the background UP and DOWN buttons. as well as the object can still be obtained by using the BACKLIGHT function. 2. Please select the mode you wish to operate by pressing the LEFT or RIGHT 1. Please position the arrow to point to 'BACKLIGHT' on the SETUP menu by button. As the


Camera Operation SENS-UP (Low illuminance) SSNR (Samsung Super Noise reduction) SENS-UP helps maintain a bright, clear screen image by automatically detecting The background noise in the low light level decreases automatically as the level changes in the level of light in low light level conditions. of gain changes. 1. Please position the arrow to point to 'SENS-UP' on the SETUP menu by 1. Please position the arrow to point to 'SSNR' on the SETUP menu by using the using the UP and DOWN buttons.


Camera Operation 3) Please press the SETUP button. SPECIAL Camera ID 1. Please position the arrow to point to 'SPECIAL' on the SETUP menu by using ABCDEFGHIJKLM NOPQRSTUVWXYZ the UP and DOWN buttons. abcdefghijklm 2. Please select the mode you wish to operate by pressing the UP or DOWN nopqrstuvwxyz button. -. 123456789 CLR POS END 4) Up to 15 letters can be used for the ID. Please move the cursor to the letter you wish to choose by using the UP and DOWN button. Camera ID ABCDEFGHIJKLM NOPQ


Camera Operation 5) When a name has been chosen, please select a position for the name display. Notes Please move the cursor onto 'POS' and then press the SETUP button. •If AGC is OFF, you can’t select AUTO mode. Camera ID •When an infrared light is used, there may be a problem with focusing and COLOR ABCDEFGHIJKLM (DAY & NIGHT). NOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklm nopqrstuvwxyz -. 123456789 SYNC : In LINE-LOCK mode, it synchronizes the video signal between cameras CLR POS END without a synchronous gen


Camera Operation MOTION DETECTION: •Please select the area you do not wish to appear from the 4 areas in AREA SEL mode. This product has a feature that allows you to observe movements of objects in 4 •Please select ON mode for the chosen area. different areas on the screen, and the words 'MOTION DETECTED' appear on the •Please adjust the size of the area to be concealed by using the UP, DOWN, LEFT or screen when movement is detected; hence a single individual can conduct RIGHT button. supervisio


Troubleshooting If you have trouble operating your camera, refer to the following table. If the Problem Solution guidelines do not enable you to solve the problem, contact an authorized technician. The MOTION • Please check if 'MOTION DETECTION' mode is DETECTION function turned on. Problem Solution is not working. • Please check if the MD LEVEL is too low. • Please check the setting of the MD AREA. • Please check the power connection. Nothing appears on • Please check the video signal

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