Samsung 32INの取扱説明書

デバイスSamsung 32INの取扱説明書

デバイス: Samsung 32IN
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私たちの目的は、皆様方にデバイスSamsung 32INの取扱説明書に含まれたコンテンツを可能な限り早く提供することです。オンラインプレビューを使用すると、Samsung 32INに関してあなたが抱えている問題に対する解決策の内容が素早く表示されます。


説明書Samsung 32INをこちらのサイトで閲覧するのに不都合がある場合は、2つの解決策があります:

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Samsung 32INの取扱説明書
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User Manual
H32B H40B H46B
The color and the appearance may differ depending on
the product, and the specifications are subject to
change without prior notice to improve the performance.


Table Of Contents BEFORE USING THE 7 Copyright PRODUCT 8 Cleaning 8Storage 9 Safety Precautions 9Symbols 10 Electricity and Safety 11 Installation 13 Operation PREPARATIONS 18 Checking the Contents 18 Removing the Packaging 19 Checking the Components 21 Parts 21 Control Panel 23 Reverse Side 24 Anti-theft Lock 25 Remote Control 28 Before Installing the Product (Installation Guide) 28 Tilting Angle and Rotation 29 Ventilation 30 Dimensions 31 Installing the Wall Mount 31 Installing the Wall M


Table Of Contents 48 Connecting to a Video Device 48 Connection Using the AV Cable 49 Connection Using the Component Cable 50 Connection Using an HDMI Cable 51 Connecting to an Audio System 51 Connecting to an Antenna 52 Changing the Input source 52 Source SCREEN ADJUSTMENT 53 Picture Mode 53 If the input source is PC 53 If the input source is AV, Component, HDMI or TV 54 Backlight / Contrast / Brightness / Sharpness / Color / Tint (G/R) 55 Screen Adjustment 55 Picture Size 57 Position 57 PC S


Table Of Contents 61 Picture Options 61 Color Tone 62 Digital Noise Filter 62 MPEG Noise Filter 62 HDMI Black Level 62 Film Mode 62 LED Motion Plus (Off / On)- (H40B, H46B Model Only) 62 Reset Picture SOUND ADJUSTMENT 63 Sound Mode 64 Sound Effect 65 Broadcast Audio Options 65 SPDIF Output 66 Speaker Settings 66 Reset Sound USING THE CHANNEL 67 Channel 67 Antenna (Air/Cable) MENU 67 Auto Program 69 Clear Scrambled Channel 69 Fine Tune SYSTEM 70 Setup 71 Time 71 Clock 72 Sleep Timer 72 On Tim


Table Of Contents 74 Eco Solution 74 Energy Saving 74 No Signal Power Off 75 Auto Power Off (Off / On) 76 Caption 76 Caption 76 Caption Mode 77 Digital Caption Options 78 Security 78 Program Rating Lock (Off / On) 80 Change PIN 80 PIP 81 Auto Protection Time 82 General 82 Game Mode 82 Penel Lock 82 Boot Logo 83 Anynet+(HDMI-CEC) 83 Anynet+(HDMI-CEC) 84 Auto Turn Off (No / Yes) 85 Receiver 86 DivX® Video On Demand SUPPORT 87 Self Diagnosis 87 Picture Test (Yes / No) 87 Sound Test (Yes / No) 87 S


Table Of Contents 89 Contents Home 89 Channel List 90 Media Play 101 Schedule Manager 101 Source TROUBLESHOOTING 103 Requirements Before Contacting Samsung Customer Service Center GUIDE 103 Testing the Product 103 Checking the Resolution and Frequency 104 Check the followings. 107 Q & A SPECIFICATIONS 109 General 111 PowerSaver 112 Preset Timing Modes 114 License APPENDIX 115 Contact SAMSUNG WORLDWIDE 116 Responsibility for the Pay Service (Cost to Customers) 116 Not a product defect 116 A Pro


Before Using the Product Copyright The contents of this manual are subject to change without notice to improve quality. © 2012 Samsung Electronics Samsung Electronics owns the copyright for this manual. Use or reproduction of this manual in parts or entirety without the authorization of Samsung Electronics is prohibited. The SAMSUNG and SyncMaster logos are registered trademarks of Samsung Electronics. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. VESA, DPM and DDC


Before Using the Product Cleaning Exercise care when cleaning as the panel and exterior of advanced LCDs are easily scratched. Take the following steps when cleaning. The following images are for reference only. Real-life situations may differ from what is shown in the images. 1. Power off the product and computer. 2. Disconnect the power cord from the product. Hold the power cable by the plug and do not touch the cable with wet hands. Otherwise, an electric shock may result. 3. Wipe


Before Using the Product Safety Precautions CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN CAUTION : TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT REMOVE COVER (OR BACK). THERE ARE NO USER SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE. REFER ALL SERVICING TO QUALIFIED PERSONNEL. This symbol indicates that high voltage is present inside. It is dangerous to make any kind of contact with any internal part of this product. This symbol alerts you that important literature concerning operation and maintenance has been incl


Before Using the Product Electricity and Safety The following images are for reference only. Real-life situations may differ from what is shown in the images. Warning Do not use a damaged power cord or plug, or a loose power socket. An electric shock or fire may result. Do not use multiple products with a single power socket. Overheated power sockets may cause a fire. Do not touch the power plug with wet hands. Otherwise, an electric shock may result. Insert the power plug all the way i


Before Using the Product Caution Do not disconnect the power cord while the product is being used. The product may become damaged by an electric shock. Only use the power cord provided with your product by Samsung. Do not use the power cord with other products. A fire or electric shock may result. ! Keep the power socket where the power cord is connected unobstructed. The power cord must be disconnected to cut off power to the product when an issue occurs. ! Note that the product is n


Before Using the Product Keep the plastic packaging out of the reach of children. Children may suffocate. ! Do not install the product on an unstable or vibrating surface (insecure shelf, sloped surface, etc.) The product may fall and become damaged and/or cause an injury. Using the product in an area with excess vibration may damage the product or cause a fire. Do not install the product in a vehicle or a place exposed to dust, moisture (water drips, etc.), oil, or smoke. A fire or elec


Before Using the Product Caution Do not drop the product while moving. Product failure or personal injury may result. ! Do not set down the product on its front. The screen may become damaged. When installing the product on a cabinet or shelf, make sure that the bottom edge of the front of the product is not protruding. The product may fall and become damaged and/or cause an injury. Install the product only on cabinets or shelves of the right size. Set down the product gently Product f


Before Using the Product If the product generates abnormal sounds, a burning smell or smoke, disconnect the power cord immediately and contact Samsung Customer Service Center. An electric shock or fire may result. ! Do not let children hang from the product or climb on top of it. Children may become injured or seriously harmed. If the product is dropped or the outer case is damaged, turn off the power switch and disconnect the power cord. Then contact Samsung Customer Service Center. Cont


Before Using the Product Ensure the vents are not blocked by tablecloths or curtains. An increased internal temperature may cause a fire. Do not insert metallic objects (chopsticks, coins, hairpins, etc) or objects that 100 burn easily (paper, matches, etc) into the product (via the vent or input/output ports, etc). Be sure to power off the product and disconnect the power cord when water or other foreign substances have entered the product. Then contact Samsung Customer Service Center.


Before Using the Product Looking at the screen too close for an extended period of time can deteriorate your eyesight. ! Do not use humidifiers or stoves around the product. A fire or electric shock may result. Rest your eyes for more than 5 minutes for every 1 hour of product use. Eye fatigue will be relieved. ! Do not touch the screen when the product has been turned on for an extended period of time as it will become hot. Store small accessories out of the reach of children. ! Exercise ca


Before Using the Product When replacing the battery, insert it with the right polarity (+, -). Otherwise, the battery may become damaged or it may cause fire, personal injury or damage due to leakage of the internal liquid. ! The batteries (and rechargeable batteries) are not ordinary refuse and must be returned for recycling purposes. The customer is responsible for returning the used or rechargeable batteries for recycling. ! The customer can return used or rechargeable batteries to a nea


Preparations 1 1.1 Checking the Contents 1.1.1 Removing the Packaging 1 Open the packaging box. Be careful not to damage the product when you open the packaging with a sharp instrument. 2 Remove the styrofoam from the product. 3 Check the components and remove the styrofoam and plastic bag. The appearance of actual components may differ from the image shown. This image is for reference only. 4 Store the box in a dry area so that it can be used when moving the product in the future. 1 Pr


Preparations 1 1.1.2 Checking the Components Contact the vendor where you purchased the product if any components are missing. The appearance of the components and items sold separately may differ from the image shown. Components Components may differ in different locations. Warranty card Quick setup guide User manual (Not available in some locations) Batteries Power cord Remote Control (Not available in some locations) Holder wire stand 1 Preparations 19


Preparations 1 Items sold separately The following items can be purchased at your nearest retailer. Wall-mount KIT HDMI-DVI cable HDMI cable RCA stereo cable Stereo cable RCA cable Video cable RS232C stereo cable Optical cable 1 Preparations 20

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