LG Electronics LCD TV 425010の取扱説明書

デバイスLG Electronics LCD TV 425010の取扱説明書

デバイス: LG Electronics LCD TV 425010
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私たちの目的は、皆様方にデバイスLG Electronics LCD TV 425010の取扱説明書に含まれたコンテンツを可能な限り早く提供することです。オンラインプレビューを使用すると、LG Electronics LCD TV 425010に関してあなたが抱えている問題に対する解決策の内容が素早く表示されます。


説明書LG Electronics LCD TV 425010をこちらのサイトで閲覧するのに不都合がある場合は、2つの解決策があります:

  • フルスクリーン表示 – 説明書を(お使いのコンピュータにダウンロードすることなく)便利に表示させるには、フルスクリーン表示モードをご使用ください。説明書LG Electronics LCD TV 425010のフルスクリーン表示を起動するには、全画面表示ボタンを押してください。
  • コンピュータにダウンロード - LG Electronics LCD TV 425010の説明書をお使いのコンピュータにダウンロードし、ご自身のコレクションに加えることもできます。デバイス上のスペースを無駄にしたくない場合は、いつでもManualsBaseサイトでダウンロードすることもできます。
LG Electronics LCD TV 425010の取扱説明書
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多くの人々は画面表示ではなく印刷された説明書を読むほうを好みます。説明書を印刷するオプションも提供されており、上記のリンクをクリックすることによりそれを利用できます - 説明書を印刷。説明書LG Electronics LCD TV 425010を全部印刷する必要はなく、選択したページだけを印刷できます。紙を節約しましょう。


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MODEL : 42LG5010


更多难得资料请到江南家电维修论坛免费下载! http://bbs.520101.com CONTENTS CONTENTS .............................................................................................. 2 PRODUCT SAFETY ..................................................................................3 SPECIFICATION ........................................................................................6 ADJUSTMENT INSTRUCTION ...............................................................13 TROUBLE SHOOTING ................................


更多难得资料请到江南家电维修论坛免费下载! http://bbs.520101.com SAFETY PRECAUTIONS IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE Many electrical and mechanical parts in this chassis have special safety-related characteristics. These parts are identified by in the Schematic Diagram and Replacement Parts List. It is essential that these special safety parts should be replaced with the same components as recommended in this manual to prevent Shock, Fire, or other Hazards. Do not modify the original design without permission of manuf


更多难得资料请到江南家电维修论坛免费下载! http://bbs.520101.com SERVICING PRECAUTIONS CAUTION: Before servicing receivers covered by this service unit under test. manual and its supplements and addenda, read and follow the 2. After removing an electrical assembly equipped with ES SAFETY PRECAUTIONS on page 3 of this publication. devices, place the assembly on a conductive surface such as NOTE: If unforeseen circumstances create conflict between the aluminum foil, to prevent electrostatic charge buildup or following


更多难得资料请到江南家电维修论坛免费下载! http://bbs.520101.com IC Remove/Replacement Some chassis circuit boards have slotted holes (oblong) through Circuit Board Foil Repair which the IC leads are inserted and then bent flat against the Excessive heat applied to the copper foil of any printed circuit circuit foil. When holes are the slotted type, the following technique board will weaken the adhesive that bonds the foil to the circuit should be used to remove and replace the IC. When working with board causing th


更多难得资料请到江南家电维修论坛免费下载! http://bbs.520101.com SPECIFICATION NOTE : Specifications and others are subject to change without notice for improvement. 1. Application Range. 3. Test method This spec sheet is applied to the 37"/42"/47"/52" LCD TV used LA84A chassis. 3.1 Performance : LGE TV test method followed. 3.2 Demanded other specification Safety : CE, IEC specification 2. Specification EMC : CE, IEC Each part is tested as below without special appointment 2.1 Temperature : 25±5°C(77±9°F


更多难得资料请到江南家电维修论坛免费下载! http://bbs.520101.com 5. MODEL General Specification No Item Specification Remarks 1 Broadcasting system 1) PAL-BG 2) PAL-DK 3) PAL-I/I’ 4) SECAM L/L’ 5) DVB-T (ID TV) 2 Receiving system Analog : Upper Heterodyne Digital : COFDM 3 Scart Jack (2EA) PAL, SECAM Scart 1 Jack is Full scart and support RF-OUT(analog) Scart 2 jack is Half scart and support MNT/DTV-OUT. 4 Video Input RCA(1EA) PAL, SECAM, NTSC 4 System : PAL, SECAM, NTSC, PAL60 5 S-Video Input (1EA) PAL, SECA


更多难得资料请到江南家电维修论坛免费下载! http://bbs.520101.com 6. Chroma & Brightness 6.1 37"LCD Module No. Item Specification Min. Typ. Max. Remark 1. Viewing Angle10> Right/Left/Up/Down 89 2. Luminance Luminance (cd/m2) 400 500 Variation - 1.3 MAX / MIN 3. Contrast Ratio CR 1000 1400 4. CIE Color Coordinates White WX Typ 0.279 Typ LPL(37") WY -0.03 0.292 +0.03 RED Xr 0.641 Yr 0.334 Green Xg 0.291 Yg 0.614 Blue Xb 0.145 Yb 0.062 1) Standard Test Condition (The unit has been ‘ON’) 2) Stable for approximatel


更多难得资料请到江南家电维修论坛免费下载! http://bbs.520101.com 6.3 47"LCD Module No. Item Specification Min. Typ. Max. Remark 1. Viewing Angle10> Right/Left/Up/Down 80 88 2. Luminance Luminance (cd/m2) 450 500 Variation - 1.3 MAX / MIN 3. Contrast Ratio CR 1800 2000 4. CIE Color Coordinates White WX Typ 0.280 Typ CMO(47") WY -0.03 0.285 +0.03 RED Xr 0.638 Yr 0.331 Green Xg 0.272 Yg 0.590 Blue Xb 0.144 Yb 0.068 1) Stable for approximately 60 minutes in a dark environment at 25±2_ and windless room 2) Ambient H


更多难得资料请到江南家电维修论坛免费下载! http://bbs.520101.com 7. SET Optical Feature (Measurement Condition: Full white/ Dynamic) -> Measure the black luminance after 30 seconds. Luminance (min) C/R(min) No Item module Remark AV, COMPONENT, HDMI AV, COMPONENT, HDMI 2 1 37 inch LPL 400cd/m 1000 LG5000 2 3 42 inch AUO 400cd/m 1000 C/R is excepted for PC mode. 2 3 47 inch CMO 400cd/m 1000 2 4 52 inch SHARP 360cd/m 1000 8. Component Video Input (Y, PB, PR) Specification No. Remark Resolution H-freq(kHz) V-freq


更多难得资料请到江南家电维修论坛免费下载! http://bbs.520101.com 10. HDMI Input (DTV) No. Resolution H-freq(kHz) V-freq(Hz) Pixel clock(MHz) Proposed Remark 1. 720*480 31.47 59.94 27.00 SDTV 480P(4:3) 2. 720*480 31.50 60 27.027 SDTV 480P(4:3) 3. 640*480 31.469 59.94 25.175 SDTV 480P(4:3) 4. 640*480 31.469 60.00 25.20 SDTV 480P(4:3) 5. 720*480 31.47 59.94 27.000 SDTV 480P(16:9) 6. 720*480 31.50 60.00 27.027 SDTV 480P(16:9) 7. 720*576 31.25 50.00 27.000 SDTV 576P 8. 1280*720 37.50 50.00 74.176 HDTV 720P HDCP 9. 1280


更多难得资料请到江南家电维修论坛免费下载! http://bbs.520101.com 12. Mechanical specification 12-1. 37LG5000 No. Item Content Unit Remark 1. Product Widt(W) Length(D) Height(H) mm Dimension Before Packing 936.4 293.8 684.4 mm With Stant After Packing 1195 253 665 mm 2. Product Only SET 18.3 Kg With BOX 23 Kg 12-2. 42LG5000 No. Item Content Unit Remark 1. Product Widt(W) Length(D) Height(H) mm Dimension Before Packing 1034 293.4 735 mm With Stant After Packing 1330 257 772 mm 2. Product Only SET


更多难得资料请到江南家电维修论坛免费下载! http://bbs.520101.com ADJUSTMENT INSTRUCTION 4. Click "Read" tab, and then load download 1. Application Range file(XXXX.bin) by clicking "Read" These instructions are applied to all of the LCD TV, LD84D Chassis. (4) filexxx.bin 2. Notice 2.1 The adjustment is according to the order which is designated and which must be followed, according to the plan which can be changed only on agreeing. 2.2. Power Adjustment: Free Voltage 2.3. Magnetic Field Condition: Nil. 2.4. Input sig


更多难得资料请到江南家电维修论坛免费下载! http://bbs.520101.com 3.1 ADC Process O USB DOWNLOAD 3.1.1 PC input ADC 1. Put the USB Stick to the USB socket Auto RGB Gain/Offset Adjustment 2. Automatically detecting update file in USB Stick - Convert to PC in Input-source - If your downloaded program version in USB Stick is - Signal equipment displays Low, it didn’t work. But your downloaded version is High, Output Voltage: 700 mVp-p USB data is automatically detecting Impress Resolution XGA (1024 x 768 @


更多难得资料请到江南家电维修论坛免费下载! http://bbs.520101.com MODEL: 209 in Pattern Generator(480i Mode) 3.2 Function Check PATTERN : 65 in Pattern Generator( MSPG-925 SERISE) 3.2.1 Check display and sound Impress Resolution 1080i -Check Input and Signal items. (cf. work instructions) MODEL: 223 in Pattern Generator(1080i Mode) 1. TV PATTERN: 65 in Pattern Generator( MSPG-925 SERISE) 2. AV (SCART1/SCART2/S-VHS/CVBS) 3. COMPONENT (480i) 4. RGB (PC : 1024 x 768 @ 60hz) 5. HDMI 6. PC Audio In * Display an


更多难得资料请到江南家电维修论坛免费下载! http://bbs.520101.com - After done all adjustments, Press "In-start" button and compare Tool option and Area option value with its BOM, if it is correctly same then unplug the AC cable. If it is not same, then correct it same with BOM and unplug AC cable. For correct it to the model’s module from factory JIG model. - Don’t push The "IN STOP KEY" after completing the function inspection. 4.2 DPM operation confirmation (Only Apply for MNT Model) • Check if Power LED Color a


更多难得资料请到江南家电维修论坛免费下载! http://bbs.520101.com 4.5 EDID DATA O HDMI3 EDID (DDC (Display Data Channel) Data Note) Because downloading can be down at the power on 0 1 23 45 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F mode only, if it is not set, press the Power ON key of 0 00 FF FF FFFF FF FF 00 1E 6D 01 0001010101 the remote controller to proceed. 10 00 11 01 03 80 73 41 96 0A CF 74 A3 57 4C B0 23 20 09 48 4C AF CF 00 31 40 45 40 61 40 81 80 A9 40 O HDMI1 EDID (DDC (Display Data Channel) Data 30 01 01 01 01 01 01 66 21


更多难得资料请到江南家电维修论坛免费下载! http://bbs.520101.com 5. Adjusting the White Balance 6. How to adjust 5.1 Overview 6.1 How to adjust automatically - Purpose and principle for adjusting the white balance 1) The adjustment condition should be set by the Power On - Purpose : Adjust the white balance to reduce the deviation key. of the module. 2) Perform the zero calibration of the Color Analyzer and - Principle: The full dynamic range of the module when the place the probe close to the display center. RGB


更多难得资料请到江南家电维修论坛免费下载! http://bbs.520101.com 6.3 Reference 8. Set the shipping mode (In-stop) (White Balance adjustment coordinate and - After completing the final test, in order to set the set to the White balance) shipping condition, press the In-Stop key of the R/C to make sure that the set is turned off. O Brightness: Full white 216 Gray 9. GND and resisting pressure test O Standard color coordinate and white balance when using the 9.1 How to test CS-1000 1) Preparing for the automatic te


更多难得资料请到江南家电维修论坛免费下载! http://bbs.520101.com 10. ISP Download (option) 10.1 Overview The Micom upgrade via the external port for the service for the customer. 10.2 Device to use 1) PC 2) B/D for the interface (IIC & ISP) 3) Jig for downloading (for the power supply) 10.3 Adjustment wiring diagram (Download device configuration diagram) Main B/D Interface B/D 10.4 Adjustment condition (Download condition) - IC name & Circuit number: MYSON MTV416GMF & IC4015 3) Click the Load File Button, an

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