Sharp AQUOS 09P09-MX-NMの取扱説明書

デバイスSharp AQUOS 09P09-MX-NMの取扱説明書

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Sharp AQUOS 09P09-MX-NMの取扱説明書
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Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, New Jersey 07495-1163
Printed in Mexico
Imprimé au Mexique
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IMPORTANT : Please read this operation manual before starting operating the equipment.


Dimensional Drawings Unit: inch (mm) LC60E77UN Unité: pouce (mm) Unidad: pulgada (mm) 5 56 /8 (1438) 17 52 /32 (1334) 21 24 / (626) 32 5 45 5 / 16 4 /64 3 15 /4 (400) AN-52AG4 (135) (119) 45 41 4 /64 2 /64 9 (119) (67) 17 /16 (446) 21 7 /64 (186) LC65E77UM 3 60 /4 (1543) 13 56 / (1432.6) 32 21 24 /32 (626) AN-65AG1 5 45 4 /64 5 /16 21 (119) 17 / (440) (135) 64 45 15 4 / 1 / 64 32 9 17 / (446) (119) (37) 16 9 6 / 64 (156) 19 27 25 /32 (650)


LC-60E77UN LC-65E77UM LIQUID CRYSTAL TELEVISION ENGLISH OPERATION MANUAL IMPORTANT: Model No.: To aid reporting in case of loss or theft, please record the TV's model and serial numbers in the space provided. The Serial No.: numbers are located at the rear of the TV. IMPORTANT INFORMATION WARNING: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS PRODUCT TO RAIN OR MOISTURE. The lightning flash with arrow-head symbol, within an equilateral triangle, CAUTION is intended to aler


IMPORTANT INFORMATION WARNING: FCC Regulations state that any unauthorized changes or modifications to this equipment not expressly approved by the manufacturer could void the user's authority to operate this equipment. CAUTION: This product satisfies FCC regulations when shielded cables and connectors are used to connect the unit to other equipment. To prevent electromagnetic interference with electric appliances such as radios and televisions, use shielded cables and connectors for connection


DEAR SHARP CUSTOMER Thank you for your purchase of the Sharp Liquid Crystal Television. To ensure safety and many years of trouble-free operation of your product, please read the Important Safety Instructions carefully before using this product. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Electricity is used to perform many useful functions, but it can also cause personal injuries and property damage if improperly handled. This product has been engineered and manufactured with the highest priority on safet


IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS EXAMPLE OF ANTENNA GROUNDING AS PER � Outdoor Antenna Grounding — If an outside antenna is NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CODE, ANSI/NFPA 70 connected to the television equipment, be sure the antenna system is grounded so as to provide some protection against ANTENNA voltage surges and built-up static charges. LEAD IN WIRE Article 810 of the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70, provides information with regard to proper grounding of the GROUND mast and supporting s


IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Caring for the Liquid Crystal panel � Turn off the main power and unplug the AC cord from the wall outlet before handling. � Gently wipe the surface of the display panel with a soft cloth (cotton, fl annel, etc.). To protect the display panel, do not use a dirty cloth, liquid cleaners, or a chemical cloth (wet/ dry sheet type cloth, etc.). This may damage the panel surface. � Wiping with a hard cloth or using strong force may scratch the panel surface. � Use a soft


Contents IMPORTANT INFORMATION ..................... 1 On-Screen Display Menu Trademarks ....................................... 2 On-Screen Display Menu Operation ........... 20 Menu Operation Buttons ...................... 20 DEAR SHARP CUSTOMER ....................... 3 Menu Items ................................... 21 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ........ 3-5 Picture Menu ............................... 22-23 Audio Menu ................................... 24 Supplied Accessories ...........


QUICK REFERENCE QUICK INSTALLATION TIPS Using the Remote Control Unit Use the remote control unit by pointing it towards the Attach your antenna to the back of the television. 1 remote control sensor on the TV. Objects between the (See page 8.) remote control unit and the remote control sensor may Connect the AC plug for the television into the AC prevent proper operation. 2 outlet. 17´ (5 m) 30º Remote control sensor LC-60E77UN LC-65E77UM 30º 30º AC outlet 30º � Place the TV close to the AC


Preparation Antennas To enjoy a clearer picture, use an outdoor antenna. The following is a brief explanation of the types of connections that are used for a coaxial cable. If your outdoor antenna uses a 75-ohm coaxial cable with an F-type connector, plug it into the antenna terminal at the rear of the TV set. F-type connector 1. A 75-ohm system is generally a round cable with F-type connector that can easily be attached to a terminal without tools (Commercially 75-ohm coaxial cable (round)


Part Names TV (Front) Remote control sensor OPC sensor* (See page 22.) OPC indicator (See page 22.) POWER indicator (See page 15.) * OPC: Optical Picture Control TV (Rear/Side) *2 AC INPUT terminal POWER button *3 MENU button LC-60E77UN LC-65E77UM INPUT button *1 INPUT 7 terminal Channel (HDMI) buttons INPUT 8 terminal (CH / ) (HDMI) DIGITAL AUDIO OUTPUT terminal Volume AUDIO OUTPUT buttons terminals (VOL / ) kl Antenna/Cable in *1 INPUT 5 terminal (HDMI) INPUT 1 terminals INPUT 3 termin


Part Names 1 TV POWER: Switch the TV power on or enter standby. (See page Remote Control Unit 15.) 2 DISPLAY: Display the channel information. 117 3 SOURCE POWER: Turns the power of the external equipment on and off. 4 External equipment operational buttons: Operate the external equipment. 5 0–9: Set the channel. (See page 16.) 6 • (DOT): (See pages 16 and 33.) 2 7 INPUT: Select a TV input source. (TV, INPUT 1, INPUT 2, INPUT 3, 18 3 INPUT 4, INPUT 5, INPUT 6, INPUT 7, INPUT 8) (See page 16


Connecting to External Equipment You can connect many types of external equipment to your TV. To view external source images, select the input source from INPUT on the remote control unit or on the TV. (See page 16.) For connecting the TV to external equipment, use commercially available cables. CAUTION � To protect equipment, always turn off the TV before connecting any external equipment. � Please read the relevant operation manual (Blu-ray disc player, etc.) carefully before making connectio


Connecting to External Equipment Rear of the TV ■ When using Component cable (INPUT 1 or 2): � Blu-ray disc player � DVD player � HD Cable/Satellite set-top box Audio cable COMPONENT OUT AUDIO-L (White) AUDIO-R (Red) Component video cable PR (Red) Y (Green) PB (Blue) � To enjoy 1080p display capability, connect your external equipment using an HDMI-certifi ed cable or a component cable and set the equipment to 1080p output. � See page 11 for connecting a Blu-ray disc player, DVD player or an


Connecting to External Equipment Connecting a Speaker/Amplifi er ■ When using optical fi ber cable: Rear of the TV Rear of the TV It is possible to output audio through the DIGITAL AUDIO OUTPUT terminal. (See page 31 for details.) PCM audio outputs from the terminal. Optical fi Optical fi ber cable ber cable OPTICAL OPTICAL DIGITAL AUDIO INPUT DIGITAL AUDIO INPUT � Depending on the connected equipment, audio will not output from the DIGITAL AUDIO OUTPUT terminal in HDMI connection. In this case,


Connecting to External Equipment When using HDMI-DVI conversion cable (INPUT 6): ■ Rear of the TV HDMI-DVI conversion cable Ø 3.5 mm stereo minijack cable DVI OUT AUDIO � When using an HDMI-DVI conversion cable, you should make an analog audio connection. In this case, in addition to connecting an HDMI-DVI conversion cable to the INPUT 6 (HDMI) terminal, connect an audio cable to the AUDIO terminal and set "PC Audio Select" to "Input 6 (HDMI)". (See page 40.) ■ When using analog RGB cable: R


Watching TV Turning On/Off the Power Press POWER on the TV, or TV POWER on the remote control unit to turn the power on. � POWER indicator (Green): The TV is on. (After a few seconds, a window appears with sound.) POWER � The initial setup starts when the TV powers on for the fi rst time. If the TV has been turned on before, the initial setup will not be invoked. For changing the settings of the initial setup, perform EZ setup on the Setup menu on page 25. Press POWER on the TV, or TV POWER


Direct Button Operation Sleep Timer Allows you to set a time when the TV automatically switches to standby. Press SLEEP. � The remaining time displays when the sleep timer has been set. � Each time you press SLEEP, the remaining time switches as shown below. Off 30 60 90 120 � When set, the time automatically starts counting down. � If you want to adjust the sleep timer, you can press SLEEP twice then change the time setting. � When it is 5 minutes before the time expires


Direct Button Operation AV MODE AUDIO AV MODE gives you several viewing options to choose MTS/SAP stereo mode ■ from to best match the surrounding environment of the The TV has a feature that allows reception of sound TV, which can vary due to factors like room brightness, other than the main audio for the program. This feature type of program watched or the type of image input is called Multi-channel Television Sound (MTS). The TV from external equipment. with MTS can receive mono sound, st


Direct Button Operation Press CC. POWER SAVING 1 � This will present the Closed Caption information Allows you to set the Power Saving level in order to display. decrease the power consumption and increase the backlight lifespan. Press CC while the Closed Caption information is 2 Press POWER SAVING. still on the screen. � Each time you press POWER SAVING, the mode changes as shown below. � Press repeatedly until you select the desired closed caption service. Off Standard Advanced Air DIGIT

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