Vizio Flat Panel Television M3D55OKDEの取扱説明書

デバイスVizio Flat Panel Television M3D55OKDEの取扱説明書

デバイス: Vizio Flat Panel Television M3D55OKDE
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私たちの目的は、皆様方にデバイスVizio Flat Panel Television M3D55OKDEの取扱説明書に含まれたコンテンツを可能な限り早く提供することです。オンラインプレビューを使用すると、Vizio Flat Panel Television M3D55OKDEに関してあなたが抱えている問題に対する解決策の内容が素早く表示されます。


説明書Vizio Flat Panel Television M3D55OKDEをこちらのサイトで閲覧するのに不都合がある場合は、2つの解決策があります:

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  • コンピュータにダウンロード - Vizio Flat Panel Television M3D55OKDEの説明書をお使いのコンピュータにダウンロードし、ご自身のコレクションに加えることもできます。デバイス上のスペースを無駄にしたくない場合は、いつでもManualsBaseサイトでダウンロードすることもできます。
Vizio Flat Panel Television M3D55OKDEの取扱説明書
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IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Your TV is designed and manufactured to operate within defined design limits. Misuse may result in electric shock or fire. To prevent • Only power of the marked voltage can be used for your TV. Any other voltage than the specified voltage may cause fire or your TV from being damaged, the following instructions should be observed for the installation, use, and maintenance of your TV. electric shock. Read the following safety instructions before operating your TV. K


You may experience discomfort while watching 3D content. You may feel symptoms of eye strain, vision fatigue, color or depth distortion, motion sickness, nausea, dizziness, disorientation, or other discomforts. If you experience any of these symptoms, stop watching and take a break for at least thirty minutes before resuming. If the symptoms are severe or continue even after you have stopped watching 3D content, consult a doctor. Take care to monitor children’s watching of 3D content. Ch


PACKAGE CONTENTS 4 x M4 10mm Screws 4 x M6 10mm Screws Theater 3D LED HDTV Remote Control with Basic Theater 3D This Quick Start Guide with VIZIO Internet Apps Full Keyboard and Glasses (4 pairs) Batteries Glasses may vary slightly from those shown. HELP VIZIO REDUCE PAPER WASTE. DOWNLOAD THE FULL USER MANUAL AT VIZIO.COM/SUPPORT


DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS? LET US HELP! YOUR PRODUCT INCLUDES FREE LIFETIME TECH SUPPORT The VIZIO support team is highly trained and is based in the United States. We can help with: • New Product Setup • Connecting Your Devices • Technical Problems • And More Phone: (877) 878-4946 (TOLL-FREE) Email: Web: Hours of operation: Monday - Friday: 5 AM TO 9 PM (PST) Saturday - Sunday: 8 AM TO 4 PM (PST) We speak English • Se habla Español • Nous parlons


USING THE REMOTE APP LAUNCHER Quickly launch the pictured app. INPUT Change the currently-displayed input. POWER Turn TV on or off. A/V CONTROLS INFO Control USB media player. Display the info window. CLOSED CAPTIONS MENU Open the closed caption menu. Display the on-screen menu. EXIT ARROW Close the on-screen menu. Navigate the on-screen menu. OK GUIDE Select the highlighted menu option. Display the info window. BACK V BUTTON Go to the previous on-screen menu. Open the VIA dock. A


DO NOT COVER THIS AREA This is the transmitter. ALT ARROW V.I.A. SHORTCUT BUTTONS Navigate the on-screen menu. Control VIZIO Internet Apps Press and hold while pressing another key to enter a blue character. For example, press ALT and W to enter a # character. SHIFT Press and hold while pressing another key to enter a capital letter.


INSTALLING THE BASE 1 2 x 4 Size: M4 x 10mm Size: M6 x 10mm Place the TV screen-down on a clean, flat surface. To Attach the neck to the base with the 4 larger screws. prevent scratches or damage to the screen, place Place the TV upright on a flat, stable surface. the TV on a soft surface, such as carpet, rug, or blanket. Attach the neck to the TV with the 4 smaller screws.


Wall mount your new HDTV using the VIZIO XMF1000 Quick Install Slim HDTV Mount.* It utilizes a modern, smart design to support 32” to 55” TVs up to 100 pounds. Installation is fast, easy, and secure, thanks to a simple crossbar and hook combination. And because the XMF1000 is only 1” thin, your TV will be the center of attention, not your mount. This Product Sold Separately


BACK BACK INFO INFO MENU MENU WIDE WIDE VOL VOL VOL VOL OK OK 3 3 1 1 2 2 4 6 4 6 5 5 9 9 7 7 8 8 0 0 AAA BATTERY AAA BATTERY AAA BATTERY AAA BATTERY CH CH CH CH EXIT EXIT GUIDE GUIDE INPUT INPUT CC CC FIRST-TIME SETUP 1 2 Remove the battery cover by pressing gently on Connect the power cord to the back of the TV. the cover and sliding away from the remote. Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet. Match the +/- symbols and insert the included batteries. Gently slide the battery cover back


3 4 Back of TV Coaxial Ethernet Cable Cable If you have an external antenna or a cable connection Turn the TV on by pressing the Power button on that extends from a wall outlet, the remote. connect it to the TV with an RF/Coaxial cable. The Setup App is displayed. If you have a high-speed internet connection, connect Use the Arrow buttons on the remote to highlight an Ethernet cable from your modem Home Mode Setup and press OK. or router to the back of the TV as shown.


5 6 Use the OK and Arrow Up/Down buttons on the Select the name of your wireless network from remote to read and accept the Terms of Service the list of available networks and press OK. and Privacy Policy for Yahoo! TV Widgets. Enter your network key using the on-screen When you are finished, highlight Next and press keyboard, then highlight Connect and press OK. OK.


7 8 Enter your First Name, Last Name, Phone Answer the on-screen questions about your TV Number, ZIP Code, and E-mail Address using the connection using the Arrow and OK buttons on on-screen keyboard. the remote. Highlight Exit to Live TV and press OK. Highlight Next and press OK. The First-Time Setup is complete.


CONNECTING YOUR DEVICES BACK OF TV Match colored connectors to colored ports.


Choose ONE connection type for each device. Commonly-connected (Cables are not included.) devices: • DIGITAL HDMI CABLE • HD VIDEO (1080p)* BEST Cable or Satellite Boxes • HD AUDIO • ANALOG COMPONENT CABLE • HD VIDEO (1080P)* BETTER • STEREO AUDIO ™ Blu-ray or DVD Players Match colored connectors to colored ports. • ANALOG AV CABLE • VIDEO (480i)* GOOD • STEREO AUDIO Game Consoles * Maximum Resolution


GETTING STARTED WITH VIZIO INTERNET APPS 1 2 Highlighted App V.I.A. Press this button to open the V.I.A. Dock. Be sure your TV is connected to the Internet. The V.I.A Dock is displayed on the bottom of the Use an Ethernet cable or connect wirelessly. screen. For the best V.I.A. experience, a high-speed Use the Arrow buttons on the remote to highlight Internet connection is recommended. an app, then press OK to open it.


Your V.I.A Dock has many popular apps pre-loaded, but you can add more at any time. To discover and add new apps to the Dock, open the Widget Gallery app. 3 Highlight Categories and press A list of app categories is When you’ve found an app you OK. displayed. Select a category and want to add to the Dock, highlight browse through the available Add Widget to My Profile and apps. press OK.


HOW TO VIEW 3D 1 2 You will need: For the best 3D experience: • 3D Blu-ray™ player* • Try to view the TV straight-on, as shown • Blu-ray 3D™ disc* above. Do not view the TV at an extreme • VIZIO Theater 3D Glasses angle, as some of the 3D effect will be lost. • 3D-ready HDMI cable connecting the 3D Blu-ray player to your 3D HDTV* • Sit at least 8 feet from the TV. * Sold Separately


HELP TOPICS • The on-screen menu has guided setup. Press MENU, then select HELP > Guided Setup. How do I return to the Select the type of setup you need and press OK. The Setup App will begin. Setup App? • To reset the TV to factory defaults, press MENU > HELP > Reset TV Settings. Select Yes. Remember that all of your settings will be lost! • Press the VOLUME UP button on the remote or on the side of the TV. There is a picture, but • Press the MUTE button on the remote to ensure that mute


COMPLETE THE 3D EXPERIENCE ™ VIZIO 3D Blu-ray Player with Internet Apps Whether you’re looking to bring home an intense 3D movie experience, 1080p Full HD, or dive into online entertainment, this player delivers. VIZIO Theater 3D Glasses VIZIO High Speed HDMI Cables No matter how many guests you’re To view 3D or 1080p Full HD content entertaining, you can share your new 3D from your 3D Blu-ray player, you’ll need world with friends and family. These 3D to connect it with an HDMI cable. V

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