Sony XR-C5109Rの取扱説明書

デバイスSony XR-C5109Rの取扱説明書

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Sony XR-C5109Rの取扱説明書
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3-864-424-11 (1)
Cassette Car
Operating Instructions
Manual de instrucciones
Manual de instruções
For installation and connections, see the supplied Installation/Connections
Con respecto a la instalación y las conexiones, consulte el manual de instalación/
conexiones suministrado.
Vi hänvisar till det medföljande häftet angående montering/anslutningar.
Para a instalação e as ligações, consulte o manual de instalação/ligações


Welcome! Thank you for purchasing the Sony Cassette Car Stereo. This unit lets you enjoy a variety of features by using a rotary commander. In addition to the tape playback and the radio operation you can expand your system by connecting optional CD/MD unit*. * You can connect to an CD changer, MD changer, or an CD player, MD player. EN 2


Table of contents This Unit Only With Optional Equipment Getting Started CD/MD Unit Resetting the unit ................................................ 4 Playing a CD/MD ............................................. 14 Detaching the front panel .................................. 4 Scanning the tracks — Intro scan .................................................. 14 Preparing the rotary commander ..................... 4 Playing tracks repeatedly Setting the clock ................................


DSPL MODE SEL Attaching the front panel Attach part A of the front panel to part B of the unit as illustrated and push until it clicks. Getting Started Resetting the unit Before operating the unit for the first time or after replacing the car battery, you must reset A the unit. Press the reset button with a pointed object, B such as a ball-point pen. Notes • Make sure the front panel is right side up when attaching it to the unit as it cannot be attached upside down. • Do not press the front pan


Getting Started/Cassette Player Setting the clock Cassette Player The clock has a 24-hour digital indication. For example, setting it to 10:08 1 Press (OFF) or (DSPL) during operation. Listening to a tape 2 Press (DSPL) for two seconds. Insert a cassette. 100 The hour digit blinks. 1 Set the hour digits. to go forward Playback will start automatically. to go backward If a cassette is already inserted, press (SOURCE) repeatedly until “PLAY” is 1000 displayed. FWD 2 Press (SEL) mome


Locating the beginning of a track Switching to the radio while fast- — Automatic Music Sensor (AMS) winding a tape You can skip up to nine tracks at one time. — Automatic Tuner Activation (ATA) Press (5) during playback. During playback, press either side of “ATA” appears on the display. (SEEK/AMS) momentarily. While fast-forwarding or rewinding, press To locate the succeeding tracks SEEK (SEEK/AMS), after two seconds the tuner AMS automatically turns on. To locate the preceding tracks To cancel


Cassette Player/Radio Memorizing only the Radio desired stations Up to 6 stations on each band (FM1, FM2, FM3, MW and LW) can be stored on the preset number buttons in the order of your choice. Memorizing stations Therefore, 18 FM stations can be memorized. If you try to store another station on the same automatically preset number button, the most recent stored — Best Tuning Memory (BTM) station will be erased. This function selects from the currently received band the stations with the stronge


Receiving the memorized RDS stations 1 Press (SOURCE) repeatedly to select the tuner. Overview of the RDS 2 Press (MODE) repeatedly to select the function band. Radio Data System (RDS) is a broadcasting service that allows FM stations to send 3 Press the preset number button additional digital information along with the momentarily ((1) to (6)) on which the regular radio programme signal. Your car desired station is stored. stereo offers you a variety of services. Here are just a few: Re-tun


Radio/RDS Listening to a regional programme Re-tuning the same The “REG” (regional on) function of this unit lets you stay tuned to a regional programme programme automatically without being switched to another regional station. (Note that you must turn the AF — Alternative Frequencies (AF) function on.) The unit is factory preset to The Alternative Frequencies (AF) function “REG“ but if you want to turn off the function, automatically selects and re-tunes the station do the following. with the


Tip When the traffic announcement starts while you are Presetting the RDS listening to another programme source, the unit automatically switches to the announcement and goes back stations with AF and TA to the original source when the announcement is over. data Notes • “NO TP” flashes for five seconds if the received station When you preset the RDS stations, the unit doesn’t broadcast traffic announcements. Then, the unit stores each station’s data as well as its starts searching for a station t


RDS 1 Press (PTY) during FM reception until “PTY” lights up on the display. Locating a station by programme type INFO You can locate the station you want by The current programme type name appears selecting one of the programme types shown if the station is transmitting the PTY data. below. “--------” appears if the received station is not an RDS station or if the RDS data has Note not been received. If the countries or regions where EON data is not transmitted, you can use this function


Rotate the control momentarily and release it to: • Locate the beginnings of the tracks on the Other Functions tape. Rotate and hold the control, and release it to fast-wind the tape. To playback, rotate and hold the control again, and release it. • Locate a specific track on a disc. Rotate Using the rotary and hold the control until you locate the specific point in a track, then release it to commander start playback. • Tune in the stations automatically. The rotary commander works by pressing


Other Functions Changing the operative direction The operative direction of controls is factory Changing the sound and preset as in the illustration below. beep tone To increase Boosting the bass sound — D-bass You can enjoy clear and powerful bass sound. The D-bass function boosts the low frequency signal with a sharper curve than conventional bass boost. To decrease You can hear the bass line more clearly even if the vocal volume remains the same. You can If you need to mount the rotary comman


Locating a specific point in a track With Optional Equipment — Manual Search CD/MD Unit During playback, press and hold either side of (SEEK/AMS) . Release the button when you have found the desired part. This unit can control a maximum of seven external CD/MD units in this configuretion: To search forward SEEK CD unit - maximum of five AMS MD unit - maximum of five. To search backward Any combination up to seven will work. Switching to other discs During playback, press either side of (PRESET/D


Other Functions/CD/MD Unit Playing tracks repeatedly Playing tracks in random — Repeat play order — Shuffle play To repeat a track To play the tracks on the current Press (2) repeatedly during CD/MD disc in random order playback until “REP 1” is displayed. Press (3) repeatedly during CD/MD playback until “SHUF 1” is displayed. To repeat a disc To play all the discs in the unit in Press (2) repeatedly during CD/MD playback until “REP 2” is displayed. random order Press (3) repeatedly during CD/MD


Notes on Cassettes Additional Cassette care • Do not touch the tape surface of a cassette, as Information any dirt or dust will contaminate the heads. • Keep cassettes away from equipment with built-in magnets such as speakers and amplifiers, as erasure or distortion on the recorded tape could occur. Precautions • Do not expose cassettes to direct sunlight, extremely cold temperatures or moisture. • If your car was parked in direct sunlight • Slack in the tape may cause the tape to be resulting


Additional Information Maintenance Dismounting the unit Fuse Replacement When replacing the fuse, be sure to use one 1 matching the amperage rating stated on the original fuse. If the fuse blows, check the power connection and replace the fuse. If the fuse blows again after replacement, there may be an internal malfunction. In such a case, Release key (supplied) consult your nearest Sony dealer. 2 Fuse (10 A) 3 Warning Never use a fuse with an amperage rating exceeding the one supplied with the


Location of controls INTRO REPEAT SHUF MODE 13 2 SOURCE OFF MTL ATA BL SKIP BTM DSPL SENS 46 5 SEEK SEL PTY AF/TA D-BASS AMS 1 OFF 2 PRESET 3 DISC RELEASE ATT Refer to the pages for further details. EN 1 SEEK/AMS button 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 14 (4) MTL button 6 (5) ATA (Automatic Tuner 2 SOURCE button (TAPE/TUNER/CD/MD) Activation) button 6 5, 7, 8, 14 (6) BL SKIP (Blank Skip) button 6 3 (+)(Ð) (volume/bass/treble/left-right/ !Á RELEASE (front panel release) button front-rear control) button 5


Additional Information Specifications Cassette player section General Tape track 4-track 2-channel stereo Outputs Telephone ATT control Wow and flutter 0.08 % (WRMS) lead Frequency response 30 – 18,000 Hz Power amplifier control Signal-to-noise ratio lead Rear line out (1) Cassette type Tone controls Bass ±8 dB at 100 Hz Treble ±8 dB at 10 kHz TYPE II, IV 61 dB Power requirements 12 V DC car battery TYPE I 58 dB (negative ground) Dimensions Approx. 188 · 58 · 181 mm (w/h/d) Tuner section Mountin


Troubleshooting guide The following checklist will assist in the correction of most problems you may encounter with your unit. Before going through the checklist below, refer to the operating procedures. General Problem Cause/Solution No sound • Adjust the volume with (+). • Set the fader control to the centre position for 2-speaker systems. Indications do not appear on Remove the front panel and clean the connectors. See “Cleaning the display window. the Connectors” in “Maintenance” for details

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