Whirlpool ETZOGMET20GKの取扱説明書

デバイスWhirlpool ETZOGMET20GKの取扱説明書

デバイス: Whirlpool ETZOGMET20GK
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Whirlpool ETZOGMET20GKの取扱説明書
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.......... 3 Ior a Whirlpool . : ;:..; .. ..:4 ; i .. .6 .............. form informa- lor if or a .......................... 6 for .......................... 7 l from ................ 8 on front ........ 8 from .............. 8 l a .... , .. 8 ................. 9 .............. 9 ................ 10 ............... door ............... .......................... ................... 11 12 .................. 12 ..................... ............ 13 Food .............


It to l l suffocation l on a floor not of for or if l to of a If rid of to do It from l to do of to do. l not or l to or l l l out of fluids. l room a fire or not 55°F (13°C). . l l not to LIQ- l not food to OF A - INSTRUCTIONS THESE SAVE - EXPLOSION. OR HAZARD FIRE CREATE CAN FUMES THE APPLIANCE. OTHER cold. properly get ANY OR THIS VICINITY THE IN UIDS time has it before with loaded IS AND VAPORS FLAMMABLE OTHER properly. it OR GASOLINE USE OR STORE NOT


It on It In A 115 60 15 or 20 II a a off a or not cord. 1. AIIOW % (1.25 cm) on of for of 2. If to a on door 3. flush 4. If to Left to 1. 10.) 2. front, turn 3. front, turn 4. 5. 10.) page (See grille. base Replace level. with Check shown. direction in screw lower To shown. direction in screw raise To page (See grille. base the Remove lower raise; Right refrtgerator-freezer Level Instructions. Installation lo Refer connected. been has supply water maker ice sure m


1. 3 (7.5 cm) (2.5 cm) on 3. % cm) on of for of 4. If to a to on door 5. If adjust 1. front, lurn In I 2. front. lurn lo tell lower to raise; Right level with Check 3. shown dIrectIon in screw lower To screw Leveling shown. dIrectIon screw raise To to screwdriver Use refrigerator-freezer: Level Instructions. lnslallation lo Refer connected. been has supply waler maker Ice sure make maker. Ice an has refngeralor your wider. opened be can the so side hinge Ihe space ext


fromyour different of not for for a turn When for first 1. to 4. 2. to to food. hours.) for or firm. from 1 to 8. from A to If to or If our 16.) l first l Wait 24 hours l if If 6 often of food 0 WARM If often 4 of food A WARM room often If 2 not for A If 4 room A often If often 6 WARM of food C or room 6 temoeratures cold very warm Very Freezer added amount Large TOO are Refngerator opened Door SECTIONS BOTH enough) cycle (can’t Freezer tempera


for When for first 1. Se! 3. 2. to 4 0 t I to food, hours.) for or firm. If to or If our 18.) first. Wait 24 hours if If often 4 of food C WARM If often 3 of food A WARM room often If 2 not for B If 3 A room If often 4 WARM of food B or room 7 temperatures cold very warm Very Freezer added amount Large TOO are Refrigerator opened Door SECTIONS BOTH enough) oHen cycle (can’t temperature cold Very Freezer ENOUGH FAST MADE Refrigerator usage Ice Heavy isn’


on door from forming on of 1. OFF 2. if forms on of to to food 1. from 2. front. 3. Lift 4. out. 1. and 2. front of Into front of to to (GM Pull out the stop, lift the front and 1. out to 2. Loft rront. 3. of out. 4. 1. front of lift out. 2. order. reverse in Replace strarght pul and back, at up, cover Tilt cover: the remove To order. reverse in Replace way the rest the drawer the Slide the stop. the drawer meat the Slide again. pull drawer: meat the remove T


: 1. out lrfl front. out llfl front out of nd 2. lift front, 1. from out 2. Lift lront of 3. Lift out out. 4. 1. on In from of 2. Frt on of 3. of front. lift front. 1. from out 2. Lift front of 3. Lift out out. 1. Fit of on of front 2. front) on of If turn to or to 3. of front. 9 lower then place, into Insert glass back Slide lower. counter-clockwise raise, clockwise base adjustment, needs support NOTE: cover. crisper the underside the groove the into the to


I I a or to if 1. from 2. to fmd 3. 4. a 5. WIII IIt to of Meta! 1. door. 2. out. 3. not 1. 2. to 3. door. for defrost on 14. door on doors to Instruc- If not a 1. 2. 10 slightly. Twist ends. both at tray Hold ice: remove To get. they smaller the stored, are cubes longer The evaporation. slow starts air cold moving The shrink. may they used, are cubes trays cube Ice refngerator. your with included sheet tions the Refer way. other the open the so refngerato


It or a WIII l a to Down...for off not turn on rt to for to to of It. l or on of of l to l It for to a l WIII Into l not to l of frrst or off frrst of l If not turn a Wart a turn l II to off When rri l If too l for It not to a from a to If a if 11 properly. operatrng and maintained well be softener water the that Important IS then avoided. be cannot supply water softened Ice. quality poor lead and mold maker Ice the damage can softener lronrng mallunc-


drdn’t. to l door for a to of a of l floor, l door door. of out food to to for door food hum, soft l fill fan motor l It a of to to or to If firm a It a defrost l on OFF will defrost forms on . not to a When a for a or defrost defrost l l thud of If (from of Into a motor. It run It to run of 12 time. the most seem even may designs. older than longer will and compressor hrgh-effrcrency has refrigerator Your sounds: Running bin. the dumped Ice clatter


turn dontrol, to OFF. out a month to odors from to on 13 14. HOW l or l Wash. 9 l 0 Warm l Wash of not l or or l l l a l Warm a soft 9 (or rust not l soft or l Wash of or to (2 (26 to l or 1 I.95 L] of l Warm l l soft or l Wash. l l l Warm or on l Soft, or l Wash. soft, l l l Warm or fluids. or on 3. on page next continued page Instructions” Safety “Important See material. damage scratch can These flammable cleansers scouring water sprays, window towel


: ;. 10.) . defrost lift l if l Warm l Wash defrost l l to l defrost l l l l l Floor l Floor l out far 0 floor. l l to if l or l out from l l Wash defrost not to on of motor) 0 Warm l l l to if l l out from l month. l l to if Floor l Floor l out far l floor. l l to if 14 level. is refrigerator the see Check place. into back refrigerator Roll Clean allows. line supply refrigerator water as as only refrigerator Roll cleaners under level. is refrigerator the


to or food. food t( to In or foil. or foil. Food or proof food odor For for of food for food For further trim or off food for Wash or a or In or rn of or not or or out. Fruit rn food odor Wash, In of or not or food. rn a or In a on a foil, fror- a film) or In for It proof. rf for not l for fresh l l 1 to2 l Ground 1 to2 l 3 to 5 l 7to10 of food 5 to 7 odor of food. 3 to 5 1 *If to not to follow for of food. no food 24 hours. fish 2 to 3 o


Food food to of food, of or proof), fish 2 to 3 0°F 3 6 6 to 9 Fruits 12 Fruit 12 fruit 12 fruit 4 to 6 3 8 to 12 8 6 to 8 8 12 of 2 4 or 4 or Whole 12 Whites 12 1 month 12 Ground 2 to 3 or to or 6 to 12 3 . .._...._.._ 3 4 to 8 1 month fresh 1 to 2 2 to 3 unfrosted 2 4 8 to 12 frosted 1 .8 to 12 3 to 4 Fruit I 2 3 flounder, 6 8 to 12 fish, 2 to 3 1 to 2 2 to 3 4 to 6 fish 3 on fish, 3 to 4 10 12 or or 12 6 2 to 3 6 (no 1 month 16 grav


If will to if 1. If 24 hours or for four doors WIII If food 2. If to 1. off 24 hours: 2. off to food a 3. food food rf for a month or 2 (0.9 of for If tt. of turn off food for 2 to 4 a When of from turn (c) If food nor or or to of food far 3. A full a for to In. odor from A full of a full of If food If of food or if of It. not to on, or doors our 18.) on 5. If a of of lrft to turn food. food out shift doors cord to When to to 4. to if maker.


We Motor on of door of food of room, of 1. for often from I1 find a of a food com- of If not 2. If l cord a 4.) Whlrlpool from l or l-500-253-1301 l of our If a or or from or, if a l on of or If l on Mr. from of for or Whirlpool defrost 2000 M-63 If not 49022 l a Wilh a l 3. If l on? Whirlpool a of com- If defrost Whirlpool l 3 full. fulfill If not Whirlpool our l or 2) or l cord a 4.) L . If a out: l for on 10. If motor to run too l of l


4. If a of Whirlpool for for of a for Whirlpool 111 to Whirlpool 3 or Whirlpool 2. 5. If not l a of of l or Whirlpool 20 IL 60606 l turn inform of ‘When of a of to request. your respond befter lo order in needed is information This problem. the description complete and purchase, date number, serial number, model provide: please assistance, requesting action. your us in will MACAP Chicago, Drive Wacker Norlh Panel Action Consumer Appliance Major problem. your reso


OF 1 WILL to or From of for or From of to From of or 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Whirlpools” WILL to 1. of 2. 3. or or 4. rn to In to fire. flood, of or of no! Whrrlpool. F. food or to do not of or or not to from to a drfferent For Whrrlpool or If frrst of found our l-800-255.1301. from rn of Whrrlpool 2148174 C 1991 Whirlpool U S-A. in Printed Corporatron c, Rev. No. Pan Corporation Mark Service TrademarkSM Trademark/TM Registered rS U.S. the anywhere number, teleph

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