Whirlpool Roper RT20DKXDN00の取扱説明書

デバイスWhirlpool Roper RT20DKXDN00の取扱説明書

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Whirlpool Roper RT20DKXDN00の取扱説明書
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Table Of Contents . . . . . . . . . . 2
A Note To You . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Refrigerator Safety . . . . . . . . 3
Parts And Features . . . . . . . . 4
Before Using
. . . . . . . . . . . 6
Your Refrigerator
Using Your
Refrigerator . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Caring For
Your Refrigerator . . . . . . . . . 18
Food Storage Guide . ...22
Troubleshooting . . . . . . . . . . 24
Or Service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Table Of Contents A Note To You ............................................. .2 Adjusting the freezer shelf.. ..................... .14 Refrigerator Safety ...................................... 3 Using the ice cube trays .......................... .14 Parts And Features ............... . ..................... .4 Using the automatic ice maker.. .............. .I5 Before Uslng Your Refrigerator ................. .6 Removing the base grille.. ....................... .16 Cleaning your refrig


- r Refrigerator Safety Your safety is important to us. This guide contains statements under warning symbols. Please pay special attention to these symbols and follow any instructions given. Here is a brief explana- tion of the use of the symbol. IMPOWANT SAFEl-Y INSTRUCTIONS To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, or Injury when uslng your refrigerator, follow these basic precautions: l Read all instructions before using the l Never allow children to operate, play with, refri


Parts And Features Below are illustrations of your appliance with the parts and features called out. To help you find information on specifE parts or features faster, page references are included. NOTE: The model you purchased may have ail or some of the parts and features shown and they may not match the illustrations exactly. This manual covers several models. Control panel (all models) tm- -t &?4SllMTCN -Zk 4-- 4 E l- -8 -Y--B I Refrigerator control Freezer control STYLE 1 11


- -- .-- , - STYLE 2 Ice cube Adiustable IV . I Snap on door trim b @. 10) Utility I -compartment Base grille @- 16) STYLE 3 Freezer l!---$yi$; . Ice cube trays @- 14) 1111 Snap on Easy-clean door trim p @- 10) Control Dane1 I I Ii. . I II Utllity compartment label (on side Ill wall) I Meat drawer @- 12) Slideout wire shelves. II Drop In door trim Crisper v @. 10) I T I Crispers - Base grille @- 16) 5


Before Using Your Refrigerator It is important to prepare yourrefrigerator for use. This section tells you how to clean it, connect it to a power source, install it and level it. Cleaning your refrigerator Removing packaging materials NOTE: Do not remove any permanent instruction labels inside your refrigerator. Do Remove tape and any inside labels (except not remove the Tech Sheet fastened under the model and serial number label) before the refrigerator at the front. using the refrig


- Installing it properly 1. Allow ‘15 inch (1.25 cm) space on each side and at the top of the refrigerator for ease of installation. 2. If the hinge side of the refrigerator is to be against a wall, you might want to leave extra space so the door can be opened wider. 3. The refrigerator can be flush against the back wall. Leveling it Right to Your refrigerator has 2 front leveling screws-one on the right and one on the left. To adjust one or both of these, follow the Use a screw-


Using Your Refrigerator To obtain the best possible results from your refrigerator, it is important that you operate it property. This section tells you how to set the controls, remove and adjust some of the features in your refrigerator, and how to save energy. Setting the controls Controls for the refrigerator and freezer are in the refrigerator. When you plug in the refrigerator for the first time: 1. Set the Refrigerator Control to 3 (Recommended Setting). Refrigerator Control sett


- Changing the control settings If you need to adjust temperatures in the l Adjust the Refrigerator Control first. refrigerator or freezer, use the settings listed l Wait at least 24 hours between in the chart below as a guide: If you have adjustments. questions, call us at l-800-447-6737. l Then adjust the Freezer Control if needed. RECOMMENDED CONTROL SElTlNGS: CONDITION: REASON: Refrigerator Freezer Refrigerator l Door opened often section l Large amount of food added too warm


Removing the drop in door trim pieces To remove the trim piece: 1. Remove all items from the ehelf. 2. Pull straight up on the trim piece at each end. To replace the trim piece: 1. Locate each end of the trim piece above the trim pocket opening. 2. Push the trim piece straight down until it stops. 3. Replace items on the shelf. Removing the snap on door trim To remove the trim piece: 1. Remove all items from the shelf. 2. Pull out on the inside tab at each end of the trim piece.


Adjusting the refrigerator shelves Adjust the shelves to match the way you use NOTE: Glass shelves are strong enough to your refrigerator. hold bottles, milk and other heavy food items. Slide out wire shelves To remove the shelves: 1. Remove all items from the shelf. 2. Slide shelf straight out to the stop. 3. Lii the front slightly. 4. Slide shelf out the rest of the way. To replace the shelves: 1. Pit back of shelf on top of guide with wire stops on the bottom of the guide. 2. L


Removing the meat drawer and cover Remove the meat drawer and cover for easier cleaning. Style 3 To remove the meat drawer: 1. Slide meat drawer out to the stop. 2. Lift the front of the meat drawer. 3. Slide meat drawer out the rest of the way. 4. Replace in reverse order. To remove the cover: 1. Remove meat drawer. 2. Push cover back to release the rear of the cover from the shelf. 3. Tilt cover up at the front. 4. Pull cover forward and out. Remove meat drawer before cover. To


Removing the crispers and crisper cover To remove the crispers: I rm 1. Slide crisper straight out to the stop. Pull out to bQ IIlk 2. Lii the front. the stop, lift the 3. Slide out the rest of the way. front and 4. Replace in reverse order. pull again. To remove the cover: I, Push up the cover insert from the bottom, then slide out with both hands. 2. Lii front of cover frame. 3. Lii wver frame up and out. Remove the To replace the cover: cover Insert. 1. Pit back of wver fr


Adjusting the freezer shelf (on some models) Adjust the freezer shelf to match the way you use your freezer. To remove the shelf: 1. Lii entire shetf slightly. 2. Move shelf all the way to one side. 3. Titt other side up and out of shelf support cups. 4. Pull shetf up and out. To replace the shelf: 1. Titt the shelf and insert into freezer compartment. 2. Insert one end of the shelf all the way into the center of the shelf support cups. 3. Lower other end of shelf and insert into t


_ . - Using the automatic ice maker (optional accessory on some models) If your refrigerator has an automatic ice maker, or if you plan to add one later, here are a few things you will want to know. UP to l The ON/OFF lever is a wire signal arm. stop ke maker DOWN to make ice automatically UP to shut off ice maker IMPORTANT: Do not turn the ice maker DOWN to ON until it is connected to a water supply. start ke Instructions for water supply hookup maker are attached to the back


Removing the base grille Defrost To remove the base grille: Condenser coils pan _. 1. Open the refrigerator door. 2. Grasp the grille with both hands. 3. Push down on the top edge of the grille to release the top clips. 4. Roll the grille toward you to release the top clips. 5. Pull grille away from the refrigerator. NOTE: Do not remove the Tech Sheet fastened behind the grille. To replace the base grille: 1. Line up the edges of the grille with the outside edges of the cabinet.


Understanding the sounds you may hear Your new refrigerator may make sounds that Water sounds your old one didn’t. Because the sounds are When the refrigerator stops running, you new to you, you might be concerned about may hear gurgling in the tubing for a few them. Don’t be. Most of the new sounds are minutes after if stops. You may also hear nomA. Hard surfaces like the floor, walls defrost water running into the defrost water and cabinets can make the sounds seem pan. louder. T


Caring For Your Refrigerator Your refrigerator is built to give you many years of dependable service. However, there are a few things you can do to help extend its product life. This section tells you how to clean your refrigerator and what to do when going on vacation, moving or during a power outage. Cleaning your refrigerator Both the refrigerator and freezer sections defrost automatically. However, Personal Injury Hazard clean both about once a t . Refrigeration system tubes are n


1 WHAT TO USE HOW TO CLEAN PART l Wash, rinse and dry thoroughly. Door liners Sponge, soft cloth and gaskets or paper towel with DO NOT USE cleaning waxes, concen- mild detergent and trated detergents, bleaches or cleaners warm water contalnlng petroleum on plastic parts. Plastic parts Soft, clean sponge l Wash, rinse and dry thoroughly. (covers and or soft, clean cloth DO NOT USE paper towels, window panels) with mild detergent sprays, scouring cleansers or flammable and warm wa


Vacation and moving care Short vacations Moving No need to shut off the refrigerator if you will When you are moving the refrigerator to a be away for less than four weeks. new home: 1. Use up any perishables. 1. If your refrigerator has an automatic ice maker: 2. Freeze other items. l Turn off the water supply to the ice 3. If your refrigerator has an automatic maker at least one day ahead of time. ice maker: l Disconnect the water line. l Raise signal arm to OFF (up) position.

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