Gaggia TITANIUM Espresso Machineの取扱説明書

デバイスGaggia TITANIUM Espresso Machineの取扱説明書

デバイス: Gaggia TITANIUM Espresso Machine
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私たちの目的は、皆様方にデバイスGaggia TITANIUM Espresso Machineの取扱説明書に含まれたコンテンツを可能な限り早く提供することです。オンラインプレビューを使用すると、Gaggia TITANIUM Espresso Machineに関してあなたが抱えている問題に対する解決策の内容が素早く表示されます。


説明書Gaggia TITANIUM Espresso Machineをこちらのサイトで閲覧するのに不都合がある場合は、2つの解決策があります:

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Gaggia TITANIUM Espresso Machineの取扱説明書
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Ci congratuliamo per la vostra scelta! Grazie a questa macchina potrete gustare un delizioso caffè o cappuccino nel comfort della vostra casa. Congratulations on your choice! As the proud owner of the machine, you can now experience the taste of a delicious cup of espresso or cappuccino in the comfort of your own home. Wir gratulieren Ihnen zu Ihrer Wahl! Dank dieser Maschine können Sie jetzt bequem zu Hause einen köstlichen Espresso oder Cap- puccino trinken. Félicitations pour votre choix. Grâ


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ENGLISH IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS CAUTION When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions This appliance is for household use. Any servicing, other should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric than cleaning and user maintenance, should be performed shock, and/or injury to persons, including the following: by an authorized service centre. Do not immerse base in water. To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not 1 Read all instructions and information in this inst


ENGLISH 1 GENERALITIES 2 TECHNICAL PARTICULARS This coffee maker is designed to make espresso coffee using both coffee beans and ground coffee; it is also equipped with a device for supplying • Nominal Voltage steam and hot water. See nameplate found on the appliance. This elegantly designed appliance has been designed for household • Rated Output use and is not suitable for continuous, professional-type use. See nameplate found on the appliance. • Material of Body Caution: The manufacturer cann


ENGLISH 250 100 100 100 100 sizes in millimeter • 26 •


ENGLISH Space necessary to installation, usage, and maintenance. 3 SAFETY STANDARDS (Fig.D) - Place the machine on a flat, even surface. - The machine must be positioned in a safe place where it cannot be knocked over or cause injury. Never let live parts come into contact with water: short-circuit hazard! The superheated steam and hot water can cause scalding! - Choose a position that is well-lit, hygienic and where a wall socket Never direct the steam or the hot water jet towards body parts! i


ENGLISH DESCRIPTION OF PARTS 4 INSTALLING THE COFFEE MAKER See Fig.01 For your own safety and the safety of others, follow the “Safety 1 Coffee bean container Rules” (see chapter 3). 2 Coffee bean container cover 4.1 Packaging (aroma preserver) 3 Grinding control knob The original packaging was designed and made to protect the appliance 4 Dose control knob during shipment. We recommend you keep it for future needs. 5 Ground coffee doser cover 6 Cup Heater 4.2 Preliminaries 7 ON-OFF switch 8 Wate


ENGLISH on just press the button (Fig.08); the machine will begin to heat up The quality and the taste of your coffee depend both on the blend used and the display will show: and the grind. The appliance comes with a grind-adjusting knob (Fig.10). To use this RINSING feature, turn the graduated knob when the coffee grinder is working; WARMING UP ... the numbers displayed on the knob indicate the grind setting. The manufacturer sets the knob to an average grinding coarseness in When the machine r


ENGLISH the display will indicate (for example) • To dispense coffee, press the coffee dispenser button (22, 23 or 24); the display will show (for example) 1 SMALL COFFEE 1 SMALL COFFEE PREGROUND COFFEE Dispense 1 coffee, place a single cup beneath the coffee spouts and press the button (22, 23 or 24) only once; to dispense 2 coffees, place two cups beneath the coffee spouts and press the button (22, • The dispensing cycle will start. 23 or 24) twice; the display will show: • After undergoing a


ENGLISH displayed in turn: when you use the cappuccinatore. SELECT PRODUCT HOT WATER 10 OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES READY FOR USE READY FOR USE 10.1 Cappuccinatore • Place a cup and/or receptacle beneath the hot water/steam pipe The cappuccinatore is a device that automatically froths (Fig.15). milk, making it extremely easy to prepare classic Italian- • Turn the knob anticlockwise as shown in Fig.15. style cappuccino. • Dispense the desired quantity of hot water; to stop the flow of hot water turn t


ENGLISH While hot water is being dispensed, the silicone tube inside the When preparing cappuccino, use cold milk to ensure cappuccinatore must be inserted into the grating of the drip tray. the best results. Make sure the silicone tube cannot slip out while the machine is in use. • When you have finished using the cappuccinatore and steam, clean the cappuccinatore to remove residual milk. Note: Insert the tube into the grating, so that to avoid • Place a container filled with fresh drinking wat


ENGLISH the dishwasher. should be carried out every 3-4 months, either when you notice a reduced • Do not use abrasives or aggressive chemicals (solvents) for water flow or the following message is displayed: cleaning. DESCALING • Do not dry the machine and/or any of its parts using a microwave READY FOR USE and/or conventional oven. • We recommend that you clean the water tank and change the water If you wish to carry this out at home, you can use a daily. commercially available descaling produ


ENGLISH by pressing “MENU/OK” (28) when the machine is in a standby RINSE MACHINE status. OPEN KNOB To select the desired function, press the “∧∧∧∧∧” button to move up one 10 Turn the steam knob (16) anticlockwise to empty out the contents ∨∨ line or the “∨∨∨” button to move down on the display. of the water tank MACHINE IS RINSING To exit the programming mode press “ESC” 13.2 Choosing individual functions 11 When the machine rinse cycle is completed the display will show: Select the desired f


ENGLISH Briefly dip (1 second) the test strip provided in water and “∨∨∨” to select the function: ∨∨ shake it gently. After one minute you can read the test results RINSING on the strip. and enable it by pressing “MENU/OK”. The following message • After accessing the programming mode press “∧∧∧∧∧” or “∨∨∨∨∨” to select will appear: the function: RINSING WATER HARDNESS ON Now press “∧∧∧∧∧” or “∨∨∨∨∨”to select and enable it by pressing “MENU/OK”. • The display will show: RINSING RINSING OFF ON


ENGLISH ∧∧ ∨∨ ∧∧ ∨∨ • After accessing the programming mode press “∧∧∧” or “∨∨∨” to select • After accessing the programming mode, press “∧∧∧” or “∨∨∨” to select the function: the function: TEMPERATURE PREGRINDING then enable it by pressing “MENU/OK”. enable it by pressing “MENU/OK”. The display will show, for example: • The display will show: TEMPERATURE MEDIUM PREGRINDING OFF • Press “∧∧∧∧∧” or “∨∨∨∨∨” to select the desired temperature and memorise it by pressing “MENU/OK”. Press “∧∧∧∧∧” or “∨∨


ENGLISH function and activate it by pressing “MENU/OK”. Displaying the time The display will show: • press “∧∧∧∧∧” or “∨∨∨∨∨” to select the function STANDBY SHOW CLOCK TIME AFTER: 3:00 • Press “∧∧∧∧∧” or “∨∨∨∨∨”to select the desired setting and press and enable it by pressing “MENU/OK”. “MENU/OK” to store it. • press “∧∧∧∧∧” or “∨∨∨∨∨” to activate or deactivate the function Note: if ON/OFF times have been activated through the “CLOCK” function, this function will be ignored. SHOW CLOCK T


ENGLISH • To start the wash cycle, press “∧∧∧∧∧” or “∨∨∨∨∨” to select the function: ON/OFF TIME OFF 9:30 RINSING CYCLE then press “∧∧∧∧∧” or “∨∨∨∨∨” to set the minutes and memorise the setting to enable the function press “MENU/OK”. Press “MENU/OK” by pressing “MENU/OK”. again to start the wash cycle. • When the wash cycle is completed, the following message will Warning: if the on/off time settings coincide, the appear. machine will ignore both. After the times have been set, the clock m

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