HP (Hewlett-Packard) HP PHOTOSMART 2600の取扱説明書

デバイスHP (Hewlett-Packard) HP PHOTOSMART 2600の取扱説明書

デバイス: HP (Hewlett-Packard) HP PHOTOSMART 2600
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HP (Hewlett-Packard) HP PHOTOSMART 2600の取扱説明書
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Start Here

USB cable users: Do not connect the USB cable until this guide instructs
you to or the software may not install properly.
HP All-in-One

Use this guide to set up the hardware and connect the HP All-in-One to either your computer or a working network. If
you have problems during setup, see T roubleshooting later in the guide.

Remove all tape

Lift the access door and remove tape on the left side of the

Locate components
1 5
1 Windows CD 1 Windows CD


4 Attach the control panel faceplate (if not attached) Verify the control panel faceplate is attached a Position the control panel faceplate above the device. b Press down fi rmly on all edges of the overlay to secure it. HP All-in-One The control panel faceplate must be attached for the HP All-in-One to work! 5 Lift color graphics display For best viewing, remove the protective fi lm from the display. 2  HP All-in-One


6 Load plain white paper ab cd 7 Connect the power cord USB USB USB cable users: Do not connect the USB cable until instructed later in this guide. HP All-in-One  3


8 Press the On button / On a b a After you press the On button, the green light fl ashes, and then becomes solid. This may take up to a minute. b Wait for the print cartridge prompt before continuing. 9 Open the access door Lift the access door until it stops. The print carriage moves to the right. 10 Remove tape from both cartridges Pull the pink tab to remove the tape from both pr int cartridges. Do not touch the copper-colored contacts or retape the cartridges.


11 Insert the tri-color print cartridge a b c The device must be On before you can insert the print cartridges. When the device is on, the print carriage is on the right side. a Hold the tr i-color print cartridge with the HP label facing up. b Place the tri-color print cartridge in front of the le ft slot mar ked with the green label. c Push the cartridge fi rmly into the slot until it snaps into place. HP All-in-One  5


12 Insert the black print cartridge a HP b c d a Hold the blac k print cartridge with the HP label facing up. b Place the black print cartridge in front of the right slot marked with the black and orange label. c Push the cartridge fi rmly into the slot until it snaps into place. d Close the access door. 6  HP All-in-One


13 Align the print cartridges a b a Press OK at each of the prompts on the control panel to start print cartridge alignment. The alignment may take a few minutes. b After the page prints, alignment is complete. Check the color graphics display for the status, and then press OK . If it fails, try again with plain white paper. See the User Guide for more information. Recycle or discard the alignment page. 14 Turn on your computer a b a Turn on your computer, login


A B 15 Choose ONE connection type (A or B) A USB A: USB Connection - Do not connect yet USB Use this connection type if you want to connect the device directly to one computer. (Do not connect until the software instructs you to.) Equipment needed: USB cable. For a USB connection, go to Section A (page 9) for instructions. B B: Ethernet (Wired) Network Use this connection type if you want an Ethernet cable connection between the device and your network. Equipment needed: hub


A USB Section A: USB Connection CD A1 Choose the correct CD Windows Windows Users: Macintosh If the startup screen a HP All-in-One Macintosh CD does not appear, b CD-ROM double-click setup.exe My Computer , double- click the CD-ROM icon, and then double-click Macintosh Users: setup.exe. a Locate the HP All-in-One M acintosh CD. b Continue to the next page. a HP All-in-One Windows CD b c a Insert the HP All-in-One Windows CD. b Follow the onsc


USB A2 Connect the USB cable Macintosh a USB USB Macintosh Users: a Connect the USB cable from your computer to the USB port on the back of the device. Windows a USB USB HP All-in-One USB b b HP All-in-One Installer c Setup Assistant Windows Users: a Follow the onscreen instructions until you see the prompt to connect the USB cable. (This may take several minutes.) b Double-click the HP All-in -One Installer icon. Once the prompt appears, connect the


B Section B: Ethernet (wired) network B1 Connect the Ethernet cable a b c USB a Remove the yellow plug from the back of the device. b Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the back of the device. c Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to the hub/router/switch. If the cable is not long enough, you can purchase a longer cable. Important: Do not connect the Ethernet cable to a cable modem. You must have a working network. If you already co


B2 Continued CD-ROM setup.exe If the startup screen does not appear, double-click My Computer , double-click the CD-ROM icon, and then double-click setup .exe. Macintosh b HP All-in-One Installer c Setup Assistant b c Macintosh Users: d unblock b Double-click the accept HP All-in-One Installer icon. c Make sure you complete all screens, including the Setup Assistant. Continue to the next page. Windows Users: b Follow the onscreen instructions to inst


B3 Install software on additional computers HP All-in-One HP All-in-One CD HP All-in-One If you have additional computers on your network, install the HP All-in-One software on each computer. Choose the correct HP All-in-One CD for each installation. Follow the onscreen instructions. Make sure that you choose the connection type between the network and your HP All-in-One (not between your computer and the network). B4 Go to the last page to make a test copy Troubleshooting


Troubleshooting USB HP All-in-One Windows CD A Problem: You did not see the screen prompting you to connect the USB cable. Action: Remove, and then re-insert the HP All-in-One Windows CD . Refer to Section A. Microsoft USB HP All-in-One Windows CD A Problem: The Microsoft Add Hardware screen appears. Ac tion: Click Cancel . Unplug the USB cable, and then insert the HP All-in-One Windows CD. Refer to Section A. HP All-in-One USB USB A Pr oblem: T


HP All-in-One a a 4 x 6 10x15 cm b b 4x6 10x15 cm c c d d HP All-in-One www.hp.com/support 50% 10% © Copyright 2005 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. Printed in []. Printed in [].


*Q7211-90283* Print a test copy *Q7211-90283* Q7211-90283 Now that you have fi nished setup, it is time to use your HP All-in-One. Make a copy of a favorite photo. a a Remove the plain white paper and load the 4 x 6 in (10x15 cm) photo paper. Place the paper glossy side down. Move the paper adjusters next to the stack of paper. b b Find a 4x6 in (10x15 cm) photo. c c Place the photo (face down) on the right front corner of the glass. Make sure the long edge of the photo is along the

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