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Device: Lexmark T64X
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Date of adding : 2014-06-10 12:40:45
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Lexmark T64X user manual
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multipurpose feeder.
Clearing jams
Lexmark™ T64x
Clearing Jams Understanding jam messages
Message What to do*
200 and 201 Open the top front cover, remove
Paper jams the print cartridge, and remove the
Avoiding jams
The following hints can help you avoid jams:
202 Paper Jam Open the rear door on the printer,
Open Rear and remove the jam.
Use only recommended print media.
2 Push the release latch, and open the top front
Do not overload the print media sou

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

5 Pull the print media up and toward you. 202 Paper Jam Open Rear Door 23x Paper Jam Open Duplex Rear Door 1 If the paper is exiting the printer, pull the media straight out, and press . Otherwise, continue 1 Open the duplex rear door. with step 2. 2 Open the printer rear door. 6 Align and reinstall the print cartridge. 2 Remove the jammed media. CAUTION: The inside of the printer may be hot. Remove the jammed media. 3 Close the rear door. 4Press . 7 Close the top front cover. 8 Close the mu

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

the tray, remove the jam, and make sure the 1 Lift the envelope weight. 23x and 24x jams stack of print media is neat and aligned. 2 Remove all envelopes. Paper jams in these areas can occur on the incline 5Press . surface of a tray or across more than one tray. To clear these areas: 250 Paper Jam Check MP Feeder 1 Open the printer paper tray, and remove any 1 Remove the paper from the multipurpose jammed media. feeder. 1 2 Flex, fan, and restack the media, and place it into the multipurpos

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

6 Lower the envelope weight. 1 If the paper is exiting into the bin or finisher, pull 1 Push the finisher rear door latches in toward the the media straight out, and press . center. The rear door will open and drop down. Otherwise, continue with step 2. 2 Push the output bin rear door latches in toward the center. The rear doors will open and drop down. 1 2 7Press . 270 and 280 Paper jams 2 Remove the jammed media. Paper jams in this group have been divided into 27x and 28x groups. If you ha

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

5 Remove the stack of print media. 2 Remove the print media. 5 Use the metal tab to lift the staple guard, and then pull out the sheet of staples. Discard the entire sheet. 6 Remove any loose staples from the staple guard. 7 Look through the clear covering on the bottom of the cartridge holder to make sure no staples are jammed in the entry throat. 8 Press down on the staple guard until it snaps securely into place. 6 Close the finisher output bin cover. 7Press . 3 Press the latch to open t

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