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User manual for the device Panasonic KX-MB2061

Device: Panasonic KX-MB2061
Size: 4,45 MB
Date of adding : 2014-05-30 12:41:44
Number of pages: 160
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Panasonic KX-MB2061 user manual
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Abstracts of contents
Summary of the content on the page No. 1

Operating Instructions
Multi-Function Printer
Model No. KX-MB2060
The pictured model is KX-MB2061.
Do NOT connect the unit to a computer with the USB cable until prompted to do so during the setup
of Multi-Function Station (CD-ROM).
For hearing or speech impaired TTY users, TTY: 1-877-833-8855
L To use cordless handset features with KX-MB2060, please purchase an additional digital cordless
handset (page 8).
R This unit is compatible with Caller ID. Subscription to the a

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

Thank you for purchasing a Panasonic product. You can select a desired language. R Base unit: The voice guidance, display and reports will be in the selected language. The default setting is English. If you want to change the setting, see feature #110 on page 78 and feature #112 on page 88. R Cordless handset (KX-MB2060 optional): The display will be in the selected language. The default setting is English. If you want to change the setting, see feature #110 on page 103. Caution: R Do not rub or

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

Important Information drum cartridge contains a photosensitive drum. Exposing it to light may damage the drum. Once you For your safety have opened the protective bag: Laser radiation – Do not expose the drum cartridge to light for more R The printer of this unit utilizes a laser. Use of controls than 5 minutes. or adjustments or performance of procedures other – Do not touch or scratch the black drum surface. than those specified herein may result in hazardous – Do not place the drum cartridge

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

Important Information Cordless handset communication (KX-MB2060 optional) Illegal copies R The base unit and other compatible Panasonic units R It is unlawful to make copies of certain use radio waves to communicate with each other. documents. For maximum coverage and noise-free Copying certain documents may be illegal in your communications, place your base unit: country. Penalties of fines and/or imprisonment may – at a convenient, high, and central location with no be imposed on those found g

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

Table of Contents 4.2 Scanning from a computer (Pull 1. Introduction and Installation Scan) ...........................................................40 Accessories 1.1 Supplied accessories ....................................7 5. Copier 1.2 Accessory information ...................................7 Copy Finding the Controls 5.1 Making a copy .............................................42 1.3 Button descriptions of the base unit ..............8 5.2 More copying features .......................

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

Table of Contents 15.2 Document jams (Automatic document 10.Answering Machine feeder) .......................................................131 Recording 10.1 Recording your greeting message ..............69 16.Cleaning 10.2 Leaving a voice message for others or yourself Cleaning (Memo recording) ........................................69 16.1 Cleaning the white plates and glass ..........133 10.3 Recording a telephone conversation ...........69 16.2 Cleaning the document feeder Listening rolle

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

1. Introduction and Installation *3 K Handset cradle L Cordless handset *2 1.1 Supplied accessories (PNYE1018Z) 1. . Introduction and Installation A Toner cartridge B Drum cartridge *1 *2 (starter) (KX-FAD462) M Rechargeable N AC adaptor *2*3 batteries (PQLV219Y) (HHR-4DPA (HHR-55AAABU or C CD-ROM D Important *2 N4DHYYY00004)) *2 information guide (PNJKMB2060Z) *3 (English– *2 PNQW2407Z) (Spanish– *2 PNQW2408Z) O Charger P Belt clip *2*3 *2*3 (PNLC1010ZB) (PNKE1054Z1) E Quick installation F Out

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

1. Introduction and Installation R Model No. (Part No.): HHR-4DPA R 2 rechargeable nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH) 1.3 Button descriptions of the batteries, AAA (R03) size base unit R Replacement batteries may have a different capacity from that of the supplied batteries. AC B DEFGHIJKL M n Optional accessory – Additional digital cordless handset R Model No. (Part No.): KX-TGA651 – Headset R Model No. (Part No.): KX-TCA60, KX-TCA93, KX-TCA94, KX-TCA400, KX-TCA430 Note: R ISO/IEC 19752 standard is a

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

1. Introduction and Installation MCaller ID N MStart N R To use Caller ID features (page 54). R To copy a document (page 42). MErase N R To scan a document (push scan) (page 37). R To erase messages (page 69, 70). R To send a fax (page 57). MRecord N R To record a greeting message, conversation or 1.4 Button descriptions of the memo message (page 69). cordless handset (KX-MB2060 MStop N R To stop an operation or programming session. optional) R To erase a character/number. MAuto Answer N A E R T

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

1. Introduction and Installation 1.5 Display descriptions of the 1.6 Overview cordless handset (KX-MB2060 1.6.1 Base unit front view optional) Display items AB C DE Display Meaning item Within base unit range Out of base unit range The line is in use. R When flashing: The call is put on hold. R When flashing rapidly: An incoming call is now being received. Eco mode is ON. (page 23) Speakerphone is ON. (page 49) Ringer volume is OFF. (page 27) F GI H J Silent mode is ON. (page 51) Alarm is ON. (

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

1. Introduction and Installation 1.6.2 Base unit rear view 1.6.3 Cordless handset (KX-MB2060 optional) A B A C E B C D D E F G Recording paper guides F LED G LAN interface connector Charge indicator R 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ringer indicator Power inlet Message indicator Manual input tray (Rear cover) Nonslip pad Telephone line jack Speaker USB interface connector Headset jack Receiver Microphone Charge contacts For assistance, please visit 11

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

1. Introduction and Installation 3 Place the toner cartridge ( C) into the drum cartridge 1.7 Toner cartridge and drum ( D) vertically. cartridge C The supplied toner cartridge is a starter toner cartridge. Caution: R Read the following instructions before you begin installation. After you have read them, open the drum cartridge protective bag. The drum cartridge contains a photosensitive drum. Exposing it to light may damage the drum. Once you have opened the protective bag: – Do not expose the

Summary of the content on the page No. 13

1. Introduction and Installation 6 Open the top cover ( H) by holding the indentations 7 Install the drum and toner cartridge ( L) by holding ( I) on both sides of the base unit. the tabs. J H I L I Note: R Make sure that the arrows ( M) match, to install the drum and toner cartridge correctly. R Do not touch the transfer roller ( J). R If the lower glass ( K) is dirty, clean it with a soft and dry cloth. K M For assistance, please visit 13

Summary of the content on the page No. 14

1. Introduction and Installation poor or “REPLACE DRUM” appears on the display, 8 Close the top cover by holding the indentations on replace the toner cartridge and drum cartridge. both sides of the base unit, until locked. R To ensure that the unit operates properly, we recommend the use of Panasonic toner and drum cartridges. See page 7 for accessory information. R To maintain print quality and machine life, we recommend you to clean slots and openings (page 3) and the inside of the base unit

Summary of the content on the page No. 15

1. Introduction and Installation If the top part of the extender is detached 1.8 Output tray 1. With the top part of the extender in the open position, Insert the output tray ( A) until it clicks into place, and insert the tab ( A) into the left hole ( B) of the then press the center part ( B) of the extender to open it. extender. A B A 2. Slide the other tab ( C) into the right hole ( D) of the extender from below until it clicks into place. B D C Note: R Do not place the base unit in an area w

Summary of the content on the page No. 16

1. Introduction and Installation room at all times. If you print using moist paper, it may cause paper jam. 1.9 Recording paper The paper input tray unit can hold: 1 Pull the paper input tray ( A) until it clicks into place, 2 2 – Up to 250 sheets of 64 g/m to 75 g/m (17 lb to then pull it completely out, lifting the front part of the 20 lb) paper. tray. 2 – Up to 230 sheets of 80 g/m (21 lb) paper. 2 – Up to 200 sheets of 90 g/m (24 lb) paper. R A4, letter, B5 and 16K-size paper can be used. B5

Summary of the content on the page No. 17

1. Introduction and Installation 3 Load the paper, print-side up ( B). 5 Insert the paper input tray into the base unit, lifting the front part of the tray. Then push it completely into Important: the base unit. R Push down to lock the plate ( C) in the paper input tray, if necessary. B C Note: R If the paper is not loaded correctly, re-adjust the paper guides, or the paper may jam. 4 Adjust the recording paper guides. Pinch the front R If the paper input tray does not close, the plate in the si

Summary of the content on the page No. 18

1. Introduction and Installation 1.9.1 Manual input tray 1.10 Handset unit You can use the manual input tray for printing with the Important: computer and for copying. It can hold one page at a time. R Before installing or removing the handset unit, be When printing or copying multiple pages, add the next sure to turn the power switch OFF. page after the first page has been fed into the base unit. R Please refer to page 138 for information on recording 1 Connect the handset cord ( A). paper. R T

Summary of the content on the page No. 19

1. Introduction and Installation 3 Insert the tab ( C) and rib ( D). To remove the handset unit 1. Pull the handset unit slightly forward ( A), then lift it in the direction of the arrow ( B) to remove the rib. B A C 2. Remove the tab ( C), then disconnect the handset connector ( D). D D C 1.11 Battery installation / replacement (KX-MB2060 optional) Caution: Important: R When moving the base unit, be sure to hold by R USE ONLY Ni-MH batteries AAA (R03) size. the grip. Do not hold by the handset

Summary of the content on the page No. 20

1. Introduction and Installation 1 Press the notch on the cordless handset cover firmly, and slide the cover. 1.12 Belt clip (KX-MB2060 R When replacing batteries, remove the old optional) batteries positive ( ) terminal first. To attach 2 Insert the batteries negative ( ) terminal first. Close the cordless handset cover. To remove Attention: A nickel metal hydride battery that is recyclable powers the product you have purchased. Please call 1-800-8-BATTERY (1-800-822-8837) for information on ho

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