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User manual for the device Sony DXC-LS1/1

Device: Sony DXC-LS1/1
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Sony DXC-LS1/1 user manual
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Abstracts of contents
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CCD Color Video Camera
Lens shown is an option.

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

DXC-LS1/1 t tActual Size Good Things in a Small Package Excellent Picture Quality The Sony DXC-LS1/1 proves that good things do come in small Horizontal resolution is 470TV lines, sensitivity is F5.6 at packages. Despite its remarkably small size, the camera head is 2,000 lx and the signal-to-noise ratio is 46 dB, for outstanding only 35mm long and 12mm in diameter and comes with a host brightness and excellent all-round performance. Advanced of advanced features that you won’t find in many larg

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

Capture Colors the Way They Really Are To adjust only the redness of the picture... Before adjustment Adjusted to R: +40, G: 0, B: 0 Excellent Color Reproduction and B colors independently, while viewing the monitor, White balance adjustments are completely automatic. and without changing the overall white balance. Just point at a white object and let the camera do the rest. You can easily adjust the image until the object on But where most cameras stop, the DXC-LS1/1 has only the screen looks

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

Advanced DSP Functions Automatic Exposure Control Automatic Backlight Adjustments TM A CCD IRIS function combined with AGC The DXC-LS1/1 can distinguish backlit from frontlit (Automatic Gain Control) provides automatic control scenes and compensate accordingly, adjusting exposure over incoming light. If the object in front of the lens is automatically to objects in the scene you want to too bright, the camera switches automatically to a higher shoot. shutter speed. If the object is too dark, it

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

Outline Enhancers While viewing the monitor, you can emphasize outlines in the vertical and horizontal directions, for excellent results in image analysis applications. Low mode Hi mode Full mode Color Bars The DXC-LS1/1 can display color bars in 3 different sizes. The low and hi-screen modes allow you to _ make color adjustments while comparing objects on the screen against color bars a feature available only from Sony. Innovative Flicker Canceller The DXC-LS1/1 cancels the flicker of fluoresce

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

Function Menu PAGE 1 PAGE 2 Control items Selection Control items Selection PAGE 1 PAGE 2 AE MODE AUTO/OFF W.B. (White Balance) ATW/AWB/5600(K)/3200(K) AE LEVEL −60 to 0 to +60 R (Paint)* −128 to 0 to +127 AREA BL(Backlight compensation)/FUL(Full)/ B (Paint)* −128 to 0 to +127 C (C e n t e r )1 /C2 /S (Slit)1/S2 PEDESTAL −10 to 0 to + 40 PEAK/AVE (average) switchable GAMMA −16 to 0 to +15 FLICKER (canceller) AUTO/OFF H ENH (enhancer) −16 to 0 to +15 SHUTTER AUTO/MANUAL/OFF V ENH (enhancer) −16 t

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

22.3(29/32) 3.6(5/32) 4.9(7/32) 14(9/16) Optional Accessories Camera Adaptor Lenses CMA-C2 Models VCL-04UVM VCL-12UVM Mount: Ultra mount Ultra mount Focal length: 4mm 12mm Maximum aperture ratio: 1:1.4 1:2.0 Filter size: M10.5 × 0.5mm M10.5 × 0.5mm Back focul length: 5.00mm (IN AIR) 10.82mm (IN AIR) Focusing range: 55mm ~ ∞ 200mm ~ ∞ Mass: 4g (0.14 oz) 5g (0.17 oz) Dimensions: ∅12(1/2) ∅12(1/2) ∅11.8(1/2) The CMA-D2 supplies DC 12V to the DXC-LS1/1. Connecting the CMA-D2 directly to the DXC-LS

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

Specifications DXC-LS1/1 Connector Pin Assignments Video Camera control unit Camera head Image device: 1/4-inch Interline Transfer with Hyper HAD Technology CCD 16-PIN Picture elements: 768 (H) × 494 (V) DIN 4-PIN (Y/C) Sensing area: 3.2 × 2.4mm (1/4-inch) 14 1 Signal system: NTSC/EIA standard 13 2 Scanning system: 2:1 interlaced, 525 lines 12 3 3 4 Horizontal frequency: 15.734kHz 11 16 15 4 1 2 Vertical frequency: 59.94Hz HRS 10 5 Sync system:

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