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Samsung SCC-C4305(P) user manual
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Abstracts of contents
Summary of the content on the page No. 1

220x Power Zoom
Owner’s Instructions
Guide d’utilisation
Guía del usuario
Istruzioni per l’uso
✽ Be sure to read the "Safety Precautions" in this manual
to ensure correct use and operation of this product.
Part : AB68-00509B(02)
Printed in China

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

Important Safety Instructions Safety Precautions 1. Read these instructions. The purpose of safety precautions is to prevent accidental 2. Keep these instructions. injury or property damage. Always observe all safety 3. Heed all warnings. precautions. 4. Follow all instructions. ❖ The precautions are divided into "Warnings" and 5. Do not use this apparatus near water. "Cautions" as distinguished below: 6. Clean only with dry cloth. 7. Do not block any ventilation openings, Install in E accordanc

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

4. Securely plug the power cord into the power receptacle. Cautions (A loose connection may result in fire.) 1. Do not drop objects on the product or apply strong shock 5. When mounting the camera on a wall or ceiling, fasten it to it. Keep away from a location subject to excessive safely and securely. (A falling camera may cause vibration or magnetic interference. personal injury.) 2. Do not install in a location subject to high temperature, 6. Do not place conductive objects (e.g., screwdriver

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

FCC Statement Contents This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and 1. Overview.............................................................7 (2) This device must accept any interference received, 2. Part Names and Functions ...............................8 including interference that may cause undesired operation. 3. Installation...................................................

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

Overview Part Names and Functions 1 2 This is a state-of-art WDR zoom camera which employed the x22 zoom lens and digital zoom IC to monitor up to 22 times as large as an original image. SCC-C4205(P)/C4305(P) has the following functions. E  WDR for distinct photographing of both bright and dark parts of an image. 220x Power Zoom LOW LIGHT DIGITAL COLOR CAMERA  COLOR/BW to raise the sensitivity by automatic conversion into the White & Black mode at night or in poor SET-UP button illumination

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

In Setup Menu Mode ✔ DAY/NIGHT External Signal Input & Alarm Signal Output - UP/ DOWN buttons: Use to move the cursor up or down. This is a function to receive the external DAY/NIGHT signal from the sensor(option) and convert the signal into - LEFT/ RIGHT buttons: Use to move the cursor left or BW. An alarm signal is output from this terminal when the right, or to sequentially view the values that can be MOTION DET mode is activated or BW mode is activated. assigned to a parameter. - ENTER butto

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

220x Power Zoom DAY NIGHT DIGITAL COLOR CAMERA Installation 3 Preparing the Cables To install and use the camera, first prepare the following Before Installation cables. The requirements for the power adapter, which connects to the camera's POWER IN terminal, are as follows: Checking the Package Contents  SCC-C4205(P) : DC12V 600mA E Make sure that the following accessories are included in  SCC-C4305(P) : AC24V 300mA the package. DC12V 600mA SCC-C4205(P)/4305(P) User's Guide Video Cable Use

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

Connecting the Cables 4. Determine the type of power supply and set the POWER 1. Connect one end of the BNC cable to the VIDEO OUT. SELECTION switch accordingly. Next, plug the power 2. Connect the other end of the BNC cable to the VIDEO IN adapter into a wall outlet. of the monitor. The requirements for the power adapter for each model are as follows:  SCC-C4205(P) : DC12V 600mA E  SCC-C4305(P) : AC24V 300mA DC12V 600mA Video terminals on the back of the monitor 5. If the camera operates no

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

Navigating the Setup Menu 4  In this chapter, we will take a look at the menu system of the Structure of the Setup Menu of the SCC-C4305(P) SCC-C4205(P),C4305(P). First, we will take a look at the structure of the Setup Menu and then describe the functions CAMERA ID OFF/ON... of each menu item in the menu. IRIS ALC.../WDR... SHUTTER OFF/1/100(1/120) ~ 1/10K/AUTO X2~X160 Structure of the Setup Menu E AGC/MOTION OFF/LOW/HIGH(AGC)  Structure of the Setup Menu of the SCC-C4205(P) S.SLOW/SLOW/NORMA

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

WDR ✔ CAMERA ID ❙ WDR(Wide Dynamic Range) enlarges the advantage of a In the CAMERA ID menu, you may designate the CAMERA screen, mostly effective photographing both indoor and ID to be displayed in the monitor connected to a camera. Set outdoor subjects simultaneously. In short, both subjects the CAMERA ID menu to ON... and press [ENTER] and the can be distinctly revived. Select WDR... and press CAMERA ID setup submenu will appear. The CAMERA ID [ENTER] to set up WDR LEVEL and FLICKERLESS. may

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

SHUTTER AGC/MOTION ❙ ❙ In the SHUTTER menu, you may determine the fast In the AGC (Automatic Gain Control) option, you can specify electronic shutter speed or slow AUTO shutter speed. The whether to automatically control the GAIN when the obtained fast electronic shutter supports 7 speeds from 1/100(1/120) video is below a certain level of brightness because it was sec. to 1/10K sec. to photograph a bright and quick moving recorded under insufficient lighting. To automatically control image. The

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

WHITE BAL FOCUS MODE ❙ ❙ You can select one of four modes for white balance adjustment as The FOCUS MODE menu performs AF(Auto Focus), follows: MF(Manual Focus), and ONEAF(One Auto Focus). - ATW1/ATW2(Auto-Tracing White Balance Mode): In these modes, AF : Focuses automatically by continuously monitoring the ✔ the color temperature is monitored continuously and thereby white screen in AUTO FOCUS mode. It does not process the balance is set automatically. The following are the approximate FOCUS bu

Summary of the content on the page No. 13

COLOR / BW ❙ CAMERA ID OFF (MOTION DET) COLOR/BW turns IR(Infrared) Filter on or off. In the poor IRIS ALC... illumination environment, turns IR Filter off to raise the sensitivity SHUTTER OFF AGC LOW to the same level as an black-and-white camera while in the good WHITE BAL ATW1 Press the illumination environment, turns it on to convert to the COLOR FOCUS MODE AF MOTION DET ON... ENTER mode in the normal screen condition to lower the sensitivity. COLOR/BW COLOR button. PRIVACY ... S

Summary of the content on the page No. 14

AUTO... EXT... ✔ ✔ Depending on illumination, it is automatically switched to This menu automatically converts the COLOR Mode into the COLOR or BW mode. In the poor illumination the BW Mode or vice versa depending on illumination with environment, turns IR Filter off to convert to the Black-and- an external sensor. If you select the EXIT menu and press White mode for better sensitivity and in the good the [Enter] key, the EXTERNAL BW submenu will appear illumination environment, turns it on to c

Summary of the content on the page No. 15

LANGUAGE : Selects English/French/German/Spanish/ PRIVACY NO. 0 ✔ Italian OSD menu. POSITION SET ON... CTRL TYPE : By inputting the wire remote port, you may ✔ SIZE … Press the LOCATION … set up the mode, A, B, C, or D. ENTER button. Item Tele Wide Far Near Code -6V +6V +6V -6V A EXIT QUIT B -6V +6V -6V +6V +6V -6V +6V -6V C +6V -6V -6V +6V D You shall set up the position of ZOOM/FOCUS in the E PRIVACY ZONE area from the POSITION SET menu. Press

Summary of the content on the page No. 16

RS-485 : Sets up RS-485 Communication Protocol, Address, ✔ PRESET ❙ and Baud Rate. Select the PRESET menu and press [ENTER] and the PRESET MAP submenu screen will appear. (SPECIAL) (RS-485) LANGUAGE ENGLISH (PRESET MAP) PRESET NO. 0 CTRL TYPE A POSI/NEGA + 0 H 1 2 3 4 D-ZOOM 1 56 7 8 9 POSITION SET ... DIS OFF Press the 10 11 12 13 14 PRESET ID OFF DIGITAL ZOOM OFF 15 16 17 18 19 ENTER Press the REVERSE OFF 20 21 22 23 24 RS-485 OFF button. PROTOCOL SAMSUNG ENTER 25 26 27 28 29 DETAIL

Summary of the content on the page No. 17

EXIT Product Specification ❙ 5 The EXIT menu is used to terminate the CAMERA SETUP menu. SCC-C4205/C4305 QUIT : Select to ignore any changes you have made and ✔ Item Description Remark restore the previously saved settings. Product Type Zoom Lens Built-in WDR Color Camera(NTSC TYPE) SAVE : Select to save the settings that have been ✔ - SCC-C4205 : DC 12V±10% changed so far. Power Supply - SCC-C4305 : DC 12V±10% Voltage AC 24V±10% (60Hz±0.3Hz) PRESET : Ignores any change and returns to the def

Summary of the content on the page No. 18

Correct Disposal of This Product SCC-C4205P/C4305P (Waste Electrical & Electronic Item Description Remark Equipment) Product Type Zoom Lens Built-in WDR Color Camera(PAL TYPE) (Applicable in the European Union and other European - SCC-C4205P : DC 12V±10% Power Supply - SCC-C4305P : DC 12V±10% countries with separate collection systems) Voltage AC 24V±10% (50Hz±0.3Hz) E - SCC-C4205P : 5.7W Power Consumption This marking shown on the product or its literature, indicates - SCC-C4305P : 6W that i

Summary of the content on the page No. 19

Memo Memo E

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