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Device: Xerox 5900
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Xerox 5900 user manual
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Xerox 5900 Production Series Copiers We couldn’t leave well enough alone. We started with the world’s leading line of high-volume copiers, the Xerox Production Series. And we just couldn’t stop. We added more power and more control; greater versatility and ease of use; improved economics, and expanded finishing capabilities. The result is the Xerox 5900 Production Series Copiers: Xerox 5900i Copier Xerox 5900 Copier Xerox 5995 Copier Xerox 5990 Copier They look like incredibly powerful, fast

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

s With a capacity Get quality work done better of 150 originals, Xerox 5900 and easier at 120 pages per minute. Production Series Copiers can do Are high-page count and/or complex jobs a daily challenge? Do you have high-page-count jobs in a single run. to turn a lot of different pages into finished documents in not a lot of time? If you answered yes, then the Xerox 5900 Production Series is the answer you’ve been looking for. It’s the solution you can count on when the pressure is on for high-q

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

The “Green Button” simple solution Xerox makes document production “Green Button Simple.” Even casual users can walk up, load their originals, program their job, and hit the green button. It’s that easy. All of the functionality is just a fingertip away on the easy- to-follow touch screen User Interface. That means with minimized training and start-up, you can get optimum usage on your Xerox 5900 Production Series Copier… whether it’s in a hallway, a copy room, or a managed production environmen

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

The simple solution to improved economics. Given the daily challenges you face, you won’t find a better investment than the Xerox 5900 Production Series Copiers. Xerox combines high reliability, low maintenance, and the ability to get complex work done quickly, simply and with minimum labor. That’s a productivity package that others simply can’t match. Plus they’re backed by our industry-leading service and support, and the Xerox Total Satisfaction Guarantee. That’s what you need to maximize you

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Xerox 5900 Production Series Copiers 59 00i Xerox 5900i Copier Our most powerful Production Series device. In addition to its 120 page per minute speed, it features the Interposer module that enables you to use up to six stocks in a single job. 59 9 0 Xerox 5990 Copier Fast, powerful and compact, this 100 page per minute device fits in hallways, print rooms, and anywhere else you need high performance. 6

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s 59 00 Xerox 5900 Copier This 120 page per minute copier gives you a powerful combination of speed, reliability and ease of use. That’s high performance you can count on. 59 9 5 Xerox 5995 Copier This 100 page per minute device is ideal for manned and unmanned environments. It offers Green Button simple operation, and a heavy- duty offset stacker. The best just gets better. And high-volume complex document production just got a lot easier. To find out which one is right for you, contact your Xe

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

All Xerox 5900 Production Series Copiers are backed by the Total Satisfaction Guarantee. With Xerox, you decide if you’re satisfied. Make sure to ask your Xerox representative for more details. KEEP THE CONVERSATION GOING. SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE. ® ® XEROX , The Document Company , the Digital X, Paginator, Document Binder 120, ASF 100, 5900i, 5900, 5995, and 5990 are trademarks of XEROX CORPORATION. Xerox Canada Ltd. is a licensee of the trademarks. The 5900i, 5900, 5995, and 5990 are newly manufac

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