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Olympus DP12 user manual
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Abstracts of contents
Summary of the content on the page No. 1

This instruction manual is for the Olympus DP12 Microscope Digital Camera System. To ensure the
safety, obtain optimum performance and familiarize yourself fully with the use of this system, we
recommend that you study this manual thoroughly before operating the system. Retain this
instruction manual in an easily accessible place near the work desk for future reference.
A X 6 2 7 2

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

DP12 CONTENTS 1-2 IMPORTANT — Be sure to read this section for safe use of the equipment. — 3 1 SYSTEM CHART 4-7 2 NOMENCLATURE 8-11 3 ASSEMBLY 12 4 DIGITAL IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHING/RECORDING PROCEDURE 13-16 5 BASIC OPERATIONS .................................................................. 15 1 Selecting the Record Mode (MODE, EXPOSE) ..... 13 2 One-Touch White Balance (OTWB) .......... 14 3 Checking the Live Image ........................................ 14 4 Playi

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

32 7 MONITOR DISPLAY OF PICTURES 1 Monitor Observation in Record Mode..... 32 2 Monitor Observation in Play Mode ......... 32 33-36 8 PICTURE DOWNLOADING IN A PERSONAL COMPUTER 1 Connecting a PC ................................................................ 33 2 Loading Pictures ................................................................. 34 3 Playing Pictures on a PC ........................................ 35 37 9 ERROR CODE LIST 38 10 SPECIFICATIONS 39-40

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

DP12 IMPORTANT Connecting this digital camera system to an Olympus UIS or LB series microscope allows you to easily photograph and record the magnified images observed through the microscope. When the DP12 microscope digital camera adapter is used with a microscope from other manufacturer than Olympus, the optical performance may not be manifested fully. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 1. Use the provided AC adapter only. Using another AC adapter will prevent the camera system from operating at optimum level

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

1 Getting Ready 1. The camera system uses precision components. Handle it with care and avoid subjecting it to a sudden or severe impact. 2. The image displayed on the liquid crystal display may be affected when it is used near equipment generating strong electromagnetic waves. This is not a malfunction and will not affect the actual image being recorded. To avoid interference during operation, keep the system far from any source of electromagnetic waves. 3. When mounting the camera unit on a

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

DP12 SYSTEM CHART 3 AC adapter Digital printer P-400 P-200 DP12 DP12 camera unit control box SmartMedia Adapter TV monitor Connection kit SSFDC (M-32PI) MA-2 Printer* DP12-BSW C-mount adapter U-CMAD-3 Film Notebook PC* 0.5X TV adapter recorder* (PCAT) C-mount (C-mount) 1X TV adapter adapter U-PMTVC 0.5X TV zoom U-PMTV1X U-TV TV lens lens TV adapter 0.5XC U-TV0.5X U-TVZ U-PMTV TV lens U-TV1X-2 PE photo eyepiece Desktop PC* PC card reader/ (PC/AT) writer* C-mount lens* Straight phototube Double po

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

NOMENCLATURE Any equipment connected to the camera unit should be an Olympus-specified product or a product Camera Unit in compliance with the requirements of IEC60950 or CISPR22/24. If equipment other than these products is connected, Olympus cannot guarantee proper performance of the camera system. Control box connector (P. 9) Tripod adapter mount screw hole Threaded C-mount (P. 8) Control Box AE LOCK indicator LED (P. 18) LCD panel (P. 6) LCD monitor (Next page) SPOT metering button (P. 17) C

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

DP12 On-Screen Display Write protect (P. 16) Print reservation (P. 19) Picture quality mode (P. 21) Recording pixels (P. 23) Compression rate (P. 23) Exposure adjustment (P. 17) Manual white balance setting (P. 21) Recording Information Folder name (P. 24) ISO rating (P. 22) Microscope magnification (P. 26) File name (P. 24) Date/Time (P. 23) Frame No. (P. 14) Exposure time (P. 13) Write protect (P. 16) Picture quality mode (P. 21) Picture quality mode, write protect, date, time & picture frame

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

LCD Panel Details }The LCD panel shows setup and error information individually. However, for ease of explanation, the LCD panel in this page is shown with all of its display segments lit up. Number of remaining pictures (P. 21)/ Card error (P. 37) Error code display (P. 37) Exposure time (P. 13) Picture quality mode (P. 21) Center-weighted average ISO rating (P. 22) metering (P. 17) Camera mode (P. 13) Spot metering (P. 17) Exposure adjustment (P. 17) Manual white balance control (P. 21) Rear P

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

DP12 }The M-2P (2 MB),. M-4P (4 MB), M-8P (8 MB), M-16PI (16 MB), M-64PI (64 MB) and M-128PI (128 SmartMedia (SSFDC) MB) SmartMedia can also be used with the DP12. M-32PI (32 MB) (Note) For details, refer to the instruction manual provided with your SmartMedia. Write protect area Index area Write protect seal sheet Static protection case Index labels Contact area #The SmartMedia is a precision device. Handle it with care and avoid subject it to sudden or severe impact. Be sure not to touch its c

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

ASSEMBLY This chapter pertains only to installation and assembly of the DP-12 microscope digital camera system. For instructions on how to assemble the microscope system and TV adapter being used with the camera system, refer to the appropriate instruction manuals. (Figs. 1 & 2) 1 Attaching the Camera Unit 2 Screw the U-TV0.5XC C-mount adapter 1 into the threaded C-mount on the bottom of the camera unit 2. · Be careful in using a C-mount adapter or C-mount lens CAUTION ¬ having a longer thre

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

DP12 2 (Fig. 3) 2 Attaching the Control Box 1 1. Insert the connector ³ on the end of the connection cable with the ferrite core | into the rear of the control box and tighten the clamping screw on the connector. 2. Insert the connector @ on the other end of the connection cable into the 3 connector ² on the camera unit and tighten the clamping screw on the 4 connector. Fig. 3 (Fig. 4) 3 Attaching the AC Adapter 2 1 #Always be sure to use the provided AC adapter. Using any other AC adapter

Summary of the content on the page No. 13

To unplug the AC adapter Set the main switch of the control box to “ ” (OFF), remove the AC adapter’s output connector 3 from the control box then remove the power cord’s plug from the power outlet. CAUTION Always use a power supply with the specified voltage. Do not operate the camera system when any of the connectors and plugs of the AC adapter and power cord is not completely inserted. Never insert or remove the power cord’s plug or connector with a wet hand. If the AC adapter or cord

Summary of the content on the page No. 14

DP12 (Fig. 5) 4 Inserting (Removing) the SmartMedia #Make sure the main switch is set to “ " (OFF) before insertion. #A 3.3 V SmartMedia card manufactured by Olympus or marketed in stores can be used. However, when using a non-Olympus 3.3 V SmartMedia, it may be necessary to format it (see page 29). #A 5 V SmartMedia marketed in stores cannot be used with this cam- era system. 1 2 1. Open the card cover 1. 2. Hold the SmartMedia 2 so that the contact area faces downward, and Fig. 5 insert

Summary of the content on the page No. 15

DIGITAL IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHING/ RECORDING PROCEDURE · Perform all necessary optical adjustments on the microscope. (The camera system can photograph and record microscopic images under transmitted and reflected light illumination as well as other observation techniques except fluorescence microscopy.) · Use the TV adapter to perform the confocal adjustment between the microscope’s eyepieces and the LCD monitor image. Insert a SmartMedia. (P. 11) Set the main switch of the control box to “ I ” (ON

Summary of the content on the page No. 16

DP12 BASIC OPERATIONS }After installing the SmartMedia, press the main switch 1 of the control box to turn it ON. (Fig. 7) 2 1 Fig. 7 Fig. 8 · The LCD panel shown in Fig. 8 shows the setup before turning power ON and the number of remaining pictures 2 in the current picture quality mode (see page 21). · After turning the camera system ON, first set the current and date and time (see page 23). #When the number of remaining pictures becomes , “ ” and “ ” on the LCD panel blink. · As

Summary of the content on the page No. 17

(Fig. 10) 2 One-Touch White Balance (OTWB) }Apart from the OTWB, the white balance can also be controlled with manual white balance control, which sets the color temperature by direct input (see page 21). 1. Press the MODE button 1 to select REC MANU. or REC AUTO. 1 2. Press the OTWB button 2 to display the white photographing screen. 3. In transmitted light observation, remove the specimen so that the entire 2 screen is white. In reflected light observation, use a sheet of white paper ³ as t

Summary of the content on the page No. 18

DP12 (Fig. 13) 5 Zooming a Played Picture }When a single picture is pressed, press the MOVE button 1 or 2 to zoom the played picture in the order as shown below. (The initial image magnification is 1X.) : 1/16X 1/9X 1/4X 1X 2X 4X : 4X 2X 1X 1/4X 1/9X 1/16X @ }At 1/9X, for example, nine played pictures are displayed are simulta- ³ neously. Meanwhile, at 2X and 4X, for example, the entire picture cannot ² be displayed in the LCD monitor

Summary of the content on the page No. 19

(Fig. 14) 6 Protecting a Picture (PROTECT) ² }The following procedure is used to protect a picture against accidental erasure. 1. Press the MODE button to select PLAY. 2. Press either MOVE button or 1 to select the picture to be protected. 3. Press the PROTECT button 2. The picture being displayed is protected and green protect marking is shown at the top right of the picture. @ · It is also possible to protect a picture displayed with zooming. In this case, place the green frame

Summary of the content on the page No. 20

DP12 SPECIAL FUNCTIONS 6-1 Setup Using the Control Box 1 Setting the Spot Metering (SPOT) (Fig. 16) }The camera system measures light using the center-weighted average method when the spot metering method is not used. · Center-weighted average metering: Generally employed photometry method which measures light in a wide range centered around the field center. · Spot metering: This photometry method measures only the light at the center of the LCD monitor. It can expose the target opti- mal

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