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Olympus XA 2 user manual
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ProSeal Instructions for All Olympus XA style Cameras

Please read these instructions completely before you start. Knowledge will increase your
confidence, and like most jobs, this is better done right the first time. I’ve tried to keep things
as easy and logical as possible while still providing a great amount of detail for you. Sealing your
camera is one of the best ways to restore it to like-new performance, and these are excellent
cameras. You have been given this set of instructio

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

~~XA3 and XA4 Models~~ As you can see above, the differences in the XA, XA1 and XA2 are relatively minor. Your XA2 may or may not have seal material in the bottom film door slot (but you can add this if you wish). The XA may have seal material running along the top side of the film door all the way to the end of the door, or it may be like the XA1 and XA2 and this seal may stop around the film pressure plate. If you want to duplicate the “full door seal” design used in the XA for the X

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

To the left, a visual example of how I remove the pressure plate in the first series XA models. Gentle pressure until you feel a “click.” It will replace in the opposite fashion. Now, if you have model XA, XA1 or XA2 and you want to go one step further and remove the film door entirely, here’s how I do that: First, look at the bottom plate of your camera… (1) remove battery cover and batteries and set aside (2) move lever to “self timer” and remove all 5 phillips head screws. 3 a

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

much skin contact or contact with eyes, and don’t drink it. After you clean the old seal from the film door, you’ll need to also clean the old foam off at the latch end seal. This is done the same way. I run a toothpick or bamboo skewer through this channel, and sometimes I will use tweezers to lift old material away, too. Left, I’m cleaning the old goop off of this XA2 door, and as you can see, the paint is coming off with the old seal material. I will re-touch this before I re-seal it

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

trim the strip so it stops at the reset lever. Repeat this procedure for the part of the slot starting at the film frame reset and extending to the hinge end. If needed or desired, repeat this procedure for the bottom rail slot. Now, with a blunted toothpick trace the seal’s length, pressing it gently down into its slot to seat it. Now, for those with XA, XA1 or XA2, let’s replace the film door seal. Remove the backing paper, lick the adhesive and start at the edge of the door on the hi

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

Once the latch end piece is totally dry (30 minutes or so), press it against the film door to seal it. For those of you with first series XA models (XA, XA1 or XA2), you may now replace your pressure plate. First I slide the left hand slot beneath its retaining button and next I carefully position the opening over the other retaining button and push gently downward from the top until I hear or feel it click into place. ~~About the XA film door and the top seal piece:~~ The top stri

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

~~Let’s measure the hinge end to body gap~~ XA, XA1 and XA2 models shown in this demonstration How do we know what the actual thickness of the gap is in a camera? How do we measure that accurately so we’ll know just which seal material will work best for us? Here’s a method I’ve used for several years. You can do this, also. You don’t have to use a dial gauge. You can usually tell the thickness by visual examination. First frame above…I place a bit of common clay into a tiny

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