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Device: Panasonic SDR-H250GN
Size: 6,67 MB
Date of adding : 2014-11-25 15:28:57
Number of pages: 112
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Panasonic SDR-H250GN user manual
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Abstracts of contents
Summary of the content on the page No. 1 1 ページ 2007年2月8日 木曜日 午後8時50分
Operating Instructions
SD Card/Hard Disk
Video Camera
Model No.SDR-H250GN
≥ The illustration shows SDR-H250.
≥ SDR-H20 does not have a video light.
Before use, please read these instructions
LSQT1214 A

Summary of the content on the page No. 2 2 ページ 2007年2月8日 木曜日 午後8時50分 Information for Your Safety The socket outlet shall be installed near the equipment and easily accessible. WARNING: The mains plug of the power supply cord shall TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE, remain readily operable. ELECTRIC SHOCK OR PRODUCT To completely disconnect this apparatus from DAMAGE, the AC Mains, disconnect the power supply ≥ DO NOT EXPOSE THIS APPARATUS TO cord plug from AC receptacle. RAIN, MOISTURE, DRIPPING OR SPLASHING AND THA

Summary of the content on the page No. 3 3 ページ 2007年2月8日 木曜日 午後8時50分 ≥ Other names of systems and products ∫ Indemnity concerning recording mentioned in these instructions are usually the content registered trademarks or trademarks of the The manufacturer shall in no event be liable for manufacturers who developed the system or the loss of recordings due to malfunction or product concerned. defect of this unit, its accessories or recordable media. ∫ Carefully observe copyright laws Recording of pre-recorded t

Summary of the content on the page No. 4 4 ページ 2007年2月8日 木曜日 午後8時50分 Tele macro function (SDR-H250) ............. 45 Contents Colour night view function........................ 45 Information for Your Safety...................2 Self-timer recording.................................. 46 Recording guideline function.................... 46 Before using Wide mode............................................... 47 Image stabilizer function .......................... 47 Wind noise reduction function.................. 47 Feat

Summary of the content on the page No. 5 5 ページ 2007年2月8日 木曜日 午後8時50分 With a VCR............................................71 Dubbing images onto other video devices ..........................71 With a printer (PictBridge)...................72 With a computer Before using with a computer.............75 What you can do with a computer............75 Operating environment.............................76 Installation ............................................78 Installing ImageMixer3 for Panasonic ......78 Reading the

Summary of the content on the page No. 6 6 ページ 2007年2月8日 木曜日 午後8時50分 Before using Before using Features ∫ Extended recording! You can record the equivalent of approximately twenty-two 8 cm DVD discs on the 30 GB internal HDD. You can also record motion pictures and still pictures on an SD card. H H HDD D DD D ∫ Easy recording! ( l 34) No need to search for the recording start position. The new recording will not overwrite any previously recorded scene. ∫ Easy playback! ( l 53) Recorded scenes are displayed as thumbna

Summary of the content on the page No. 7 7 ページ 2007年2月8日 木曜日 午後8時50分 Before using ∫ Editing scenes! ( l 59, 60) You can create an original video (playlist) by collecting together your favourite scenes recorded on the HDD. ∫ Using with a computer! ( l 75) If you use the supplied software, you can create a backup DVD of the scenes recorded on this unit with just one button. You can also make an original DVD-Video by exporting the scenes to a computer and then editing them. 7 LSQT1214

Summary of the content on the page No. 8 8 ページ 2007年2月8日 木曜日 午後8時50分 Before using Accessories Battery pack (lithium/CGR-DU06/640 mAh) (SDR-H20) Check the accessories before using this unit. Battery pack (lithium/CGA-DU07/680 mAh) SD Memory Card (512 MB) (SDR-H20) Battery pack (lithium/CGA-DU12/1150 mAh) Battery pack Battery pack (lithium/CGA-DU14/1360 mAh) (SDR-H250) Battery pack (lithium/CGA-DU21/2040 mAh) Battery pack Tripod (VW-CT45E) (SDR-H20) AC adaptor Parts identification and handling DC cable AV/S cable

Summary of the content on the page No. 9 9 ページ 2007年2月8日 木曜日 午後8時50分 Before using 24 11 12 13 25 6 14 7 15 26 16 8 9 10 17 18 19 24 Card slot ( l 22) 25 Tripod receptacle ( l 11) 6 Terminal cover 26 Battery release lever [BATTERY] ( l 18) 7 Menu button [MENU] ( l 27) 8 DC input terminal [DC/C.C. IN] ( l 21) 9 LCD monitor open part ( l 11) 27 28 29 30 10 Battery holder ( l 18) 11 Audio-video output terminal [A/V] ( l 70, 71) 12 Status indicator ( l 21) 31 13 Power switch [OFF/ON] ( l 21) 32 14 HDD/computer access lam

Summary of the content on the page No. 10 10 ページ 2007年2月8日 木曜日 午後8時50分 Before using Attaching the lens cap (SDR-H20) Attach the lens cap to protect the surface of the lens. 1 Pass the end of the lens cap cord through the belt. 37 37 Grip belt ( l 10) Using grip belt Adjust the belt length so it fits your hand. Adjust the belt length and the pad 2 Pass the lens cap through the position. loop. 2 1 3 3 To attach or remove the lens cap, 1 Flip the belt. hold both sides of the lens cap 2 Adjust the length. 3 Replace t

Summary of the content on the page No. 11 11 ページ 2007年2月8日 木曜日 午後8時50分 Before using During recording The removed lens cap can be attached to the Using the LCD monitor lens cap fixture. You can record the image while viewing it on the LCD monitor. 1 Place your finger on the LCD monitor open part A and pull the LCD monitor out in the direction of the arrow. Tripod receptacle This is a hole for attaching the unit to the optional A tripod. (Please carefully read the operating instructions for how to attach the uni

Summary of the content on the page No. 12 12 ページ 2007年2月8日 木曜日 午後8時50分 Before using 1 While pressing the stopper A, pull out the battery holder. Using the remote control (SDR-H250) 1 START/ PHOTO EXT STOP DISPLAY SHOT 7 A 2 DATE/ ZOOM TIME 3 VOL 8 2 Set the button-type battery with its (r) mark facing upward and SEARCH PLAY SEARCH then put the battery holder back STILL ADV PAUSE STILL ADV in place. 4 SKIP STOP SKIP MENU 9 5 ENTER 6 10 ∫ Concerning the button-type battery ≥ When the button-type battery runs down,

Summary of the content on the page No. 13 13 ページ 2007年2月8日 木曜日 午後8時50分 Before using ∫ Remote control usable range The distance between the remote control and the unit’s remote control sensor A: Within approx. 5m Angle: Approx. 10o up and 15o down, left, and right ≥ The remote control is intended for indoor operation. Outdoors or under strong light, the unit may not operate properly even within the usable ranges. 13 LSQT1214 AA

Summary of the content on the page No. 14 14 ページ 2007年2月8日 木曜日 午後8時50分 Before using HDD and SD card This unit can be used for recording motion pictures and still pictures to the internal HDD and an SD card. Concerning the internal HDD and cards that can be used on this unit Internal HDD SDHC (Hard Disk SD Memory Card Memory Drive) Card Display on the screen Indication in these [HDD] [SD] instructions *1 Capacity 30 GB 8MB/ 32 MB/ 256 MB/ 4GB 16 MB 64 MB/ 512 MB 128 MB (supplied)/ 1GB/2GB Functions Recording mot

Summary of the content on the page No. 15 15 ページ 2007年2月8日 木曜日 午後8時50分 Before using ≥ Use this unit to format SD cards. If an SD card is formatted on other products (such as a computer), the time spent for recording may become longer and you may not be able to use the SD card. ( l 68) ≥ When using an SD card on which data has been written many times, the remaining time left for recording may be reduced. ≥ Keep the Memory Card out of reach of children to prevent swallowing. ≥ A MultiMediaCard cannot be used on this u

Summary of the content on the page No. 16 16 ページ 2007年2月8日 木曜日 午後8時50分 Before using HDD handling precautions This unit has an internal HDD. The HDD is a precision instrument so take care when handling it. ∫ Do not cause any vibrations or impacts to this unit. The HDD may no longer be recognised or recording or playback may no longer be possible. In particular, do not cause any vibrations or impacts during recording or playback. ∫ Do not drop this unit. The HDD may be damaged if this unit receives a strong impact due

Summary of the content on the page No. 17 17 ページ 2007年2月8日 木曜日 午後8時50分 Before using ∫ Card access lamp ≥ When this unit accesses the SD card (reading, recording, playback, erasing, etc.), the access lamp lights up. ≥ If the following operations are performed when the access lamp is lit, then the SD card or the recorded data may be damaged or this unit may malfunction. sOpening the card slot cover sRemoving the SD card sOperating the OFF/ON switch or the mode dial sRemoving the battery or disconnecting the AC adapto

Summary of the content on the page No. 18 18 ページ 2007年2月8日 木曜日 午後8時50分 Setup Setup Power supply Inserting the battery Push the battery against the battery Charging the battery holder and slide it until it clicks. When this unit is purchased, the battery is not charged. Charge the battery before using this unit. ≥ If the DC cable is connected to the AC adaptor, then the battery will not be charged. Remove the DC cable from the AC adaptor. A Removing the battery While sliding the BATTERY lever, slide the battery

Summary of the content on the page No. 19 19 ページ 2007年2月8日 木曜日 午後8時50分 Setup Charging time and recordable time The times shown in the tables below are for when the temperature is 25 oC and the humidity is 60%. If the temperature is higher or lower than 25 oC, the charging time will become longer. ∫ Charging time ≥ The charging time shown in the table are approximations. ≥ “2 h 25 min” indicates 2 hours 25 minutes. SDR-H250: Battery model number Voltage/capacity Charging time Supplied battery/ 7.2 V/1150 mAh 2 h 25 mi

Summary of the content on the page No. 20 20 ページ 2007年2月8日 木曜日 午後8時50分 Setup SDR-H20: Maximum Battery model Voltage/ Recording Actual recordable continuously number capacity destination time recordable time Supplied battery/ [HDD] 1h 35min 40 min CGR-DU06 7.2 V/640 mAh [SD] 1h 45min 45 min (optional) [HDD] 1h 40min 45 min CGA-DU07 7.2 V/680 mAh (optional) [SD] 1h 55min 50 min [HDD] 2h 50min 1h 15min CGA-DU12 7.2 V/1150 mAh (optional) [SD] 3h 15min 1h 25min [HDD] 3h 25min 1h 30min CGA-DU14 7.2 V/1360 mAh (optiona

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