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User manual for the device Philips 32PFL5332S

Device: Philips 32PFL5332S
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Date of adding : 2014-09-22 16:37:02
Number of pages: 40
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Philips 32PFL5332S user manual
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Summary of the content on the page No. 2

Model Serial Country Number Tariff Austria 0810 000205 €0.07/min Belgium 078250145 €0.06/min Czech Rep 800142840 free Denmark 3525 8759 local Finland 09 2311 3415 local France 0821 611655 €0.09/min Germany 01803 386 852 €0.09/min Greece 0 0800 3122 1280 free Hungary 0680018189 free Ireland 01 601 1777 local Italy 840320086 €0.08/min Luxemburg 40 6661 5644 local Netherlands 0900 8407 €0.10/min Norway 2270 8111 local Poland 0223491504 local Portugal 2 1359 1442

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

Product information Recycling The model and serial number can be found at the rear of the TV and on the packaging. The packaging of this product is intended to For a larger TV, information is also on left be recycled. Apply to the local authorities for hand underside of the TV. correct disposal. Disposal of your old product Your product is designed and manufactured • Standby power consumption is less than with highly quality material and components, 1W. which can be recycled and reus

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

Information for Users in the UK This information is specific to the UK. If must be replaced with a fuse of the same you are using your TV in the UK, use this value as indicated on the plug. information in conjunction with the rest of 1. Remove fuse cover and fuse. this manual. 2. Replace the fuse. The replacement fuse must comply with Positioning the TV BS 1362 and have the ASTA approval For the best results, choose a position mark. If the fuse is lost, contact your re- where light does no

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

Contents 1 Introduction .............................................EN-2 Smart picture ..........................................EN-18 Stationary Images ..................................EN-2 Smart sound ............................................EN-18 Electric, Magnetic and Electromagnetic 15 Picture Format ......................................EN-19 Fields (“EMF”) .........................................EN-2 16 Teletext ..................................................EN-20 2 Safety .....

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

1 Introduction Thank you for purchasing this TV. This • Shopping channel logos and pricing manual contains information about how to displays: bright and shown constantly or install and operate your TV. repeatedly in the same location on the TV screen. • Examples of still pictures also include logos, computer images, time display, If this instruction manual does not answer teletext and images displayed in 4:3 your problem or if the troubleshooting page mode, static images

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

2 Safety 1. Two people are required to lift and carry a 12. Do not leave the TV in standby mode for an TV that weighs more than 25kg. Improper extended period of time. Instead, disconnect handling of the TV can cause serious injury. the TV from the mains. 2. If you place the TV set on a surface, ensure 13. Pull the power lead by the plug. Do not pull the surface is level and that it can withstand on the power lead. Do not use a poor fitting the weight of the TV. mains socket. Insert the plug

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

3 Television Controls and Connectors Side or top controls The following connectors are located on the rear of the TV. Use the side or top keys to control the power, menu, volume and programme number. 4 EXT 1 5 EXT 2 (RGB) (CVBS/S-VIDEO) VOLUME POWER PROGRAM MENU 1. TV aerial socket 12 3 4 Insert the aerial plug into the TV aerial socket. . 1. POWER 2. HDMI 1 / HDMI 2 Switch the TV on and off. For zero To connect to a set-top box, DVD power, remove the mains cord from the player/re

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

4 Getting Started Warning: The connections do not have to be made before hanging the TV, but the cables must be inserted into connectors of the TV. Connecting the aerial Insert the aerial plug firmly into the 75 ohms aerial socket at the bottom of the TV and in the wall aerial socket. Switching the TV on To switch on the TV, press the POWER key on the side or top of the set. A blue or green indicator comes on and after a few seconds, the screen lights up at the left and bottom of the fr

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

5 Remote Control Forces programmes in Stereo and Nicam Stereo to Mono. For bilingual programmes, select Dual å or Dual » (as indicated on the screen during such 1 broadcasts). The Mono indication shows up in red when in forced position. 2 7 8 3. Sleep 3 To switch off TV to standby at a specified 4 9 time (see page 14). 5 4. Surround Sound 6 To turn on/off the surround sound effect. In stereo, this gives the impression that the speakers are further apart. 5. MENU h To call up or ex

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

10. Mute Turn sound on or off. 11. Volume ( + VOL – ) To change sound to be louder or quieter. 12. Smart Picture /Sound 14 Accesses a series of predefined picture and sound settings (see page 18). 13. On-Screen information 15 Press to display (when available) informa- tion about the selected TV channel and programme. 10 16 14. Teletext (See pages 20-21). 11 17 15. OK Confirms selection. 12 16. Active Control Automatically adjusts the picture setting 18 for optimal picture

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

6 Quick Installation When you switch on the TV set for the first The search starts automatically. All the time, a menu is displayed on screen. This available TV programmes will be stored. menu prompts you to select the country of This operation takes a few minutes. your choice. The display shows the progress of the search and the number of programmes found. Country B Press OK Important : To exit or interrupt the CH to continue D search before it is completed, press the DK menu ke

Summary of the content on the page No. 13

7 Auto Store Before you automatically store channels 7. Press the Æ / key to confirm your select your country and language. selection. You can now store channels automatically. 1. Press the h key. 8. Press the Í key to return to the menu. 2. Press the Î ï key repeatedly to select Install, and press the Æ / key 9. Press the Î ï keys repeatedly to to enter the Install menu. select Auto Store. Main 10. Press the Æ / key to start automatic Picture Language searching for channels.

Summary of the content on the page No. 14

8 Manual Store This menu is used to store the programmes 5. System one at a time. Press the Î ï keys to select one of the following regions and press the Æ / 1. Press the h key. key to confi rm selection. - Europe (automatic detection) 2. Press the Î / ï keys to select Install, and - France (LL’ standard) press the Æ / key to enter the Install - UK (I standard) menu. - West Europe (BG standard) - East Europe (DK standard) Main 6. Search Picture Language Press the Æ key. The search starts.

Summary of the content on the page No. 15

9 Programme Sort Sort feature allows you to change the pro- 6. Press the Î ï keys to select the new gramme number for a channel. programme number, and press the Í key to confirm your choice. (The arrow 1. Press the h key. points to the right and sorting is com- pleted.) 2. Press the Î / ï key repeatedly to select Install, and press the Æ / key to Install 100 Language 001 enter the Install menu. Country 002 Auto Store 003 Manual Store 004 Main Sort 005 Picture Language Name 006 Sound Co

Summary of the content on the page No. 16

10 Naming Channels This feature allows you to assign a name to a TV channel. Install 106 Language 001 Country 002 1. Press the h key. Auto Store 003 Manual Store 004 2. Press the Î / ï key repeatedly to Sort 005 z select Install, and press the Æ / key Name 006 Fav. Program 007 to enter the Install menu. 008 Main OK 7. Press Æ / key until the name ap- Picture Language Sound Country pears at the top left hand corner of the Features Auto Store TV screen. The name is now stored. Install Man

Summary of the content on the page No. 17

11 Storing Your Favourite Channels This feature allows you store your favourite Install channels and skip other channels. When a 100 Language 001 channel is skipped, you cannot access it by Country 002 using the P – / + keys of the remote control. Auto Store 003 Manual Store 004 You can access the programme by using the Sort 005 digit 0 -9 keys only. Name 006 Fav. Program 007 1. Press the h key. 008 2. Press the Î ï key repeatedly to select Install and the Æ / key to 6. To return to pre

Summary of the content on the page No. 18

12 Features Timer 5. Adjust the timer setting by using the Í, Æ, Î, ï or digit 0-9 keys. The Timer feature allows you to set the TV to switch to another channel at a specified 6.Press key on the remote control to time while you are watching another chan- put the TV set in standby mode. nel. The TV will automatically come on at the You can also use the timer feature as an programmed time. If you leave the TV alarm to switch on the TV at a specified time set on, it will change channel

Summary of the content on the page No. 19

Parental lock Parental Lock 106 The Parental Lock feature allows you to Lock Program 001 Change Code 002 lock channels to prevent your children from Clear All 003 watching certain programmes. Lock All 004 005 1. Press the h key. 006 007 008 2. Press Î ï keys repeatedly to select Features and the Æ/ key to enter Features menu. In the Parental Lock menu, use the Î, ï, Í, Æ, Digit 0-9 and h keys to access and activate the Parental Lock functions. Main Picture Timer The following lis

Summary of the content on the page No. 20

Child lock Active control When you activate the Child Lock, the side This feature automatically and continuously or top controls of the TV are locked. The adjusts the picture setting to provide opti- TV can still be operated by using the remote mal picture quality in any signal conditions. control. 1. Press the h key. 1. Press the h key. 2. Press the Î ï keys repeatedly to se- 2. Press the Î ï keys repeatedly to select lect Features and press the Æ/ key Features, and press and the Æ/

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