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Device: Toshiba 15VL63c
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Date of adding : 2013-05-01 17:03:02
Number of pages: 27
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Toshiba 15VL63c user manual
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List of contents Important Information...............................................4 Special features .........................................................5 Safety instructions .....................................................6 Where to install .........................................................7 Getting started ..........................................................8 Aerial connection ..................................................................8 Switching on............

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Important Information The LCD display panels are manufactured using an extremely high level of precision technology, however sometimes some parts of the screen may be missing picture elements or have luminous spots. This is not a sign of a malfunction. Please take note EXCLUSION CLAUSE Toshiba shall under no circumstances be liable for loss and/or damage to the product caused by ; i) fire; ii) earthquake; iii) accidental damage; iv) intentional misuse of the product; v) use of the product in i

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Television Thank you for buying this television which is designed to give you many years of satisfactory service. you may already be familiar with using a television but do please take time to read these instructions. They are designed to familiarise you with the unit’s many new features and to ensure you get the very best out of your purchase. Special Features of the Television • Available for Cable Channels (A decoder may be required) • Wide angle perspective • SCART socket AV Socket and exter

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For your safety This equipment has been designed and manufactured to meet international safety standarts but, like any electrical equipment, care must be taken if you are to obtain the best results and safety is to be assured. So, please read the points below for your own safety. They are of a general nature, intended to help you with all your electronic consumer products and some points may not apply to the goods you have just purchased. Air Circulation... Do not... DON’T remove any fixed cover

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Where to install Locate the television away from direct sunlight and strong lights, soft, indirect lighting is recommended for comfortable viewing. Use curtains or blinds to prevent direct sunlight falling on the screen. Place on a sturdy platform, the mounting surface should be flat and steady It should then be secured to the wall with a sturdy tie using the hook that is on stand, or secured to the platform. The LCD display panels are manufactured using an extremely high level of precision tech

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Getting started Please Note: When not in use disconnect the Remove your Television carefully from the box. plug from the mains power supply. You may wish to store the packaging for future use. 4. Press the Stand-by button on the In the box under side of the TV, indicated by Inside the carton box you should have: the “ /I) symbol. The stand-by • Accessories box indicator will turn red. • Power cord 5. Press a Numeric button or the • Adapter ( ) or ( ) button on the remote • Remote control handse

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Control Unit 15VL63 13 2 7 56 4 Top control units AV3 AUDIO OUT L R L R VIDEO S-VHS DC 12V VGA 20 17 15 16 18 19 8 91 101 12 13 14 1.Speaker 8. Audio out (R,L) 15. Volume down 2.Stand-by 9. Audio RCA (L) 16. Volume up 3.Remote control 10. Audio RCA (R) 17. Menu button 4.Stand-by switch 11. Video input PHONO connector 18. Program down 5.Scart 12. S-VHS 19. Program up 6.Antenna input 13. DC 12V 20. Source Select 7.Headphone 14. VGA Please note • Do not use Video RCA and S-V

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Remote control 1. Teletext / TV choice buttons ( ) 2. Info button ( ) 3. Numeric buttons 27 18 4. Return to Selected Program Button ( ) 5. Picture Mode button ( ) 6. MENU button ( ) 7. Upward movement (Menu) 3 Program Up button ( ) 8. Left movement ( ) (Menu) Volume down button 4 9. Down button (Menu) 19 Program down button ( ) 10. Red Fastext Button 5 20 11. Green Fastext Button 6 21 12. Sound Type / Language choice button ( ) 13. RC mode choice button 7 22 14. PC/TV mode button 15.

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

Using the TV Turning on for the first time and Tuning TV controls Temporary On-Off (STAND-BY) Mute To temporarily mute the sound of your When you press the red ( ) stand-by television, press the ( ) button, Where button (temporary on-off function) located the ‘SOUND MUTE” on screen display on the upper right hand side of your will appear on screen as an indication remote control of your television when it of the application. When you press the is switched on; In that case, the power same button

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

External Device Tuning The TV Your television has one SCART socket. Automatic tuning and storing of the Every time you press the ( ) AV button, television program channels your default settings will change according to the socket connection below. In the SETUP menu select the country of which you want to watch the program 1. EXT 1 when using SCART socket 1 (with RGB with priority by pushing the Right/Left support) movement button ( )/( ) in the Country 2. EXT 2 when using the RCA socket bar. Pr

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

If you already know the Channel number Manual Tuning By pressing the ( ) and ( ) buttons of TV channel search by user and saving to your remote control, you will bring up memory the SET UP menu on your television screen. Using the down button ( ) If you do not know the Channel number on your remote control, highlight the Manual Tuning bar in yellow and press By pressing the ( ) and ( ) buttons of ( ) or ( ) button. The Manual Tuning your remote control, you will bring up menu will appear on th

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Fine Tuning Programme Sorting If the current channel requires fine tuning, Select the program sorting bar using the select the Manual Fine Tuning bar using ( ) or down button ( ) in the Setup the right ( ) button on the Manual Tuning menu, then press the ( ) or right button menu. Using the up ( ) and down ( ). The Programme Sort menu will ( ) movement buttons on your remote appear. Please select your desired control, adjust the program on the screen program using the ( ) and ( ) to the quality

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The setup of your television Equalizer: Selecting the Equalizer mark press Setting up the Sound Menu ( ) or ( ) button. The equalizer setting function will be displayed. Using the You can control the sound settings of up/down movement ( ) / ( ) buttons your television by using the ( ) and ( ) you choose between a series of preset buttons on your remote control or the settings for different types of sound output ( ), ( ) buttons directly on your television. such as Music, Sports, Cinema and You c

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When you plug in the headset and press the TINT: When the NTSC video is connected from MUTE button sound is transferred into the headset. the SCART, you can adjust the colour tint setting. The audio setting of the headset can be adjusted If you do not connect this type of video, then the using the “VOL+” and “VOL-“ buttons. TINT option will not be displayed on the OSD menu. Picture Set up By pressing the ( ) and ( ) or ( ) button on your remote control please enter the Picture menu. Select the

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Features Special Features Timer Features Select the Timer feature in the menu and Select the Features in the MENU and press ( ) or ( ) button. The Timer menu press ( ) or ( ) button. The Features will be displayed. With this function, menu will be displayed. you will have the ability to automatically turn your television on or off at the time Panel Lock: If you turn this feature of your choice, or enable your television On, your TV will not be turned on in to shift from one channel to another at

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Using Teletext Teletext is an information system that displays TV/text mix text on your TV screen. Using the teletext control To view a TV programme whilst in text buttons you can view pages of information that mode, press the ( ) button. The text are listed in the teletext index. will be superimposed over the TV programme. Please Note: No on screen display is available in text mode. The contrast, brightness and colour Press the ( ) button again to return to cannot be changed but the volume co

Summary of the content on the page No. 18

Page Stop To reveal information If the page of text you have selected Press the ( ) button to reveal concealed contains sub pages, these sub pages information (quiz answers etc.). will automatically be displayed in order with a delay to allow you to read the Press the ( ) button again to conceal page. the information again. To stop the move to the next sub page press the ( ) button. ( ) symbol will Clock appear in the top left hand corner. Press the ( ) button, whilst watching a To continue mov

Summary of the content on the page No. 19

Connecting external equipment You can connect a wide range of audio and Via RCA lead (optional) video equipment to your TV. Make sure the TV and video recorder are both switched off. Connecting a video recorder Plug one end of the RCA lead into the video and Via SCART audio out sockets on the back of the video recorder and plug the other end into the video Make sure the TV and video recorder are both and audio in sockets of the TV. switched off. Plug one end of the SCART lead (For connecting I

Summary of the content on the page No. 20

Via aerial socket Via RCA lead and S-Video socket Make sure the TV and video recorder are both You can also connect it through the switched off. S-Video socket of the TV. Unplug the aerial lead form the TV and plug it Plug the S-Video plug into the S-Video socket into the aerial socket on the video and the audio leads into the audio sockets. recorder. Plug a coaxial plug into the RF out socket on the rear of the video recorder and plug the other end into the aerial socket on the TV. Switch on t

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