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Device: Audiovox IM-500
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Audiovox IM-500 user manual
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Model IM-500

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OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS RADIOAND CASSETTE CONTROLS 1 ON-OFF SWITCH/VOLUME CONTROL Rotate this knob to the right to turn the radio on. Continue rotation until the desired volume level is obtained. 2 BASS CONTROL TREBLE CONTROL (PULL) Turn the knob clockwise to increase bass response, counterclockwise to decrease bass response. A detent click can be felt at the center of rotation. Similarly, the treble response can be adjusted by pulling the knob outward until it locks into position and then rot

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5 FM/AM BAND SELECTOR Each time this button is pressed, the radio band is changed. The indication “AM”, “FM1” or “FM2” will appear on the display panel according to your selection. 6 & 7 MANUAL UP/DOWN TUNING SEEKTUNING To manually select a radio station, momentarily press the Up Tuning ( ) button 6 to advance the unit one digit higher or the Down Tuning ( ) button 7 to tune downward. Pressing either button for longer than 0.5 second will activate the Seek Tuning function and c

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normal conditions. In addition, the visibility of the numbers on the LCD may slightly decrease. The LCD read-out will return to normal when the tempera- ture increases to a normal range. bmCASSETTEDOOR Hold the cassette with the exposed tape edge to the right and insert into the cassette door. Depress fully until the cassette is engaged and begins playing. When the cassette reaches the end of the side of the tape being played, the unit will automaticvally change direction of play as shown by

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bt RE-SETBUTTON A re-set button is located on the front panel which must be activated by a pen tip or other thin object as it is recessed to prevent accidental engagement. The re-set circuitry is provided to protect the microprocessor circuitry and should only be activated under the following circumstances as it will erase the time and station pre- set memories. 1. Upon initial installation after all wiring is completed. 2. If there is a malfunction of any of the switches on the unit, pressing

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CD CHANGER CONTROLS Built into this radio are controls to operate an optional 10-disc or 6-disc CD changer. Please check with your SPS/Audiovox or Prestige car stereo specialist for recom- mendations of the models that will work with this radio. Adjustment of audio functions (volume, tone, balance, and fader) operate in the same manner during CD play as they do for radio/cassette play. The following controls will operate the CD changer when it is installed and connected to this radio. Refer to

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first track on each disc will be played. When a desired disc is reached, press the Scan button cs again and play of the disc will continue (“DISC” and “SCAN” will disappear from the display panel). The Disc Scan mode will also be cancelled by activating any other disc function (Select, Cue, Review, Shuffle or Repeat). ctTRACK/DISCREPEAT (RPT) When the Repeat button ct is pressed, the “RPT” indication will appear on the display panel and play of the selected track will be continually repeat

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CAREANDMAINTENANCE The radio portion of your new sound system does not require any maintenance. We recommend you keep this manual for future reference on how to set the clock and for general reference of the many features found in this unit. As with any cassette player, the cassette section of this sound system does require a minimum of maintenance to keep it in good working condition. The following simple care and maintenance suggestions should be followed to prevent malfunctions of the casse

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