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User manual for the device Delfield SAHRI1-S

Device: Delfield SAHRI1-S
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Date of adding : 2013-12-11 18:21:53
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Delfield SAHRI1-S user manual
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Abstracts of contents
Summary of the content on the page No. 1

Specification Line®: Solid Door Heated Roll-In

Project __________________________________
Item ____________________________________
Quantity ________________________________
CSI Section 11400
Approved _______________________________
Specification Line®
Date ____________________________________
Self-Contained Solid Door Heated Roll-In
One section Two section Three section
SSHRI1-S SSHRI2-S SSHRI3-S Stainless exterior and interior full door
SAHRI1-S SAHRI2-S N/A Stainless

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

™ ® Delfield 34.00” 34.00” 86.4cm 86.4cm 34.00” 66.00” 98.00” 66.00” 98.00” 167.6cm 248.9cm 86.4cm 167.6cm 248.9cm 66.00” 98.00” 30.00” 167.6cm 248.9cm 30.00” 76.2cm 76.2cm 34.00” 30.00” 62.00” 34.00” 62.00” 34.00” 34.00” 86.4cm 76.2cm 34.00” 157.5cm 94.00” 86.4cm 94.00” 157.5cm 86.4cm 86.4cm 86.4cm 238.8cm 34.00” 238.8cm 34.00” 34.00” 34.00” 62.00” 34.00” 66.00” 86.4cm 98.00” 66.00” 66.00” 98.00” 98.00” 86.4cm 86.4cm 86.4cm 94.00” 157.5cm 86.4cm 167.6cm 248.9cm 167.6cm 167.6cm 248.9cm 238.8cm 2

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