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User manual for the device Frigidaire Side by Side Refrigerator FRS23KR4AB0

Device: Frigidaire Side by Side Refrigerator FRS23KR4AB0
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Frigidaire Side by Side Refrigerator FRS23KR4AB0 user manual
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P/N 240389300 (0011)

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Welcome & Congratulations Congratulations on your purchase of a new refrigerator! We here at Electrolux Home Products are very proud of our Questions? product and we are completely committed to providing you with the best service possible. Your satisfaction is our #1 1-800-944-9044 priority. (United States) Please read this Use & Care Manual very carefully. It contains 1-905-565-9200 valuable information on how to properly maintain your new refrigerator. (Canada) We know you’ll enjoy your new re

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Important Safety Instructions WARNING: Please Read All Instructions Before Using This Refrigerator. FOR YOUR SAFETY PROPER DISPOSAL OF YOUR REFRIGERATOR OR FREEZER • Do not store or use gasoline, or other flammable liquids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance. Read pro- Risk of child entrapment duct labels for warnings regarding flammability and other Child entrapment and suffocation hazards. are not problems of the past. • Do not operate the refrigerator in the presence of Junked

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Installation This Use & Care Manual provides specific operating LEVELING instructions for your model. Use the refrigerator only as All four corners of your refrigerator must rest firmly on a instructed in this Use & Care Manual. Before starting the solid floor. Your refrigerator is equipped with adjustable front refrigerator, follow these important first steps. rollers to help level your unit. To Level Your Refrigerator: LOCATION 1. Remove toe grille. • Choose a place that is near a grounded ele

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Installation - Connecting Ice Maker To Water Supply To avoid electric shock, which can cause death or severe personal injury, disconnect the refrigerator from electrical power before connecting a water supply line to the refrigerator. To Avoid Property Damage: • Copper tubing is recommended for the water supply line. Water supply tubing made of ¼” plastic is not recommended since it greatly increases the potential for water leaks. Manufacturer will not be responsible for any damage if plastic tu

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Door Removal Instructions DOOR REMOVAL INSTRUCTIONS: If it is necessary to move the refrigerator through narrow doorways, follow these steps to remove the doors. IMPORTANT: Before you begin, turn freezer temperature control to OFF and remove electrical power cord from wall outlet. Remove any food from door shelves. 1. Disconnect electrical supply. 2. Open both doors, then remove toe grille. 3. Close doors. To Remove Refrigerator Door: 1. Remove top hinge cover screw on refrigerator door and rem

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Features At A Glance Features may vary according to model 7

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Temperature Controls COOL DOWN PERIOD To ensure safe food storage, allow the refrigerator to operate with the doors closed for at least 8 to 12 hours before loading it with food. REFRIGERATOR & FREEZER CONTROLS NOTE: When first setting the controls or when changing a setting, wait 24 hours for the temperature to stabilize before making additional changes. TEMPERATURE ADJUSTMENT • After 24 hours, adjust the controls as needed. When adjusting temperatures, move the knob in small increments. • For

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Looking Inside PIZZA SHELF (SOME MODELS) This shelf is attached to the freezer wall beside the ice dispenser container. This convenient area allows for storage of pizza and other tall items placed vertically between the ice dispenser container and the freezer wall. ICE CREAM SHELF (SOME MODELS) This shelf attaches to the top of the ice dispenser container. It allows storage of both round and rectangular cartons of your favorite ice cream. TIP-UP SHELF (SOME MODELS) A Tip-Up shelf in the freezer

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

Looking Inside (continued) DOOR STORAGE Door bins and shelves are provided for convenient storage of jars, bottles, and cans. Frequently used items can be quickly selected. Some models have door bins that can accommodate gallon-sized plastic drink containers and economy-sized jars and containers. Some bins are adjustable for maximum storage capacity. The dairy compartment, which is warmer than the general food storage section, is intended for short term storage of cheese, spreads, or butter. Fix

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Looking Inside - Special Storage Areas CRISPERS (SOME MODELS) MEAT KEEPER (SOME MODELS) The crispers, located under the bottom refrigerator shelf, Some models are equipped with a Meat Keeper. Meat Keeper are designed for storing fruits, vegetables, and other fresh temperatures can be adjusted by sliding the Meat Keeper produce. Wash items in clear water and remove excess water Temperature Control in either direction. Use this pan for short before placing them in the crispers. Items with stron

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Automatic Ice and Water Dispenser ICE AND WATER DISPENSER FEATURES The ice and water dispenser conveniently dispenses chilled water, and ice cubes or crushed ice, depending on the model. Some models have an Extra Ice feature that increases ice production for special occasions such as parties. To operate the ice dispenser, select the ice option desired using the touchpad. Press a glass against the dispensing paddle as far up as possible to catch all ice. To stop dispensing ice, pull glass away fr

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Automatic Ice and Water Dispenser ICE DISPENSER TIPS • Ice cubes stored too long may develop an odd flavor. Empty the ice container and ensure that the wire signal arm is in its “down” or ON position. The ice maker will then produce more ice. • Occasionally shake the ice container to keep ice separated. • Keep the wire signal arm in its “up” or OFF position until the refrigerator is connected to the water supply or whenever the water supply is turned off. If the dispensing paddle is pushed for m

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Automatic Ice and Water Dispenser TM PureSource Ice and Water Filter (some models) TM NOTE: If you purchased a refrigerator with a PureSource Ice and Water filter, please read the following use and care information. This ice and water filter system filters water to your ice maker and water dispenser. It is located in the upper right back corner of the fresh food compartment. System Startup: Water supply does not need to be turned off, however, do not use ice and water dispenser while insta

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Food Storage & Energy Saving Ideas FOOD STORAGE IDEAS Fresh Food Storage • The fresh food compartment should be kept between 34° F and 40° F with an optimum temperature of 37° F. • Avoid overcrowding the refrigerator shelves. This reduces the circulation of air around the food and results in uneven cooling. Fruits and Vegetables • Storage in the crisper drawers traps moisture to help preserve the fruit and vegetable quality for longer time periods. Meat • Raw meat and poultry should be wrapped s

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Normal Operating Sounds & Sights UNDERSTANDING THE SOUNDS YOU MAY HEAR A. Evaporator The flow of refrigerant through the evaporator may Your new high-efficiency refrigerator may make unfamiliar create a boiling or gurgling sound. sounds. Don’t be alarmed, these are all normal sounds. Hard surfaces, such as vinyl or wood floors, walls, and kitchen B. Evaporator Fan cabinets may make sounds more noticeable. Listed below You may hear air being forced through the refrigerator are descriptions of s

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Care & Cleaning Keep your refrigerator and freezer clean to prevent odor build-up. Wipe up any spills immediately and clean both sections at least twice a year. Never use metallic scouring pads, brushes, abrasive cleaners or strong alkaline solutions on any surface. Do not wash any removable parts in a dishwasher. Always unplug the electrical power cord from the wall outlet before cleaning. CAUTION: • When moving the refrigerator, pull straight out. Do not shift the refrigerator from side to sid

Summary of the content on the page No. 18

Care & Cleaning (continued) Avoid cuts when replacing light bulbs, wear gloves. REPLACING LIGHT BULBS 1. Unplug refrigerator. 2. Wear gloves as protection against possible broken glass. 3. Remove light cover, if necessary. 4. Unscrew and replace old bulb with an appliance bulb of the same wattage. 5. Replace light cover, if necessary. 6. Remember to plug the refrigerator back in. Refrigerator Light Replacement Crisper Light Replacement (Some Models) Freezer Light Replacemen

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Warranty Information REFRIGERATOR WARRANTY Your refrigerator is protected by this warranty WARRANTY THROUGH OUR AUTHORIZED SERVICERS, THE CONSUMER WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR: PERIOD WE WILL: FULL ONE-YEAR One year from original Pay all costs for repairing or replacing any parts of this Costs of service calls that are listed under NORMAL WARRANTY purchase date appliance which prove to be defective in materials or RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE CONSUMER. * workmanship. Excludes original and replacement Ice

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