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User manual for the device GE 49-6514

Device: GE 49-6514
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Date of adding : 2014-02-02 18:26:18
Number of pages: 15
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GE 49-6514 user manual
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Abstracts of contents
Summary of the content on the page No. 1

“12V+ .pq+””
tkbt fmm
t?hfii! -.!
Use andCareof
No~Frost model
Energy-saving tips
How the Energy Saver
switch works
How longshould you.
Use theProblem Solver

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

Help Us helpymRIB•• Energy-Saving Tips .,, . . . . . ...2 kmi this bookUWd’diy, ImportantSafetyInstructions.. ..3 It is intendec! tohelpyouoperam andmaintainyournewrefrigerator You’ll seethemonalabelat dw HowtoConnectElectricity. ..3.4 properly. bottom,just insi(icthefreshfood InstaUaticm Requirements,. ...3.4 compartment door, Keepithandyforanswerstoyour HowtoAdjustRoIlers . . . , , , , , ,4 questions. Thesenumbersarcalsoonthe HowtoSetTemperature ConsumerProductOwnership Controls. . . . . . . .

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

appliarw,always kxerciseba;ic safetyprecautions, including the following: intemkxll pwpixwas describedin partsoftheejectormechanism,or thisUseandCareBook. b mm toIW’tM.Wd? the doom l%k withtheheatingeiernentthat willreduce thepossibilityof releasesthecubes, ~TM refrigerator must be dangertochildren, propm%y hMaiM in accordance @ JJQ#t~&~~~@ fjro~~f~o* withthehM$@Mi4.m Ii@wctims @ Unplugyourrd’r@m@or: whichhavethm’w?d< cm’npMXJly. beforeitis used.fleegrotindirkg TheUnitedStatesDepartmentof A, Bef

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

use OK Adapter Ph.lg Adjustable Mms, whichenable Becauseofpotential safety Becauseofpotentialsafetyhazards youtomoveyourrefrigerator away hazardsundercertainconditions, undercertainconditions, westrongly fromthewallforcleaning,are westronglyrecommend againstthe recommend against useofanadapter locatedbehindthebasegrille, useofanextension cord.However, plug.However, ifyoustillelect Theserollersshouldbe sotsothe ifyoustillelecttouseanextension touseanadapter,wherelocal refrigerator is firmlypositi

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

.--——.—— -. —— ————-——...—.,.. .—-—.—.. -”. -.—. . OpemtingYour Refr@embr — % tthe’Emperature (Xmtrds ‘I’his turnsCMTheaters inyour — — ~. refrigerator thatpreventmoisture —— — fromformingm theoutside. —. — — Umof the EnergySaverSwitchcan THUIPERATURE CONTROLS — —. saveyoumoney.Estimated yearly — t - savings, depending onyourlocal — FREEZER — .— electricrates,fireasfollows: — — — 4 . C INITIAL SETTING ‘p}~ T“- Estlmat6d Yearly Savin~s - Eneroy w. ~ COLDEST SWhlgs !VIO(ki Electric Rate(P6rKwh) —

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

stqggested $km$gt? times Tostore chew, wmpwellwith wrapwellin f’rcezer-weight foil(or wwx paperoraluminum foil,or put for meat am.?l poudtry* otherheavy-duty wrapping mnterhd) ina plasticbog, RKFRI:RIITOR FRE!’2ER formingitcarefullytotheshapeof Eatingquality drops ~Carefullywraptoexpelairand thecontents.Thisexpelsair,Fold after time shown 350;;Y:QOF. ~o~. helppreventmold. — andcrimpendsd’thept@8gf? Ml hIIfN’dTHS @ Storepre-packaged cheeseinits FreshMeats providea good,Imtingseal. 6 to 12 Roasts

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

—— St?ded snackPack - (onmodels sow@pped) — — ~ TheSealed SW&Pack-andattached — — shelf—am berelocated withinfresh — fti comparhmml, Thesealed drawer -W. retainshighhumidity forconvenient — stomge ofmeats,cheese,bwm, hors — — d’oeuvres, spreadsandsnacks, —. — CooI’ll IFkesh Drawer Mjm”mmp Drawer ----- -. = (m models w equipped) — (m moddssoeqdpped} ——. Drawer Removal Thisrefi-igerated drawerisdesigned Thisdrawerhasanadjustable two- I#E$l- toprovide temporary lowerhumidity Drawersstopbeforecoming

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

—- ... shelves Howtorearm~e spm?makerTM Door {onmodels soequipped) yourshelves ShelvesondoorsofGeneral Adjm@bIe SheIves in Electricrefrigerators provide convenient storagefor frequently FreshFoodCompamment useditems. Shelves inthefi-esh foodcompartment areadjustableinanycombination, enablingyouto makeefficientshelf arrangements tofityourfamily’s Ccmking-serving-storage dishes withLexan@ see”through lidsfit foodstorageneeds. intoa slide-outtraythat, together withtheshelfto whichitattaches, canbe

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

N.a”lwmii onRk’%sh Ebodl Ice*rViceshdves Cmpma Dom Oneshelf(m modelsso ((M andds Ml eq@3ped) equipped)hohlls twokmcube MjustabiePorts-Bins caneasilybe tl’$3J’S UpOlltof theWtly. carriedfmmrefrigeriitor toworkma, TOremovethetopshelftray,tilt rearofshelfupuntilpinsclearrear supports,Pullshelfforwardandlift ‘To remove:LifiPorts-Binstraight frontuntiltabsclearfrontsupports, upuntilmountinghooksdisengage. Toremoveshelf,pullitawayfrom TOrelocate:Selectdesiredshelf Movable shdfSUWW cabinetwalltodisenga

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

k%? ‘nEasy (onmodelsw) Cquippk?d) kce%%(?ry Kit / (a?~)f14$$lQl tit exh% H}*$) AGE wtmn!tliciccnudwr will I’tiplace theiceY(M use,!F automatically, Mcm keepyou supplim.1 wi(hubififulofcthW==- iccfortweryf hing,Wm-ybody==k= withoutfussormuss, Ifyourrcfrigcmtor didriotcome alrci.xiy equippedwithantiutomatiti iccnmker, youmaytuk.1 one-- Icetraysaredesignedto release contactyourlocalGEdc:dcr; cubeseasilyintoa companionice specifyLJK-JWI’-1 or UK-KIT-2. A TOremoveshelfiLiftshelfoff storagebin,Justinv

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

Oubide Otherpartsoftherefrigerator– including doorgaskets,meatand ‘I%e door handlesandtrimcanbe vegetabie drawers,icestorage ckxmd witha clothdampened with binandallplasticparts–can be a solution cleanedthesameway,Donot detergent andwater.Drywitha soft usecleansingpowders or other cloth.Don’tusewaxonthedoor abmsivecleaners. handlesor trim. I&p the finishclean. Wipewith a cleancloth,lightlydampened ‘Iio replacea lightbulb,unplug withkitchenappliancewaxor mild the refriger

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

RapidElectrical Di~nosis —- Yourrefrigerator iswiredforaccurate electrical dingnmisinyourhome-mkes onlyminutesfor8servicetechnician to Questiom? checkitsentimehxtrical system. NoneedM 13W T~~ fioblem Solver thetechnician tounplug,moveorunload therefrigerator tomakethediagnosis. PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE ANDREMEDY @ &faybein d&-~~t qc]~ W~en ~ot~r d~e~notop~rateforabout35minutes, *Tkq3eraturecontmiin OFFposition, ‘~N’interimlightisnoton, refrigeratormaynotbepluggedinatwalloutlet, @Ifplugis secureand

Summary of the content on the page No. 13

—. PIN’EM.JEM IPOISSIUILE CAUSE ANDREMEDY . @ Ncmmd air flowcoolingmotor.[nthere?igeration pri]cess,it isnwrtnal thatheatbe expelledintheareaundertherefrigemw Smnefloorcoverings willdiscolorat these normalandsafeoperating temperatures, Yow+@w coveringsuppliershouidbe consulted ifyouobject@thisdkwkmtim. . —. FRESHFOOD * Tmnpmature controlnotsetcoldenough.RefertoT13MPERATURE CONTROLS ORFREEZER onpage5, fXXVU?ARTMliNI’ @ W“ weather—frequent dooropenings. TEMPERATURE @ Doorleftopenfar toolonga time.

Summary of the content on the page No. 14

...-. —- .. If YouNeedservice oobtainservice,seeyourwarranty onthebackpageofthisbook. We’re proudofourserviceand wantyoutobepleased.If forsome reasonyouarenothappywiththe serviceyoureceive,herearethree stepstofoHow forlimtherhelp, FUWI’, contactthepeoplewho servicedyourappliance.Explain whyyouarenotpleased.Inmost cases,thiswillsolvetheproblem. NEXT,if youarestillnotpleased, writeallthedetails-including your phonenumber—to: Manager,ConsumerRelations GeneralElectric AppliancePark Louisville,Kentuc

Summary of the content on the page No. 15

—.. This warrantyh extended tci the –=—= i:. ,, ,.- ., ..- 1, . . . IS : ,s. II* ,. ,. ;: . ,. ,. . IiZ .. . 11. ,. ,. :: . ,. .. . II z ,.. II a ,, ,. ::. ,, ,.. ..- 11- ,,. !! . II ,, 11 !,. ,, ... 11- !!.= 1!* II ,, - ,, -. ,1 . ,, — ,.. 11: Ilk. II: ,, -. ,, - II = ,, “ ,. — ,,, 11: ,,- II x t,E ,, - ..— ~ fledacwnent d house fuses ,., llY- or resetting of circuit breakers. mii~ - ;;~- !1 x ~:._ o Failureof the productif it is usedfor otherthan its intended ~~~ IIa purposeor usedmnmercially.

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