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Device: GE TBFM18
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Date of adding : 2013-11-19 18:26:41
Number of pages: 12
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GE TBFM18 user manual
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Abstracts of contents
Summary of the content on the page No. 1

N 13 e o
U a C B
f m T T T

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

Before UsingYour Refrigerator ImportantCautions 1-2 2 Electrical Requirements 3 FactsAbout YourRefrigerator 3 Installation Information 3 Rollers– HowToAdjust 3 Leveling Legs–How ToAdjust Operating Your Refrigerator U t 4 No Defrosting 4 TemperatureControls t k a d w 4 Energy Saver Switch 4 Energy-SavingTips y new refrigerator 5 Food Storage Suggestions 6 Shelves–i-low ToAdjust i d 6 Cool’n Fresh Drawer Moist’n Fresh Drawer 6 READ THIS USE AND CARE BOOK. 6 Meats’nSnacks Drawer It contains detaile

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

manufacturing defects f ad p o t e GET ACX2UAINTED WITHYOURREFRIGERATOR [ p 81. A tw expires you may a ~ 1. Temperature controls purchase an Extended Sewice Ccmtractwhich w 2. Rollersor levelinglegs [behindgrille)e y tb y s n n T c u ebw ia f o a Fe r v 3. Defrost waterpan (behindgrille] SC a f mf e eC r 4. Ratingplate–record CSe I i a g i t a f t r modelandserialnumbers cob ywe ea v x hereforfuturereference. If youare dk$atisfiedwiththe serviceyou received Mw# h at s y s f h SOrlal # FiilST, co

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

GDon’t refreeze frozen foods which have thawed Cautions [continued] conqdetely.The United States Departmentof Agri- culture in Homeand Garden Bulletin No. 69 says, @LJnpJug your refrigerator: ‘:.,You may safely refreezef f t h t i t r A. Before making anyrepairs–(NOTE: Westrongly stillcontain ic o i t a s c b r 4 recommend that any servicing be performed by a h b heldno longerthan1 or 2 d ar e a qualified individual.) ‘ temat Ig i a f i s ht e i e fp B. Before cleaning, i s tre f Tgmp o f t h ah

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

A Y N R .m-~.m ino thy nref To m t td o y en o rr r adijo hig or c te r t t b i f o h a comp nec tma tre Twoadjusting screws i e r f near tempe i tl a - r are providedbehindthe frontgriiie fre sep t acirc c l e u foradjusting the height.Raising the frontof the refrigerator makesdoor f cprhisl a e o o g ty orefri closingmore hpositive, o instructionsfor g . -z- ,== =---- --- 3 adjustingtbmscrewsareiistedat the bottomof this page,If your refriger- ator/sequippedwith roilers,Hise Cha ay nrefr o i n

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

. Y Thisturnsoffheatersinyour’ refrigerator thatpreventmois- turefromformingontheoutside. I ~fl~f. t defrosttfreekefc o n o r Useof thisswitchcansaveyou money,Estimated yearly fMf’ .~ourrefrlgerator is designedand equippedto @ savings,dependingon your local electricrates,are as defrostitselfautomat i follows: Estimated YOarly Sav~n9s, A,pprox. % of CONTROLS Model ‘ EnergySavings ElectricRate(Per KWh) ‘t&Jrrefrigeratorhastwocontrols thatletyouregulatethe temperature intheFreshFoodandFreezercompar

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

F S Unfrozen Meats,FPo SuST i t g i u Meats, fish and poultry purchased M aP o .. fromthestorevaryinqualityandage; Mostf av . . . r e r consequently,safe storagetime in REFRl~~RAIOR F+ER Lean fish. . . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6-8Months Ea qualityd r t yourrefrigerator willvary. after time shown OOF. F f r ab r 350;;Y:OF. * Always remove store WrappingS. S sc . . . .. . . . . . . .2 M a O MOHTHS C p sandwiches, a o Rewrap in aluminum foii,filmor FM R E Ie(c f o waxpaperandrefrigerate

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

[mo sequi d o p (onmodelsso equipped) Aspb a t r o t u e Most (3enerai Electric No-Frost Re- CoFdk td r r re o frigerators have adjustable shelves fg a t w i The slight o r whichlet youvarythe amountof space openingthat’smaintained atthe front betweenthe sheivesfor greater stor- edgeof the drawerallowsproperair ageflexibility. flowto providea lowerhumidity stor- agearea. DONOT ATTEMPT TOFORCE COOL’!J FRESH DRAWER TIGHTLY. CLOSED. MEATS’NSNACKS E ottIole sto dr a a h r w v v DRAWER I@si tmai afs

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

. -- th I sd i o i e age bin by meansof as a w sd t i c a c e i Icewcou t n m n i fe a ir b asu a t yG aE C f e e l [mo sequi d O p CF SO f a f cumulationof icecubesi ts t b th toptemcC CS e u a h p e i yourrefrig iope be r f e For maximum ice storage, level the wa conne im t ti a c t c I i i uin “ c f storedcubeswithy hoc c o rna keep the manual icemaker k wb c a t s e a Besno in w l t u t switchin OFFposi t Emptyicestoragebinperiodicallyand ts of the feeler arm. w washil w u Oyic i iop n e e o

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

Iml&ting?’ Nyouahutoff-tothe rddfpratwfowx$endadmmm t powar Oord f theWatl WMata@a o m A$ ao tl n o l refacl intw ba sodau o m s i s k n e otab! o bakings peq owW a u o a n e i LmmaItems ahouldha protaotedor aecwredwtthtape-items d Tfn form oo Placoopen txncof soda in r d v a such as grille, shelves, storage pans, ioe trays, ioe storage refdgemtor and leave doorsopen. bo ar p Tpu t e c o r Iytafsh af il and causingdamage. — o o a o o remo f u ale tempe cont no .t n a r w r r W*nnurr a u a h e rt

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

You’l{find General Hectric Factory Sewhx3Centers in all these cities. TENNESSEE GEORGIA MARYLAND Long Island City -11101 ALABAMA 48-10 Northern Boulevardtm - a Atlanta -30325 Jeasu irmingham -35210 813 East llth Street (212) 626-8600 500 Crestwooct Boulevard 1225 Chattahoochee Ave., NW. 8201 &l%?&ive (615) 265-8596 P.0, BOX 19538 (301) 953-9130 (205) 956-0333 (?4asstw-Suff6!k COuntY) (404) 897-6400 MASSACHUSETTS Johnson City -37601 Mehrilte -11746 (Decatur-HurMsville) 2912 Bristol Highway 336 So

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

ACC KOp ae COSt e t x If your refrigerator d n ca l AGE automatic icemaker will replace the iyus automat I can keep you equipped with an automatic icemaker, you e c o i supplied with a binful of cubes—ice for may add one—contact your local GE deaier; everything, everybody-without fuss or muss. specify ”GE-KIT-l or UK-KIT-I. MXa.’M&W 7BFf6S isMaq@p#toacc8PtaflM m a ● If the doorsare not opened FMMge d not operateOpe so H a ft o o r m r u @Ma i defrost cycle when refrigerator regularly, ice cube f

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