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User manual for the device Haier Refrigerator 350M

Device: Haier Refrigerator 350M
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Haier Refrigerator 350M user manual
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Abstracts of contents
Summary of the content on the page No. 1

Inspired living
QA Passed
HRF - 300M-310M-340M-380M-350M-342RS-382RS
Please read this manual
HNR Company (Pvt) Ltd.
carefully before use.
Head Office : 63/B, Mega Tower Main Buleward, Gulberg-III, Lahore.

Retain it for future reference.
UAN: 11 11 HAIER (42437) Tel: 042 - 35879105 - 7

Warranty Card inside.
service@haier.com.pk www.haier.com.pk

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

Service Centres LAHORE KARACHI GUJRAT 92-B, Sharif Colony, C-16 Block#.5 Tariq Plaza Nr. Bandan Iftikhar Ahmed Rashid Minhas Road Marriage Hall, Malik Road Nr. NIPA Chorangi Rahman Shaheed Road Tel: 042-5879105-7 Tel: 021-4817834-7 Tel: 053-2107114/3537928/9 LAHORE (2) KARACHI (2) GUJRANWALA 62-2-C-2 C-21,Sector 31 E GMS Area Bismillah Town Ship Lakhnow Co operative Market, G.T Road Tel: 042-5117863,5122333 Housing Society Korangi Opp. Gold Marriage Hall Road, Near Nasir Jump Tel: 055

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

Household Refrigerator Primary features 1 Cooling Energy Storage. Table of Contents Cooling energy storage can hold the freezer lower temperature long time when power interruption Before using the appliance 1 Primary features 2 Diagram of parts 3-5 Safety precautions 6 Location 7 Preparation 2 Sliding Food Shelves For Easy Access. 8 Operation Inside freezer and refrigerator compartments install sliding food Instruction for the refrigerator storage shelves for convenience of

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

Diagram of parts Safety precautions This refrigerator requires a 220V/50Hz supply Damaged Electric Cable Failure in operation and damage to the When the electrical cable is damaged or control panel, thermostat or the worn, turn off the refrigerator and consult compressor will occur if voltage is outside to an authorized service agent for the range 187-242V unless a regulator replacement. with a capacity of over 750W or higher is installed. 1 - Ice box 8 - Refrigerator shelf 9 - Bottle bl

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

Safety precautions Safety precautions Never store inflammable, explosive or Don't place electrical plugs, regulators or Do not touch inside surface of freezer Never store bottled bevarages in the corrosive material in the refrigerator. microwaves on top of the refrigerator. compartment in operation, especially with freezer compartment. Don't use electric appliances (Except those wet hands as hands may freeze onto the allowed by manufacturer) inside the surface. refrigerator. This refriger

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

Preparation Location The appliance should be placed on a flat and solid surface. If the refrigerator is placed on a plinth, flat, strong and fire-resistant materials must be used. The front Unpacking black foot of the refrigerator can be adjusted clockwise or anti-clockwise to lift or 1 Remove all packing materials. lower the refrigerator if it is placed on an uneven surface. Adjustable Foot Check attached accessories and 2 Clockwise Anti-clockwise materials. Check if all accessories speci

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

Refrigerating Operation storage compartment Power supply 1 The refrigerator is for short term Adjusting temperature O food storage of daily consumption. 2 0-10 C Although the temperature in most areas in OFF the refrigeration compartment can be O O regulated between 0 C and 10 C, extended periods of food storage is not recommended, Refrigerator should only be used for short-term storage. COLD (MAX) COLD (MIN) 1 4 Storage areas 5 2 As cold air circulates inside the refrigerator, 6 tempe

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

Refrigerating Suggestions storage precautions Storage period will be extended if Leaves of carrots or turnips should be Hot food must be cooled to room Dry any water droplets on the food vegetables are placed with their roots removed before storage. temperature before storing in the before placing it in the refrigerator. towards the cold source. refrigerator. Food to be stored should be properly Storage of sorted food Eggs should be stored vertically in the Frozen food can be placed in th

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

Freezing storage Freezing storage compartment precautions Long-term storage of food Food cut into small portions will freeze faster Hot food should not be stored in the As the freezer storage temperature is very low, fresh and be easier to defrost and cook. The refrigerator until it has cooled down to room food can be stored in the freezer compartment for a recommended weight for each protion is less temperature. than 2.5kg. long time. Food requiring long-term storage can be stored in

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

Defrosting Vacation Power interruption Manual defrosting Even in summer, food can be stored in the refrigerator for a few hours after a power This refrigerator is designed for manual defrosting. interruption. Don't put additional food into the refrigerator during a power interruption and try to open the door as less Cleaning frequently as possible. The refrigerator should be cleaned regularly If prior notice of a power interruption is to prevent the formation of bad odors. given, make som

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

Troubleshooting Vacation Before leaving for a vacation The refrigerator and piping system of the Temperature of the refrigerator and the compressor will rise and the refrigerator may produce a slight sound Remove the vulnerable food compressor will run for comparatively when the refrigerator operates due to longer periods when the refrigerator from refrigerator if the ambient temperature changes. is first started. vacation is short and properly set the control panel, and Poop make sur

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

Troubleshooting After-sales service In the event that the refrigerator does not work properly, please check out and solve problems according to the following methods. If problems persist, contact the after- sales service center. Information of model, accessory list and serial number of the Energy efficiency specified in the technical parameters complies with government refrigerator is required. standards and is measured under the following conditions: ambient temperature O O Please determin

Summary of the content on the page No. 13

Technical Information Packing List Technical Information Model HRF-342RS HRF-350M HRF-380M HRF-340M HRF-310M HRF-300M HRF-382RS SN,N,ST,T SN,N,ST,T SN,N,ST,T SN,N,ST,T SN,N,ST,T SN,N,ST,T SN,N,ST,T Climate class Rating I I I I I I I Circuit Breaker 384 345 345 Volume(L) 345 384 310 300 132 132 135 132 132 109 109 Freezervolume(L) Rated voltage(V~) 220 220 220 220 220 220 220 Cooling capacity(kg/24h) 4.5 4.5 4.5 4.5 4.5 3.5 4.5 R134a 190g R134a 190g R134a 190g R134a 190g R134a 190g R134a 180g R1

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