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User manual for the device KitchenAid 4KSRF42DT

Device: KitchenAid 4KSRF42DT
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Date of adding : 2014-08-05 18:32:35
Number of pages: 12
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KitchenAid 4KSRF42DT user manual
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Abstracts of contents
Summary of the content on the page No. 1

Canada in Licensee
Inc., Canada, KitchenAid U.S.A., Inc., KitchenAid, of Trademark Registered *
1113438 No. Part
use. inspector’s electrical
for Instructions Installation
reference. future for Instructions
Installation Keep Hommwr@r:
Homeowner. the with lnstr~~ctions
tnstallation Leave
4KSRF42DT Model
m (1067 42”

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

Before supplied installation: l l custom-made: for Observe l Tools materials needed installation: 5/16”(6 mm) 3/4” (19 mm) 3116” (5 mm) l/4” (6 mm) 114” mm) 116” (3 mm) or shutoff 6, #6, or 2, l/4” (6 mm) nut 32” (613 mm) fong 7 for 1 3/8” (35 mm) front 1 Page leveler - wrench open - speclflcatlons.) page (See coverlng. wall behind driver concealed be may wlres - boards wood ElectrIcal house. the of wall screws locator stud the into holes drilling when wo

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

Dimensions built-in (178 electrical let 356 mm) Wall t mm) + r mm) mm) +/- l/8” mm) 2 Page tolerance (3 location r78 plumbing Floor 3. page on given are grilles top optional with dimensions Height areas. shaded within mm). (2124 anywhere cut be can 83-5/8” than less enclosures for required be may grilles top Optional mm). (2153 84-W” to mm) (2096 82-l/2” of minimum a from range can area built-in of Height (32 l-114” shown. as method that for given dimensions the (33

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

dimensions of Levelers l/8” mm) rollers to of . .._.. . ..- i”‘(l9l-mm) l-118” (29 mm) 8-112” (216 mm) 4- 23.718” of (696 mm) (3 mm) 82-112” to from (2124 mm) (216 mm) 85118” (2111 mm) 8” (293 mm) 82-5/8” (2999 mm) 7-W” (191 mm) I , w w 3.112” (89 mm) mm\ Levelers fully w rollers of grille of l-114” (32 mm b 1 s to from (2153 mm) ht Grilles 8-1 2 (216 mm) 84-114” (2140 mm) V (293 mm) 7-112’ 4210546 ; (2127 mm) mm) 2 1 4210545 R.&h;g;zm ; 2 1 3 Pa

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

grille for door door I * 114” - mm) 4 mm) door 6” b - mm) 3” (76 mm) mm) 70.7116" mm) I 4 1 If door (6 mm) 1 t It i! e to t of a of & (76 mm) In from to a 2” (51 mm) to door mm) full th of or a s 1 of 50 of 30 (13.6 T for 8-112” 216 mm’) I mm) c mm) 68.1116” for (1729 mm) for 191 mm) \ kmm) of 10 (4.5 114" mm) +I- mm) a to all shown. dlmenslons 4 Page mm) (1.5 l/16” add used, Is panel routed If Note: tolerance (1.5 l/16” dlmenslons All t

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

Side panel requirements c -(lo67 c (4mm) -II- 23-118” (587 mm) door (606 mm) + (95 mm) flush door ,I ; ;:L, I J-l t trim (4mm) trim 1. for -8fde door -I 112” (13 mm) fa * 1 e trim \ 5 Page restrictions. site’s determlned. refrigerator of side each on wall each to according completed been has refrlgerator rear the to attached be should be to need will installation the of helght Installed the nailer support panel side A 2. panel side available, is after only

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

Electrical Water requirements requirements l l mm) POWER off 6 Page Injury. personal In result may drill ground to Fallure use. during drill enters and line in is water If shock lethal or severe prevent to grounded be must drill Eiectrlc Hazard. Shock Electric electrician. line. qualified a by installed receptacle water clear wall 3-prong grounded, properly and supply a have to customer the of obligation water main and responsibility personal 2.Tum the is it available,

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

, !/I l\\\\\lj/fl to of 2” . f. l offlt 1” rofflt- (25 mm) 1” , ,114” (6 mm) \ a of l/4” \ \ 7 Page cover. the of ends the beyond cover. the of ends the beyond mm) (51 inches 2 extend must mm) (51 inches 2 extend must block(s) wood The block. first the of blocks wood The block. first the of front the to block wood second the front the to block wood second the Screw mm). (38 -l/2” 1 of minimum Screw mm). (38 -l/2” 1 of minimum a studs wall engage screws sure a studs wal

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

start... l l Numbers correspond steps 8 Page to protected. be will trim side cabinet and handles that sure making strap damage.lIghten prevent 2\ to trim side cabinet the over posts corner two Insert scratching. prevent a, 15. to handles around posts corner two Insert refrigerator. around loosely truck from strap Wrap refrigerator. the of side the under dolly appliance Place 9. time. this at bracing door and tape remove Not Do base. shipping and brackets Discard refriger

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

trim 9 Page panels. custom cut to sizes exact for cabinet. the of side left the level leaks. for connections all dimensions insert and panel Custom to guide basket freezer the on level Check position. “ON” the to switch See sides. all on edge mm) (6 the Place height. required the to refrfgerator the Turn position. open l/4” a have to routed be to have and level until rod leveling rear right, the to valve supply water the Turn will it thick, mm) (6 l/4” than more the Turn back. to

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

, most use from read KitchenAid’ Use and Care Guide. Keep tions and Guide close easy reference. 10 Page damage. floor and refrigerator cause frame grille top lighten to screws ten can leaking Any leaking. for again Use cabinet. on trim top for refrigerator built-in refrigerator the of bottom with aligned is grille top El to the at connections . that Check true Ins tion talla Ins water the Check your countertops.) adjust to builder refrigerator, built-in your (Consult miter

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

built-in l Inc. Canada, KitchenAid 1989 0 3A7 L5N Ontario Mississauga, U.S.A. in Printed Inc. Canada, KitchenAid by Prepared 1113438 No. Part 821-6606 (416) Telephone: 3A7 L5N (Ontario) Mississauga Court Minnesota 1901 Inc., Canada, KitchenAid Department, Relations Customer the contact unsatisfactory, Guide. Care and Use the in provided is service local your If outlet. is checklist troubleshooting servicing KitchenAid authorized cabinet. detailed more A receptacle. xall an or u

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