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User manual for the device Maytag Refrigerator RST2400

Device: Maytag Refrigerator RST2400
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Maytag Refrigerator RST2400 user manual
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Models: RST2400 and RST2200
Installation ........................................................................................................................................... 1
Energy Saving Tips ............................................................................................................................ 1
General Features ............................................................................................................................... 2

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INSTALLATION Connecting the Appliance 1. Remove and discard shelf packing clips. 2. Do not install where the room temperature will go WAliNIN(7,: This appliance is designed to operate below 55 degrees F. It will not run frequently enough on a nominal 115 volt, 15 amp, 60 cycle line. There to maintain proper temperature in the freezer, should be a separate, grounded circuit serving this appliance only. Do not use an extension cord. 3. Allow a free flow of"air through the front base grille. 4. For

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GENERAL FEATURES Automatic Ice Maker Light Refrigerator Temperature Control Freezer Temperature Control Compartment 2 Cradle Jstable Door Bins Light ilever Shelves Adjustable Shelves Deli Drawer Temperature Meat/Cheese Drawer Tall Bottle Retainer gm gm m Freezer Storage Drawer Front Rollers Base Grille Features may vm), according to model. PAGE 2

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OPERATING THE CONTROLS FREEZER REFRIGERATOR I I D-INITIA SETTING L 6-INITIAL SETTING G.GOLUF_ _E3q'ING T II-COLO SEITtNG EST Initial Setting of Controls Warm Cabinet Surfaces Freezer Control: This control has settings from A Some portions of the cabinet may be warm to the (warmest) to G (coldest). Initially set this eontrol to touch. This is a normal tkmction of the refrigerator D. which helps prevent moisture from condensing on the 1 NOTE. The coldest freezer , _ttmg ,(G) !s you first start you

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SPECIAL STORAGE AREAS De|i Drawer Covered Dairy Compartment This shallow drawer in the refrigerator compartment is Tile butter dish is located in the covered dairy designed to store small packages such as dell meats and compartment. Use this area to store either butter or cheeses. It is suspended on the back wall like the margarine or other daiJy products. To use, raise the cover. cantilever shelves, thus it is adjustable and removable according to storage needs. Sealed Crisper This deeper drawe

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TIPS FOOD STORAGE purchasing andeaeb riseClose ca on lids t gbtly to Fresh Food Storage keep out air and odors. _. The FRESH FOOD compartment should be kept at * Occasionally mold will develop on the surface of hard ¢,_ 34°F_t0°F with an optimum temperature of 37°F. To cheeses (Swiss, Cheddar, Parmesan). This can be _" cbeek thetmnperature, place an appliancethermometer trimlned away and the remaining cheese will be in a glass of water in the center of the refrigerator, flavorful and safe to eat

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Food Storage Chart The following chart shows approxiinate storage times ° for various refrigerated and frozen foods. These storage times can xaL'y depending on the t31)e of packaging used and the storage temperatures. Butter 1-2 weeks 6-9 months Store only enough for immediate use in the Dairy Compartment. Wrap tightly or cover. Milk & cream i week Not reeommended Check the carton dating. Close tightly. Don't return unused portions to original container. Don't freeze cream unless whipped. Cream

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

Food Storage Chart (continued) Refrigerator Freezer Foods Time Time Storage Tips FRESH VEGETABLES These keep best when stored in a moist crisper drawer. If the crisper is not two-thirds full, store vegetables in phtstie bags or plastic containers to prevent moisture loss. Asparagus 2-3 days 8-12 months Don't wash before refrigerating. Store in the crisper. Brussels sprouts & 3-5 days 8-12 months Wrap odorous foods & refrigerate in the crisper. broccoli Cabbage & celery- 1-2 weeks Not recmnmended

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

ICE AND WATER SERVICE Automatic Ice Maker • If the ice is not used frequently the ice cubes will become cloudy, shrink stick together and taste stale. ltere are some thi_lgs to keep in mind about the Empty the ice storage bin periodically and wash it in automatic ice maker's operation: lukewarm water. Be sure to dry tile bin hefbre replacing it or the ice cubes will stick to the metal auger. • To remove the ice hin. lift the front of the bin and pull forward. To avoid the ice maker dumping ice w

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

Water/Ice Control To Stop Dispensing To dispense ice cubes, place the glass against the left Release the pressure (111the paddle and 11o1(tthe paddle, container in position momentaril) to catch the last pieces of ice or drops of water. The ice delivery door To dispense chilled water, place the glass against the will remain open fnr a short time. When it doses you right paddle, will hear a closing sound. NOTE: When using the ice dispenser for the first Spill Tray time, discard the first two or th

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

CARE AND CLEANING Refrigerator Exterior and Interior Replacing the Interior Lights Refer to the chart on the next page when cleaning the C_UTION: Di_e0mm_t the i_ower cord _ before I refrigerator, r_la6ing light _ulb(s/. Wear gloves as prgtection CAUTION_ Disconnect the po*ef eo_d'_fo_'] against,, p0ss{b!e .... . broken , ., glass. ,,, ,. ....... t cleaning *Is0,don0t to.c surfaces with wet or damp hands_ Damp, _6bj_bt_, Refrigerator stick to cold metal Surfacey. Before _eleaning _e The refriger

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

Refrigerator Cleaning Chart Cleaning Agents* DO NOT USE abrasivecleansing powders such a_s Many different cleaning agents are recommended for Comet or Zud, soap-filled scouring pads like S.O.S. or the various parts of Maytag refrigerators. The following Bril[o exeept when indicated. See pages 3-4 on how to brand names may help you make an appropriate remove and replace specifie pares. selection: 1. Mild ahrasive cleaners such as Bon Ami, Soft Scrub, Bar Keepers Friend, Cameo. 2. Mild liquid spra

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NON-USE PERIODS Vacations Moving Ifyou _41lbe gone for a month or less, leave the controls When moving, follow steps _d under Vacations. In at the usual settings, addition, remove and carefully pack any items that are During longer absences: easily removable. Ship the refrigerator in an upright a) remove all food, position with the doors taped shut. b) shut off the ice maker (if installed) and the valve _ere you tapped into the water line to supply the refrigeratoi; c) disconnect the refrigerato

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TO AVOID UNNECESSARY SERVICE CALLS... Before calling a service technician, check the following list for possible troubles that you can remedy x_dt}]out difficult?: WON'T RUN nae temperature control turned to "Off" • , n._e power cord not plugged in • 1[_o power at the electrical cord u Ille circuit breaker tripped or the house fuse blown • _Rlodern refrigerators are larger and run colder, which requires more RUNS TOO LONG/ iBunning time to provide more stable temperatures TOO FREQUENTLY • , II_e

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MAYTAG REFRIGERATOR WARRANTY Full One Year Warranty For one (1) year from the date of original retail purchase, any part which fails in normal home use will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Limited Warranty Second thru Fifth Year -- major refrigeration components: After the first year and through the fiflh year after the date of original retail purchase May'tag will repair or replace, at its option, free of charge to the owner for parts and labor any' part of the sealed refrigeration syst

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