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Samsung BT FUSION P200 user manual
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BT Fusion
Set-up Guide
Samsung P200

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Welcome to BT Thank you for choosing BT Fusion Use this guide to help you find your way around your new mobile service so you can keep in touch with friends and family wherever you are. It provides you with essential information such as what you need to do before you can use your mobile, safety and security, and some useful features to make managing your calls easier. It also contains information on other useful services you can enjoy such as BT Call Minder Multi, Multi Media Messaging and

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Get the most out of BT Fusion When you’re out and about, your new mobile works like any other. However, when you use it at home, your mobile connects with the BT Fusion service automatically using Wi-Fi and your BT Home Hub. Wi-Fi technology not only gives you great value on your voice calls, it also allows you to surf the Internet from your mobile at super fast speeds. You can make up to five simultaneous calls when connected to the BT Home Hub – and all can enjoy the lower call rate. You

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Contents BT Fusion checklist 1 - Prepare your mobile 03 2 - Get started with BT Total Broadband 04 3 - Connect your mobile to BT wireless broadband 05 4 - Ready, Steady, Go 06 Your new mobile Frequently asked questions 08 Voicemail 1571 10 BT Call Minder Multi 11 Managing your calls 12 Multi media services 13 Going abroad 14 BT Mobile World 16 Mobile security 18 Useful numbers 19

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BT Fusion checklist Use the simple checklist overleaf to ensure you are ready to use BT Fusion.

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1 Prepare your mobile Insert your BT SIM card 2. Install the battery 1. Insert the SIM card. Make sure that the gold-coloured contacts on the card are face down Charge your battery fully 4. When the phone is fully charged, 3. Plug the adapter into a standard unplug the adapter from the wall outlet wall outlet Switch on your mobile Switch off your mobile 1. Open the phone 1. Open the phone 2. Press and hold 2. Press and hold 3. If necessary, enter the PIN and press OK Copy your phoneboo

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2 Get started with BT Total Broadband Before you use BT Fusion ensure your BT Home Hub installation is complete and your BT Total Broadband service is working. Check your BT Home Hub’s Broadband and Internet lights are steady green. Please note: The Wireless light may also flash. TROUBLESHOOTING Phone Wireless Broadband Internet Data Whatever your query, we’re here to help. Call Customer Services on 0800 783 2326. 3 Connect your mobile to BT wireless bro

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

3 Your mobile lists all available 4 Enter the Key and select Continue. networks. Highlight desired The Key is the wireless key that is network such as: displayed in the GREY box on the BTHomeHub-XXXX label located on the back of your BTHomeHub. Then press the Options soft key. Highlight the Connect option, and press the Select soft key TIP TIP Note: For a regularly used Wi-Fi connection Note: To enter a number quickly, press and hold a i.e. your BT Home Hub save this first before

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

4 Ready, Steady Go Now you are set up and ready to start making great value calls and can enjoy fast internet surfing using your Fusion enabled mobile. Remember too that with your phone already set up to use BT Openzone you can connect immediately to any of the thousands of BT Openzone hotspots, recognisable by the distinctive BT Openzone sign or by viewing available wireless networks on your mobile screen. Please note: Ensure that you have these icons present

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Frequently asked questions What is Wi-Fi and wireless broadband? How do I find out how strong my wireless broadband signal is? Wi-Fi is ‘wireless fidelity’ or ‘wireless’ network. It’s a great way to You will see the Wi-Fi icon appear on your handset screen connect your BT Fusion mobile to the Internet without using wires, with signal strength bars. For example, for an area with maximum in a wireless-enabled location. ‘Wireless broadband’ gives you coverage there are 5 Wi-Fi signal stre

Summary of the content on the page No. 13

What is BT Openzone? What call charges do people pay when they call me on my BT Fusion number? BT Openzone is a wireless broadband (Wi-Fi) service that you can access in public places (hotspots) such as cafes, airports, hotels All calls made to your BT Fusion number will be charged at the and motorway service stations. You can connect to BT Openzone caller’s standard mobile rate. hotspots to use the BT Fusion service throughout the UK and Ireland, and at selected locations abroad. BT Openzo

Summary of the content on the page No. 14

Voicemail 1571 Your voicemail automatically takes messages when your mobile Set up a voicemail PIN is switched off, engaged, or if you aren’t able to answer it. This allows you to access your messages from any other phone whether you are at home or abroad. Plus it sends you a text message to let you know a voicemail has been received. Up to 50 messages, each up to 3 minutes • Dial 1571 long can be stored which are accessible not only via your mobile but any touch-tone phone. • Press 1 for

Summary of the content on the page No. 15

BT Call Minder Multi Voicemail shortcodes Access your mobile and landline messages from one place Now wherever you are, by simply dialling 1571* from your home When listening to your messages you can: phone or BT mobile, you can access all your messages from one 2 Repeat message convenient place. 3 Delete message 4 Rewind message by 8 seconds BT Call Minder Multi enables you to record your own greeting and 5 Hear the number of the person who has called you lets up to 8 different mobile

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Managing your calls Call Waiting and Call Holding Conference calls Say you’ve left work and want to get together with a few friends. Call Waiting alerts you that another caller is waiting if you are on your Now, you can dial up to 5 friends at once and sort everything out in mobile to someone else. You can either end your current call or put just one call. the caller on hold to answer the new call. If you don’t answer, the new call is handled as if you hadn’t answered it. Prepare your confe

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Multi media services Picture messaging Video messaging Send pictures and up to 1,000 characters of text to any phone With a compatible video messaging mobile, record a few seconds and even email addresses. And for that truly personal touch, of action with movement and sound, then add some text and press you can add a voice-message or sound to your picture. send to add expression to your message. And, you can share your messages with anyone – they don’t have to have a video messaging mobile.

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Going abroad? You can use your new mobile in any country in the world, but please Dialling from abroad remember to call Customer Services on 0800 783 2326 three days It’s easy to make calls when you’re overseas. All you need to in advance of travelling, to confirm that your roaming service has remember is to dial [+] and the country code before the number been activated. you wish to dial. e.g. [+44] for the UK. Remember to leave out the first ‘0’ from the number. E.g. to call from Spain to

Summary of the content on the page No. 19

Before going abroad How do I know if I have a voicemail message? To be able to pick up your messages overseas, you’ll need to do You will receive a text message to notify you of any the following before leaving the UK: voicemail messages. • Not e your personal mailbox number – find out what this is by To listen to your messages dialling *#104# (Please note that, once you’re abroad, you will not be able to use this function) • Dial your mailbox number which is included in your text notificat

Summary of the content on the page No. 20

BT Mobile World BT Mobile World gives you instant online access to great ringtones, Ringtones games and graphics to personalise your phone, as well as the latest Whether you like your music straight from the Top Ten or you prefer news and sport, direct from your mobile Internet-enabled phone. something more retro, you’ll find the track you’re looking for among the hundreds on offer. Get a free ringtone! Games Go to BT Mobile World using your mobile or PC and sign-up. It’s quick Choose and do

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