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Device: Samsung SCH a790
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Samsung SCH a790 user manual
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Printed in South Korea
©2004 Samsung Telecommunications America. Samsung is a registered trademark of
Samsung Electronics America, Inc. and its related entities.

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WELCOME at promotional pricing during the last two months of your contract period. If you’re not WELCOME AND THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING VERIZON WIRELESS upgrading equipment within the final two months of your contract, you may have to pay full retail price. Promotional offers will require an extension of your customer agreement. You’re now connected to the nation’s largest wireless network, covering more cities, towns, and places than anyone else. This guide will help you understand your phone and 3

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GETTING ST ARTED GETTING STARTED Your Global Phone operates in a number of countries on both the CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) network of Verizon Wireless and our roaming partners and the international GSM (Global Systems for Mobile) networks of Vodafone and their Earpiece roaming partners. Icons ■ Installing the battery 1.) Align the battery with the cavity on the underside of the phone. 2.) Insert the bottom end of the battery first, then push Navigation/OK Key the top of the battery d

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GETTING ST ARTED PLACING AND RECEIVING CALLS INSTALLING THE SIM CARD The SIM card (Subscriber Identity Module) is fragile and is required for use of the phone ■ Placing Calls in international GSM mode. Please use the following suggestions regarding SIM card 1.) With the phone on and in standby mode, enter the phone number that you wish to handling and use. call using the keypad. ■ Keep SIM cards out of reach of children. 2.) Press SEND to place the call. ■ SIM cards are easily damaged. Use ca

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USING VOICEMAIL ■ GSM Mode SETTING UP VOICE MAIL Note: It may be necessary to re-enter your phone number while accessing voice mail 1 0 1.) In standby mode, press and hold or or press and hold to display the (and for callers that are leaving a message). 1 + symbol, and then press followed by your mobile number to dial voice # ■ mail. After connecting, a recorded message prompts you to press if you United States/Global 1.) In standby mode, press and hold 1 or enter 8TUV 6MNO or dial your have a

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

USING TXT MESSAGING USING THE PHONE BOOK USING THE PHONE BOOK USING TXT MESSAGING 1.) In standby mode, press the right soft key Contacts. Any contacts in your Phone ■ Sending a new TXT message book appear in the display. 3DEF 1 1.) In standby mode, press the left soft key Menu, then press , . 2.) Press the left soft key Option to display the following Phone Book options. OK 2.) Enter the phone number of the recipient, then press . ■ New Add a new entry to the Phone Book 3.) Enter your message

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USING YOUR PHONE INTERNA TIONALL Y COUNTRY CODE LIST GSM Mode - Europe/Former USSR (Cont) GSM Mode - Asia/Middle East (Cont) Following is a list of countries (aside from the United States) that are compatible with Country Country Code Country Country Code this phone's modes of operation. Consult this table to determine the correct operational Croatia 385 Indonesia 62 mode (GSM or CDMA) and country codes. This list is subject to change. Cyprus 357 Jordan 962 Czech Republic 420 Macau 853 Service

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USING YOUR PHONE INTERNA TIONALL Y GSM Mode - Europe/Former USSR (Cont) GSM Mode - Africa (Cont) GSM Mode - Europe/Former USSR (Cont) GSM Mode - Americas (Cont) Country Country Code Country Country Code Country Country Code Country Country Code Macedonia 389 La Reunion 262 Yugoslavia/ French Guiana 594 Malta 356 Madagascar 261 Serbia 381 St. Barth 590 Monaco 377 Malawi 265 St. Martin (French/ Montenegro 381 Mauritius 230 GSM Mode - Australasia Dutch Antilles) 590 Netherlands 31 Morocco 212 Coun

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

USING YOUR PHONE INTERNA TIONALL Y CALLING LOCALLY WHEN TRAVELING INTERNATIONALLY CALLING ANOTHER COUNTRY FROM THE UNITED STATES 1.) Enter the three-digit exit code (011) necessary for calling a number outside the ■ Calling locally in GSM mode United States. 1.) Dial the Area Code or National Direct Dial number (NDD) if applicable. 2.) Enter the country code for the country that you are calling. Refer to the country 2.) Dial the number for the party you are calling. code list earlier in this g

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

USING YOUR MOBILE WEB PHONE INTERNA TIONALL Y PAUSE AND WAIT CODES MOBILE WEB BY VZW WITH MSN You can insert special characters into phone numbers that instruct the system to pause Note: Only available in the Verizon Wireless Enhanced Services Area. Additional or wait (for a response from you) before dialing the numbers that follow. You can insert charges apply. these codes manually, whenever you enter a number or you can save them along with the ■ Mobile Web by VZW with MSN number to your Phon

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

ACCESSORIES MA Y WE HELP YOU? When it comes to keeping in touch, your new phone with Verizon Wireless service is all MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT ONLINE you’ll ever need. Nonetheless, here are some great ways to accessorize your phone. The key word here is “ease” When you manage your account online, everything you need to do can be done with ease. No more phone calls. No more checks to write. No HANDS-FREE VEHICLE KITS AND HEADSETS more waiting for statements. Headsets plug directly into your phone and i

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