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Samsung SCH 3500 user manual
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samsung telecommunications america, inc.
1130 east arapaho road
richardson, texas 75081

phone: 972-761-7000 fax: 972-761-7001
tech support: 888-987-help (4357)
web site:
S CH- 3500

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SCH-3500 Series DUAL BAND DU AL M ODE DI GI T A L TELEPHON E User Guide Please read this manual before operating your phone, and keep it for future reference.

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+PVGNNGEVWCN2TQRGTV[ All Intellectual Property, as defined below, owned by or which is otherwise the property of Samsung or its respective suppliers relating to the SAMSUNG Phone, including but not limited to, accessories, parts, or software relating thereto (the “Phone System”), is proprietary to federal laws and state laws, and international treaty provisions. Intellectual Property includes, but is not limited to, inventions (patentable or unpatentable), patents, trade secrets, copyrigh

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

+PVTQFWEVKQP6Q;QWT5COUWPI5GTKGU2JQPG Congratulations on the purchase of your Samsung 3500 Series Phone. Using the latest digital technology, the Samsung 3500 Series Phone operates similar to other wireless phones, while providing superior resonance and tone quality. Your Samsung 3500 Phone operates in both 1900 MHz digital CDMA networks and 800 MHz analog networks. Your Samsung 3500 phone is packed with productive features that are easy to use. Here are some of them: ♦ Voice Dial

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

*QY6Q7UG6JKU/CPWCN Your Samsung 3500 Series Phone user guide explains your phone’s operations through easy-to-follow instructions. You’ll find everything you need to know about using your new Samsung 3500 Series Phone right here. We’ve included some important safety information that you should know before using your phone. You’ll find this information in “Usage Guidelines: All about Performance and Safety” on page 78. If you still have questions, we’ll be happy to answer them. Just ca

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6CDNGQH%QPVGPVU ;QWT%QPUWOGT2CEMCIG )GVVKPIVQ-PQY;QWT2JQPG 6WTPKPI[QWT2JQPG1PCPF1HH To Turn It On 11 To Turn It Off 11 6JG6QR.KPGQHVJG&KURNC[ 7UKPIVJG$CVVGT[ Installing the Battery 14 Removing the Battery 14 Charging the Battery 14 Charging with the Dual-Slot Desktop Charger 15 Charging with the Travel Charger 16 ;QWT2JQPG U/QFGU Standby Mode 17 Power Save Mode 17 Conversation Mode 17 $CUKE(WPEVKQPU Making a Call 18 Ending a Call 18 Answering a Call 18 C

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

$CUKE(WPEVKQPU EQPVKPWGF Using Three-Way Calling 22 Using Call Forwarding 23 Redialing Calls 23 Displaying your own Phone Number 24 Adjusting Voice Volume 24 Adjusting Ringer Volume 24 To Silence the Ringer During an Incoming Call 25 Missed Call Alert 25 Dropped Call Alert 25 Failed Call Alert 25 Minute Beep 26 To Mute the Microphone During a Call 26 Key Beep Volume Setting 27 Tone Length Setting 27 Incoming Call Notification 28 Alerts Settings 29 Any Key Answer 29 &KURNC[1RVKQPU Backligh

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

8QKEG/GOQ Recording a Voice Memo 37 Reviewing a Voice Memo 38 8QKEG#EVKXCVGF&KCNKPI Tips on Recording Names 39 Program the Phone for Voice-Activated Dialing 40 Placing a Call using Voice Dialing 40 Voice Dialing Activation 41 Reviewing Voice Dialing Entries 42 Erasing Voice Dialing Entries 42 -G[IWCTF 'OGTIGPE[&KCNKPI Calling 911 44 /GUUCIG5GTXKEGUCPF8QKEGOCKN Message Memory Capacity 45 Message Ringing 45 Setting up your Voicemail Box 45 Reviewing Voicemail Messages 46 One-

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

%JCPIKPI[QWT2JQPG$QQM Editing Phone Book Numbers 52 Secret Phone Book Numbers 52 Erasing the Phone Book 52 &KCNKPIHTQO;QWT2JQPG$QQM Dialing by Memory Location 53 Memory Dialing Shortcuts 53 #FXCPEGF2JQPG$QQM(GCVWTGU Pause Dialing 54 Storing Pauses in a Phone Book Entry 55 Pause Dialing from a Stored Phone Book Entry 55 Manual Pause Dialing 56 Finding a Stored Number using Four Digits 56 Setting the SEND Key 57 ;QWT2JQPG U5GEWTKV[(GCVWTGU Lock Mode 58 Lock Code Setting 58

Summary of the content on the page No. 13

6JG/KPK$TQYUGT The MiniBrowser Start and End Prompts 68 Launching the MiniBrowser 69 To Exit the MiniBrowser 70 The MiniBrowser Soft Keys 70 Navigating the MiniBrowser 70 Entering Text, Numbers, or Symbols 72 Using Links 72 Initiating a Phone Call from the MiniBrowser 72 Using Bookmarks 73 To Create a Bookmark 73 Finding a Bookmark 73 &KCNKPI#DDTGXKCVGF2JQPG0WODGTU /GPWU Main Menu 75 In Use Menu 75 Menu Navigation 75 ;QWT2JQPG U/CKP/GPW 7UCIG)WKFGNKPGU #NNCDQWV2GTHQTOCPEG

Summary of the content on the page No. 14

7UCIG)WKFGNKPGU EQPVKPWGF Following Safety Guidelines 83 Turn off Your Phone before Flying 83 Restricting Children’s access to Your Phone 84 Using Your Phone near other Electronic Devices 84 Cautions 85 FCC Notice 85 Liquefied Petroleum Gas 85 FCC Compliance Information 85 Storing Your Phone 85 Turn off Your Phone in Dangerous or Posted Areas 86 Your Phone's Voice Memo Feature 86 Information To User 87 +PFGZ XK

Summary of the content on the page No. 15

;QWT%QPUWOGT2CEMCIG Your consumer package contains the following items: ♦ Samsung SCH-3500 Phone with Hand Strap ♦ Standard Lithium-Ion Battery ♦ Dual-Slot Desktop Charger or Travel Charger ♦ User Guide, Quick Reference Card, and Accessory Card 

Summary of the content on the page No. 16

)GVVKPIVQ-PQY;QWT2JQPG NOTE: Items 1 through 16 in the picture below are explained on pages 3 through 10. 

Summary of the content on the page No. 17

)GVVKPIVQ-PQY;QWT2JQPG EQPVKPWGF 1. Active Flip: Just open the flip to answer an incoming call, and close the flip to end the call. The flip also contains the speaker. You can also: ♦ Initiate a Voice-Activated Dialing call by opening the flip when you set this option in the Main Menu. ♦ Set the flip to turn the backlight on and off. 2. LED Indicator: Flashes to indicate an incoming call or message. Also lights up (flashes) for a few seconds when you turn on the phone. 

Summary of the content on the page No. 18

)GVVKPIVQ-PQY;QWT2JQPG EQPVKPWGF 3. Volume/Scroll Key: This key is actually two keys (one up and one down) that are used to set volume levels and help you navigate through menus and the Phone Book. Press the volume/scroll key to: ♦ Adjust voice volume during conversation. ♦ Adjust ringer volume in Standby mode. ♦ Mute the ringer during an incoming call. ♦ Scroll through menu options. ♦ Scroll through your Phone Book. 4. Backlit Display Screen: The Display screen contains

Summary of the content on the page No. 19

)GVVKPIVQ-PQY;QWT2JQPG EQPVKPWGF 5. OK / Messages Key: This key performs many functions: ♦ During incoming calls, press it to mute the ringer. ♦ When the alarm goes off, press it to silence the alarm. ♦ From Standby mode, press it briefly to access the Messages Menu. ♦ From Standby mode, press and hold to access voicemail (if setup - see “One-Touch Access to Your Voicemail Box” on page 46). ♦ When entering a phone number, press it once to save the number to the Phone Book

Summary of the content on the page No. 20

)GVVKPIVQ-PQY;QWT2JQPG EQPVKPWGF 7. SEND Key: This key performs several useful functions. ♦ Press it to answer calls. ♦ Dial a number and press it to connect. ♦ During a conversation, press it to initiate Three-Way calling. ♦ During a conversation, press it to answer a Call Waiting call. ♦ Press it once in Standby mode to quickly access your Call Logs. ♦ Quickly press it twice to redial the last outgoing number. ♦ Press and hold to use Voice- Activated Dialing (depending

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