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Samsung SPH-N100 user manual
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Portable Cellular Phone
Owner’s Manual
Printed in Korea
World Wide Web
Code No.: GH68-01367A
English. 2000/10. Rev.1.0

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

FCC RF EXPOSURE INFORMATION Table of Contents Your Consumer Package 6 In August 1996 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States with its action in Report and Getting to know your phone 7 Order FCC 96-326 adopted an updated safety standard for human exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic energy Turning your Samsung PCS Phone on and off 14 emitted by FCC regulated transmitters.Those guidelines are To turn it on 1 4 consistent with the safety standard previously set by bo

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

Failed calls 3 3 The Internal Phone Book 56 Key beep volume setting 3 3 V i ewing stored entries 5 6 V i ewing stored entries in one step 5 6 Advanced voice calling features 34 Finding stored entries by name 5 7 Tone length setting 3 4 Finding stored entries by location 5 7 Automatic hyphenation 3 4 S t o ring phone nu m b e rs and names 5 8 P repend dialing 3 5 To add a new phone number to an existing entry 5 9 Fo u r - d i git dialing 3 6 S h o rtcuts to storing phone nu m b e rs 6 0 D i s p l

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

E rasing individual messages 8 1 C h a n ging your phone back to voice calling 1 0 4 E rasing all Pag e / Text or Browser Messages 8 1 Ending a call 1 0 4 M e s s age r i n ging 8 1 M e s s age memory capacity 8 2 Menus 105 M e s s ages and Lock mode 8 2 Main menu 1 0 5 In Use menu 1 0 5 Your phone’s security features 83 M e nu navigation 1 0 5 L o ck mode 8 3 Your Phone’s Main menu 1 0 6 L o ck code setting 8 4 L o cking the phone 8 4 Usage guidelines: Dialing in Lock mode 8 5 All about perform

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

Your Consumer Package Getting to know your phone Your consumer pac k age contains the f o l l ow i n g s : A n t e n n a LED Indicator H e a d s e t E a r p i e c e C o n n e c t o r B a t t e ry Travel c h a rg e r Volume / D i s p l ay Scr e e n S c roll Key OK / Messages / N avigation Key P h o n e CLR Key M e nu Key SEND Key E n d / Power Key Space Key Shift Key O w n e r ’s H a n d s t ra p m a nu a l M i c ro p h o n e A c c e s s o ri e s C o n n e c t o r (hidden in this vie w ) 6 7

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

4. M i c rophone: Your typical voice microphone f o r Getting to Know Your Phone (continued) c o nv e rs a t i o n ,but also accepts your voice com- 1. Active Flip Phone: Closing the phone will mands for V o i c e - A c t i vating Dialing.You can also a lways end your call and turn off the bac k l i g h t . mute the microphone during conv e rsation by sim- T h e re are sev e ral options you can set to happen p ly pressing or . when you open the phone.When opening the 5. Accessories Connector: Th

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

8. OK / Messages / Navigation Key: T h i s 9. V o l u m e / S c roll Key: This key is actually key perf o rms sev e ral useful functions: t wo keys (one up and one down) that are used to: ◆ From Standby or Conv e rsation mode, p ress it bri e fly to access the Messag e s ◆ Adjust voice volume during conv e rs a t i o n . M e nu , , or press and hold it to access ◆ Adjust ri n ger volume in Standby mode. the Voice mail. ◆ Mute the ri n ger during an incoming call. ◆ When entering a phone n u m b

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

11. * / Shift key 14. END/ Power Key: This key perf o rm s s eve ral important functions: ◆ p ress for special star calling f e a t u re s . ◆ P ress to turn on your phone. 12. # / Space key: This key has two functions: ◆ P ress and hold to turn off your phone. ◆ This is the pound key. I t ’s used at v a ri- ous times when you dial especially ◆ P ress this key to r e t u rn to Standby when using tele-serv i c e s . mode when ending a call,ending a Web Browser session,or from any ◆ When entering

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

Turning your Samsung PCS Operating Indicators Phone on and off D i s p l ay indicators (or icons) usually appear across the top of your phone’s display scr e e n . Somtimes they may not be To turn it on s h own on the scr e e n . S i m p ly press and three things happen: The LED indicator f l a s h e s , the phone beeps and the start-up graphics begin to play. The phone will then begin searching for a netw o rk signal. When a signal is f o u n d , the icon appears and yo u r phone enters Standb

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

R o a m i n g : This icon indicates you are “ ro a m i n g ” Using the battery o ff the Netwo rk of your service pro v i d e r. Your Samsung PCS Phone comes pac k aged with a par t i a l ly Message indicator: This icon indicates you have c h a rg e d , re ch a rg e able Lithium Ion (LiIon) battery so that Voicemail message(s) w a i t i n g .P ress to see the you can use your phone immediately after it is activ a t e d . M e s s age men u , or press and hold to be con- nected to V o i c e m a i

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

Charging the Battery Things to remember about the dual-slot desk- top charger You can easily tell if your battery needs to be r e ch a rg e d by c h e cking the indicator in the upper-right cor- To get the quickest c h a rge for any batter y : ner of your phone’s display. The presence of all thr e e 1 . T u rn the phone off. b a rs indicates a full c h a rge ,t wo bars indicates a smaller c h a rg e , and one bar indicates an even smaller c h a rg e . 2 . Put the phone,with battery attach e d ,

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

Your phone’s modes Basic voice call functions Standby mode N o t e : Your phone makes sev e ral kinds of calls (v o i c e ,fa x and W i reless W e b ) .This section explains voice calling only. S t a n d by is the most basic state of your Samsung PCS Phone. The phone goes into Standby mode soon after you turn it Making a voice call o n , or if your phone is on, w h e n ever you br i e fly press . When your phone is in Standby mode, you will see the ban- To place a voice call: ner (the message di

Summary of the content on the page No. 13

Your Samsung PCS Phone provides the f o l l owing voice call Correcting dialing mistakes n o t i fication f e a t u re s . To correct a misdialed dig i t : Six ring volume settings including V i b ra t e ,O ff and 1- P ress to erase one digit at a time. B e e p . You can erase all the digits at once by pressing Nine unique ring types and four melody tones (see and holding it down for one second. “ R i n ger type setting for voice calls” on page 45). Name display with Caller ID (if the name is p

Summary of the content on the page No. 14

Adjusting voice volume To mute the microphone during a call You can adjust the earpiece volume during a call You can mute the microphone during conv e rsation by using the volume keys on the side of your phone. selecting the Mute option from the In-Use men u .W h e n B ri e fly press the appr o p riate volume key to incr e a s e Mute is activ e ,“ M U T E ”d i s p l ay s .The phone resets this con- or decrease the vo l u m e . dition to the default (Un)Mute setting at the end of y o u r c a l l

Summary of the content on the page No. 15

Setting your phone’s roaming ability Roaming call guard (SPH-N100 onl y * ) N o t e :This menu may not be shown depending on your ser- vice prov i d e r. Your Samsung PCS Phone allows you to control your ab i l i t y Your phone can be set to display a conf i rmation message to r o a m .The roaming ability is determined by the “ m o d e ” when a roaming call is about to be placed or r e c e i ve d .T h i s that you select in the Main men u . is helpful if you want to avoid roaming c h a rg e s .T

Summary of the content on the page No. 16

Using Caller ID Call Waiting This f e a t u re tells you who is calling you by displaying the Call Waiting lets you r e c e i ve a second call during conv e rs a- c a l l e r ’s number when the phone r i n g s . If a caller’s name t i o n .When a Call Waiting call comes in, the incoming call and number are stored in your Internal Phone Book, t h e a l e rt sounds (this sound is audible to you but not your fi rs t c o rresponding name is also display e d . If you call someone c a l l e r ) ,and a

Summary of the content on the page No. 17

Using Three-Way Calling Using Call Forwarding T h re e - Way Calling lets you talk with two diff e rent people With Call F o r wa rd i n g ,you can have all of your incoming at the same time.When you use this f e a t u re , you will be calls f o r wa rded to another phone number — even if y o u r c h a rged normal airtime rates for each of the two calls y o u phone is turned off.When Call Fo r wa rding is used, you can m a ke .The phone r e c o rds each called party in the Outg o i n g still mak

Summary of the content on the page No. 18

Missed calls Failed calls A failed call can occur if your Samsung PCS Phone is out of Your phone keeps a list of calls that you do not answ e r calling r a n ge or the netw o rk is tempora ri ly busy.Y o u r when the phone is on and service is av a i l ab l e .The phone phone responds to a failed call by displaying an appr o p ri- indicates a missed call by displaying a text notification on ate text messag e : “Call not completed out of ra n ge ” . the scr e e n .A d d i t i o n a l ly, if calle

Summary of the content on the page No. 19

Prepend dialing Advanced voice calling features The prepend option lets you add digits such as area codes and netw o rk fe a t u re activation codes (for e x a m p l e ,to tem- Tone length setting p o ra ri ly cancel call waiting) to a phone number that is s t o red in your Internal Phone Book or Call Logs.To The tone length setting enables you to select short or long p repend existing phone n u m b e rs in the Internal Phone DTMF (dual-tone m u l t i - f requency) tones. DTMF tones are B o o k

Summary of the content on the page No. 20

6 . P ress to Pr e p e n d . Pause dialing 7 . Enter the area code or f e a t u re activation code by pr e s s- When you call automated systems (like banking ser v i c e s ) , ing the digit key s .For f e a t u re calls, p ress b e fo re you are often r e q u i red to enter a passwo rd or account n u m- dialing the f e a t u re code. b e r.Instead of man u a l ly entering the n u m b e rs each time, you can store the n u m b e rs in your Internal Phone Book, s e p- 8 . P ress to call the prepend

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