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User manual for the device Kyocera QCP 6035

Device: Kyocera QCP 6035
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Kyocera QCP 6035 user manual
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Abstracts of contents
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Tech Tips!
Kyocera Wireless Corp.
KWPST – QCP-6035 Upgrade KZ1.1.21 and SX1.1.12 (Verizon)
This document provides instructions on how to upload handset software into a QCP-6035
Smartphone. Upgrading the QCP-6035 is a two-part procedure, which updates the Personal
Data Assistant (PDA) and the phone module. The Kyocera Wireless Product Support Toolkit
(KWPST) is required. This document also includes instructions on updating the QCN file.
The QCN file ena

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

KWPST – SW Upgrade Instructions 1. Open the flip 2. Remove the battery door. 3a 3. (a)Hold the page-down navigation button on the front lower center portion of the phone and (b)Press the reset button with the stylus. 4. Release the stylus. A blinking dot should appear in the upper left-hand 3b corner. 5. Release the page-down navigation key. FYI Note: It is recommended that you have the power source applied during the software upgrade process. 6. Place the Smartphone to its charging cradle

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

Instructions KWPST – SW Upgrade 10. Browse and select the appropriate *.ROM file to place into the phone. (SX1112.ROM) 10 11. Press Start. 11 12. Once complete, remove the phone from the cradle. 14 13. Perform a hard reset. Hold the backlight button for five seconds and press the reset button with the stylus. 14. Release stylus and continue to hold the backlight button until you see the PalmOS splash screen, and then text will appear that reads “Erase all data?” 15 15. Press page-up to c

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

KWPST – SW Upgrade Instructions FYI Note: Make sure that the HotSync Manager or another application is not occupying the COM port to which the cradle is attached. 1. On the computer, launch the KWPST Software Download application. To 2 Start, select the W indows Start menu : 3 Programs : Kyocera Wireless PST : Software Download. 2. Select the “Software Download” tab. 3. The dialog should note that a QCP- 6035 has been detected. 4. Browse to select the appropriate *.hex or *.hxb file to place i

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

Instructions KWPST – SW Upgrade 3. Once the Write process is complete, you can exit KWPST. 14 4. The phone must be reset from the Service Interface mode, and you can accomplish this by tapping the “Reset” icon as shown in the picture to the left. FYI NOTE: Voice tags may need to be re-recorded by the end user after this upgrade is completed, if software in the phone was SX1.0.10 or lower. Please see tech tip,QCP-6035 – Voice Tags Not Registering (80-B6893-9) for details. For more information,

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