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Device: LG Electronics 235C
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LG Electronics 235C user manual
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LG235C User Guide - English
Some of the contents in this manual may differ from your
phone depending on the software of the phone or your service

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

Phone Overview 1. Earpiece Lets you hear the caller. 2. LCD Screen Displays messages and status icons. When the phone is turned on, Power Save mode automatically dims the screen and then darkens it if no keys are pressed. 3. Left Soft Key Use to access the Main menu from the Home screen or the function immediately above it. 4. Speakerphone Key Use to turn the Speaker On or Off. 5. Send Key Use to place or answer calls. 6. Alphanumeric Keypad Use to enter numbers and characters and select menu

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

1. Earphone Jack Allows the use of a headset to hear caller’s voice. 2. Volume Keys Use to adjust the ringer volume in standby mode and the earpiece volume during a call. 3. Charger/Accessory Port Connects the phone to the battery charger or other available accessories. 4. Camera Key Press and hold to activate the camera function. Charging with the PC USB Port You can use your computer to charge your phone. Connect one end of a USB cable to the Charger/Accessory Port on your phone and the othe

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

Menus Overview Menu Access While in standby mode, press the Left Soft Key Menu to access your phone’s menus. There are two methods of accessing menus and submenus: l Use the Navigation Keys to highlight a menu/option and press to select it. l Press the number key on the keypad to activate the corresponding menu/option. 3. Groups 1. Entry Mode Prepaid 4. My vCard 2. Signature 1. Add Airtime 5. Speed Dials 9. Delete All 2. Buy Airtime 3. My Phone 1. Delete Inbox Number 2. Delete Outbox Messag

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

5. Call Timer 1. My Sounds 3. Announce Alert 6. Data Counter 2. Default 1. Disable 3. Buy Ringtones 2. Announce Games 3. Announce + Ring 1. Buy Games Voice Command 4. Train Word Bubble Bash 2 1. Start Command 1. Voice Platinum Solitaire 1. Call or Command 2 UNO 2. Answer 2. Voicemail 3. Digit Dial 3. Missed Calls 5. Best Match Browser 4. Messages 1. 1Match 5. Time & Date 2. 4 Matches Multimedia 6. Help 1. Take Photo 2. Command Mode My Schedule 2. Record Voice 1. Normal 1. Alarm

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

Menus Overview 4. Alert Type Bluetooth Settings 5. Service Alerts 1. Sound 1. Paired Devices 1. Minute 1. Ringtones 2. Power Beep 1. All Calls 3. My Visibility 2. Call 2. Caller ID Connect 4. My Bluetooth 3. No Caller Info 3. Back to Top ID 4. Low Battery 4. Buy 5. Roam Alert Ringtones Tools 6. Power On/Off 2. Volume 1. Calculator Tone 1. Master 2. Ez Tip Calculator 7. Flip Tone Volume 3. World Clock 8. Emergency 2. Keypad 4. Stopwatch Tone 3. Earpiece 5. Unit Converter 2. Display 4. Speaker 1.

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

2. Backlight 3. Security 6. Memory 1. Display 1. Lock Phone 1. Reserved Memory 2. Keypad 2. Camera Restriction 2. Multimedia 3. Brightness 3. Change 7. Phone Info 3. Menu Style Lock Code 1. My Number 4. Languages 4. Reset (Idiomas ) 2. ESN/MEID Default 5. Clocks & 3. Icon Glossary 4. Call Settings Calendar 4. Version 1. Answer 1. Main Options Screen 2. Auto Retry 2. Front Screen 3. One Touch Dial 6. Font Settings 4. Airplane Mode 1. Font Type 5. TTY Mode 2. Dial Font Style 5. System 3. Dial Font

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

Getting Started with Your Phone The Battery Note It is important to fully charge the battery before initial use of the Removing the Battery phone. Turn the phone off. Slide the The phone comes with a battery cover upward to rechargeable battery. The battery remove it. Use the fingertip charge level is shown at the top cutout at the bottom of the right corner of the LCD screen. battery compartment to lift the battery out. Installing the Battery Remove the battery cover by pressing down on the LG

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

blinking the battery icon, and displaying a warning message. If the battery charge level becomes exceedingly low, the phone automatically switches off and any function in Notice Please make sure that the ‘B’ side progress is not saved. faces up before inserting a charger or USB cable into the Turning the Phone On Charger/Accessory Port of your phone. and Off Plug one end of the charger Turning the Phone On into the phone’s Charger/ 1. Install a charged battery or Accessory Port and the other con

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

Getting Started with Your Phone Signal Strength Making Calls Call quality depends on the 1. Make sure the phone is signal strength in your area. turned on. If not, press The signal strength is indicated for about 3 seconds to turn on the screen as the number of it on. bars next to the signal strength icon ; the more bars, the 2. Enter the phone number better the signal strength. If (include the area code if the signal quality is poor, move needed). to an open area. If you are in a 3. Press to d

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

Redialing Calls Receiving Calls Press twice to redial the 1. When the phone rings last number you dialed. The and/or vibrates, press last 150 numbers (50 missed, to answer. 50 received and 50 dialed) are stored in the call history list Note and you can also select any of If you press or (the these to redial. Volume Keys), while the phone is ringing, the ringing or vibration is Tip muted for that call. To select your method for answering calls, you can change your Answer Options. 2. Press to e

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

Quick Access to Convenient Features Mute Function Call Waiting Your cellular service may offer The Mute function is used during call waiting. While a call is in a phone call. To quickly activate progress one beep indicates an Mute, press the Left Soft Key incoming call. When call Mute. To cancel, press the waiting is enabled, you may put Left Soft Key Unmute. the active call on hold while you answer the other incoming Quick Volume Adjustment call. Check with your cellular Quickly adjust the ring

Summary of the content on the page No. 13

Dialing Single Digit Speed Caller ID Dials (from 2 to 9) Caller ID displays the phone number or name of the Press and hold the Speed incoming call. If the caller’s Dial number. identity is stored in Contacts, the name will appear along OR with the phone number. Check Enter the Speed Dial with your service provider to number and press . ensure they offer this feature. Speed Dialing Dialing Double Digit Speed Speed dialing is a convenient Dials (from 10 to 99) feature that allows you to make Pres

Summary of the content on the page No. 14

Entering and Editing Information Text Input Next: In T9 mode, press You can input and edit your to display other Banner, Calendar, Contacts, matching words. Alarm Clock, Notepad, and Space: Press to Messages. complete a word if in T9 mode; otherwise, press Key Functions to insert a space. Left Soft Key: Clear: Press to delete a Press to scroll through single space or the following text input character. Hold to delete modes: T9Word the whole message. (T9WORD/T9Word/ T9word) -> Abc Punctuation:

Summary of the content on the page No. 15

Contacts in Your Phone’s Memory The Basics of Storing and press Save. A Contacts Entries confirmation message is displayed briefly. 1. From standby mode, enter the phone number you want Phone Numbers With to save (up to 48 digits). Pauses 2. Press Save. When you call automated systems, such as voicemail or 3. Select either Add New credit billing numbers, you Contact or Update often have to enter a series of Existing. numbers to navigate through Note the system. Instead of entering Use Update Exi

Summary of the content on the page No. 16

Contacts in Your Phone’s Memory Pause (P) Adding a Pause to an Existing Number The phone waits 2 seconds before sending the next string 1. While in standby mode, of digits. press the Down Navigation Storing a Number with Pauses Key to display your Contacts alphabetically. 1. Press Menu. 2. Use to highlight the 2. Press Contacts. Contact entry to edit, then 3. Press New Contact. press View. 4. Enter a name (up to 32 3. Press the Left Soft Key characters). Edit. 5. Enter the phone number in 4. Us

Summary of the content on the page No. 17

Scrolling Through Your Contacts Searching Your Phone’s Memory 1. Press the Down Navigation The LG235C phone is able to Key to display your perform a dynamic search of the Contacts alphabetically. contents in your phone’s memory. A dynamic search 2. Use to scroll through compares entered letters or the list. numbers against the entries in Contact List Options your Contacts. A matching list is displayed in descending order. 1. While in standby mode, You can then select a number press the Down Navi

Summary of the content on the page No. 18

Contacts in Your Phone’s Memory Making a Call From Your Delete: Delete the Phone’s Memory selected entry in your Contacts. Once you have stored phone numbers in your Contacts, you Edit: Edit the selected can place calls to those contact information. numbers quickly and easily. l Delete Multiple: Choose By pressing the Send Key from Selective or All to after searching for a delete multiple entries at phone number in Contacts one time. or Call History and highlighting it. Send via Bluetooth: l By

Summary of the content on the page No. 19

Speed Dialing 3. Use to highlight the phone number. For a single-digit Speed Dial, press and hold the digit or 4. Press to place the call. press the digit, then press . For a double-digit Speed Dial, From Call History press the first digit and hold 1. Press Menu. the second digit or press the first and second digits, then 2. Press Recent Calls. press . 3. Use to highlight the type of recent call, then press . Missed Calls/ Received Calls/ Dialed Calls/ All Calls 4. Use to highlight the phone num

Summary of the content on the page No. 20

Using Phone Menus 3. Read the displayed message, Prepaid then select Yes or No. The Prepaid menu provides shortcuts to access useful 4. You will be asked to confirm account information. you want to purchase the selected amount. Select Yes 1. Add Airtime or No. Allows you to add airtime. 3. My Phone Number 1. Press Menu, , My Phone Number displays the . device’s phone number. 2. Enter airtime PIN and press 1. Press Menu, , . . 3. Read the displayed message, then select Yes or No. 4. My Airtime In

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