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LG Electronics 550 user manual
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LG 550
Please read this manual carefully before operating your
mobile phone. Retain it for future reference.
( )
P/N : MMBB0229501 1.0 H

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Important Safety Precautions Important Safety Precautions Read these simple guidelines. Breaking the rules may be dangerous or illegal. Further detailed information is given in this user guide. WARNING! Violation of the instructions may cause serious injury or death. 1. Never use an unapproved battery since this could damage the phone and/or battery and could cause the battery to explode. 2. Never place your phone in a microwave oven as it will cause the battery to explode. 3. Never store your p

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Important Safety Precautions 1. Do not place or answer calls while charging the phone as it may short-circuit the phone and/or cause electric shock or fire. 2. Do not hold or let the antenna come in contact with your body during a call. 3. Make sure that no sharp-edged items such as animal’s teeth or nails, come into contact with the battery. This could cause a fire. 4. Store the battery out of reach of children. 5. Be careful that children do not swallow any parts. This could cause asphyxiation

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Table of Contents Table of Contents Important Safety Getting Started with Your Quick Access to Convenient Precautions 1 Phone 15 Features 19 The Battery 15 Lock Mode 19 Table of Contents 4 Installing the Battery 15 Mute Function 19 Welcome 8 Removing the Battery 15 Volume Quick Adjustment 19 Important Information 8 Charging the Battery 16 Call Waiting 19 Battery Charge Level 16 Caller ID 19 FCC Part 15 Class B Compliance 8 Removing and Installing the Faceplate 16 Speed Dialing 20 Industry Canada

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Table of Contents 6.4 Auto-Delete 40 Media Player 24 Screen Savers 33 6.5 Signature 41 Applications 33 1. Channel Listing 25 6.6 Quick Messages 41 < Options > 33 2. Memory Card 25 6.7 Edit Voicemail # 42 Messaging 34 Bluetooth 26 6.8 WebAlerts 42 1. Send Message 35 1. Add Device 27 Tools 42 2. Text Messages 36 2. Trusted Devices 27 1. Memory Card 43 2.1 Inbox 36 3. Exchange Folder 28 2. Music Transmitter 45 2.2 Sent 37 4. Supported Services 28 3. Alarm Clock 45 2.3 Outbox 37 5. Settings 29 4. Ca

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Table of Contents Table of Contents 1.5 Slide Show 60 7.1 Lock Phone 65 Pic/Video 51 1.6 Skins 61 7.2 Pic/Video Msg 65 1. Camera 51 1.7 Menu Styles 61 7.3 Change Lock Code 66 2. Camcorder 53 1.8 Font Size 61 7.4 Special Numbers 66 3. Pic/Video Msg 54 1.9 Backlight 61 7.5 Delete Contacts 66 4. My Pics/Videos 54 1.0 Power Save Mode 62 7.6 Limit Calls 67 5. PictBridge Print 55 1.* Status Light 62 7.7 Selective Call Block 67 6. Settings & Info 55 2. Sounds 62 7.8 Reset Phone 67 Contacts 56 2.1 Ringe

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Table of Contents 9.2 Version 71 Posted Facilities 74 9.3 Icon Glossary 71 Aircraft 74 9.4 Advanced 71 Blasting Areas 74 Potentially Explosive Atmosphere 74 Safety 72 For Vehicles Equipped with an Air Bag 75 TIA (Telecommunications Charger and Adapter Safety 75 Industry Association) Safety Information 72 Battery Information and Care 75 Exposure to Radio Frequency Signal 72 Safety Information 76 Antenna Care 72 Explosion, Shock, and Fire Hazards 76 Phone Operation 72 General Warnings and Caution

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

Welcome Welcome Thank you for choosing the advanced and compact Important Information LG 550 cellular phone, designed to operate with the This user’s guide provides important information on latest digital mobile communication technology, Code the use and operation of your phone. Please read all Division Multiple Access (CDMA). Along with the the information carefully prior to using the phone for many advanced features of the CDMA system, such the best performance and to prevent any damage to a

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

Technical Details Technical Details Technical Details CDMA Standard Designator Description The LG 550 is an all digital phone that operates on TIA/EIA-95A CDMA Dual-Mode Air Interface both Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) TSB-74 14.4kbps radio link protocol and Basic Air ANSI J-STD-008 frequencies: cellular services at 800 Mhz and inter-band operations Interface TIA/EIA-IS2000 IS-95 adapted for PCS frequency band Personal Communication Services (PCS) at 1.9 Ghz. CDMA2000 1xRTT Air Interface

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

Technical Details Technical Details components should not be used. Avoid the use of FCC RF Exposure Information accessories that cannot maintain 0.6 inches (1.5 cm) distance between the user’s body and the back of WARNING! Read this information before operating the phone. the phone and have not been tested for compliance with FCC RF exposure limits. In August 1996, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States, with its Vehicle-Mounted External Antenna action in Report and Ord

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

Summary of the content on the page No. 13

Phone Overview Phone Overview 8. TALK Key Allows you to place or receive calls, 17. Menu/OK Key Displays the phone's main menu answer Call Waiting, or activate Voice Control. from standby mode. It also selects the highlighted choice when navigating through a menu. 9. Voice Control Key Allows you to dial by speaking a Contacts entry's name or to record voice memos. 18. Headset Jack Allows you to plug in an optional This key also turns the flash on/off while in camera headset for convenient, hand

Summary of the content on the page No. 14

Menus Overview Menus Overview 1. Web 4. Bluetooth 8. Messaging 9. Tools 1. Add Device 1. Send Message 1. Memory Card 2. Call History 2. Trusted Devices 2. Text Messages 2. Music Transmitter 1. Missed Calls 3. Exchange Folder 1. Inbox 3. Alarm Clock 2. Incoming Calls 4. Supported Services 2. Sent 4. Calculator 3. Outgoing Calls 5. Settings 3. Outbox 5. Voice Control 4. Recent Calls 4. Draft 6. Scheduler 5. Delete History 5. Missed Alerts 5. Edit Folder 7. Voice Memo 1. Missed Calls 6. Send Messag

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Menus Overview Menus Overview *. Pic/Video 4. Clock & Calendar 2. Message Reminder 8. Reset Phone 1. Camera 5. Slide Show 3. Callback Number 8. Setup/Others 2. Camcorder 6. Skins 4. Auto-Delete 1. Auto Keyguard 3. Pic/Video Msg 7. Menu Styles 5. Signature 2. Shortcuts 4. My Pics/Videos 8. Font Size 6. Quick Messages 3. Answer Call 5. PictBridge Print 9. Backlight 7. Edit Voicemail # 4. Auto-Answer 6. Settings & Info 0. Power Save Mode 8. WebAlerts 5. Dialing Match *. Status Light 6. Bluetooth 6.

Summary of the content on the page No. 16

Getting Started with Your Phone Getting Started with Your Phone The Battery Note It is important to fully charge the battery before initial use of the phone. The phone comes with a rechargeable battery. Keep the battery charged while not in use in order to maximize talk and standby time. The battery charge level is shown at the top of the LCD screen. Installing the Battery Removing the Battery To install, insert the battery into the opening on the 1. Make sure the power is off so that you don’t

Summary of the content on the page No. 17

Getting Started with Your Phone Getting Started with Your Phone Charging the Battery Removing and Installing the Faceplate To use the charger provided with your phone: Removing the Faceplate WARNING! Use only the charger provided with the To remove the faceplate, follow the sequence shown phone. Using any charger other than the one included below. with the LG 550 may damage your phone or battery.  1. Open the cap of the charger port at the bottom of your phone. 2. Plug the end of the adapter i

Summary of the content on the page No. 18

Getting Started with Your Phone Installing the Faceplate Turning the Phone Off You can personalize your phone with a replaceable 1. Press and hold until the display turns off. faceplate. To install a new faceplate, simply follow the reverse of the sequence shown above. Signal Strength Tip Call quality depends on the signal strength in your area. To clean the faceplate, remove it and wipe it with a damp The signal strength is indicated on the screen as the cloth. Use a mild soap or detergent to

Summary of the content on the page No. 19

Getting Started with Your Phone Getting Started with Your Phone Correcting Dialing Mistakes Making Calls If you make a mistake while dialing a number, press 1. Make sure the phone is turned on. If not, press once to erase the last digit entered or hold for about 3 seconds. down for at least 2 seconds to delete all digits. 2. Enter the phone number (include the area code if needed). Redialing Calls 3.Press . 1. Press twice to redial the last number you called, received or missed. The last 30 num

Summary of the content on the page No. 20

Quick Access to Convenient Features Quick Access to Convenient Features Lock Mode Call Waiting Sets your phone to require your 4-digit password in During a call, one beep indicates another incoming order to use the phone. call. Check with your service provider for information about this function. Press to receive the Note waiting call then press again to switch By default, the lock code/password is the last 4 digits of your between calls. phone number. You can change this code/password in Secur

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