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Device: LG Electronics LG - Life's Good Cell Phone GU220
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Date of adding : 2013-06-02 13:57:41
Number of pages: 106
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LG Electronics LG - Life's Good Cell Phone GU220 user manual
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fgaUnh fgaUnh
Some of the contents in this manual
may differ from your phone
depending on the software of the
phone or your service provider.
www.lgmobile.com P/N : MMBB0356510 (1.0)

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Bluetooth QD ID B015954

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

— English GU220 User Guide Congratulations on your purchase of the advanced and compact GU220 phone by LG, designed to operate with the latest digital mobile communication technology. This guide will help you understand your new mobile phone. It will provide you with useful explanations of features on your phone.

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Getting to Know Your Phone Charger, Cable slot, Hands-free connector Main screen Call key End/Power key Dials a phone Ends or rejects a call. number and Turns the phone answers on/off. Returns to the incoming calls. standby screen when you use the menu. 2

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Installing a Memory Card Formatting the Memory Card Lift the memory card cover and insert a microSD card Press Menu and select with the gold contact area Settings. facing downward. Close the Choose Memory manager, memory card cover so that it select External memory, clicks shut. press Format, and then insert To remove the memory card, the security code. gently push it as shown in the diagram. WARNING: When you format your memory card, all the content will be wiped. If you do not

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Installing the SIM Card and Charging the Battery or bending, so be careful when Installing the SIM Card handling, inserting or removing When you subscribe to a the card. Keep all SIM cards out cellular network, you are of the reach of small children. provided with a plug-in SIM card loaded with your Illustrations subscription details, such 1 Open the battery cover as your PIN, any optional 2 Remove the battery services available and many 3 Insert your SIM others. 4 Insert your batt

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Menu map Messaging Contacts Call log Names Create message Call log Settings Inbox Missed calls Groups My mailbox Received calls Speed dials Drafts Dialled numbers Service dial numbers Outbox Call duration Own number Sent items Packet data counter My business card Saved items Call costs Emoticons Message settings Settings Gallery Media Profi les My memory card Camera Display My images Video Date & Time My sounds Music Connectivity My videos FM radio Call My games & apps Voice recorder Phone Others

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Organiser Applications Web My games & apps Alarm clock Home Settings Calendar Bookmarks To-do list Last web address Notes Settings Secret notes Go to address Calculator Saved pages Stopwatch Date fi nder Converter World time Go to Settings 6

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

Answering and Rejecting Calls a Call Making a Call When your phone rings, press 1 Key in the number using to answer the call. the keypad. To delete a You can control the volume digit, press CLR. by pressing the Up and Down 2 Press to initiate the Navigation keys. call. Press or select Reject to 3 To end the call, press . reject the incoming call. TIP! To enter + when TIP! You can change the making an international call, settings on your phone to press and hold 0. answer your ca

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Viewing your Call History • Call waiting - Be alerted when you have a call You can only check the log of waiting. This depends on missed, received and dialed your network provider. calls if the network supports Calling Line Identification • Call reject - Set the rejected call list. (CLI) within the service area. • Send my number - Choose Changing the call settings whether your number will You can set call-specific be displayed when you call functions. Press Menu, select someone. T

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

• Save new number - Choose Adding a Contact to a Yes or No. Group • Slide close setting - Choose You can save your contacts in End call or Continue call. groups; for example, to keep your work colleagues and family separate. There are a Contacts number of groups including Searching for a Contact Family, Friends, Colleagues, 1 Select Names from the School and VIP already set up standby screen. on the phone. 2 Using the keypad, enter the TIP! There are two LG first letter of the co

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

Sending a Message Setting up Your E-mail 1 Press Menu, select You can stay in touch on the Messaging and choose move using email on your Create message. GU220. It’s quick and simple to set up a POP3 or IMAP4 2 A new message editor will email account. open. The message editor combines Text message 1 Press Menu, select and Multimedia messages Messaging, and choose into one intuitive and easy- Message Settings. to-switch-between editor. 2 Select E-mail then E-mail The default settin

Summary of the content on the page No. 13

Sending an E-mail Using Entering Text your New Account You can enter alphanumeric characters using the phone’s To send/receive an email, keypad. The following text you should set up an email input methods are available account. on the phone: T9 predictive 1 Select Menu, select mode, ABC manual mode and Messaging and choose 123 mode. Create message. 2 Choose E-mail and a new Note: Some fields may allow email will open. only one text input mode 3 Enter a subject. (e.g. telephone num

Summary of the content on the page No. 14

ABC Manual Mode My mailbox - Contains all your email messages. This mode allows you to enter letters by pressing the key Drafts - If you don’t have time to finish writing a message, labeled with the required letter once, twice, three or you can save what you have done so far here. four times until the letter is displayed. Outbox - This is a temporary storage folder while messages 123 Mode are being sent. It also stores Type numbers using one any messages that have failed keystroke

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Creating a Playlist Media You can create your own playlists by choosing a Music selection of songs from the Your GU220 has a built-in All songs folder. Music player so you can play all 1 Press Menu and select your favorite music. Media. Playing a Song 2 Choose Music, then select Playlists. 1 Press Menu and select 3 Press Options and select Media, then choose Music. Add new playlist, then 2 Choose All tracks then enter the playlist name and select the song you want to press Save

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5 ”Rec” will appear in the Camera bottom-left corner of the Taking a Quick Photo viewfinder and a timer will 1 Select Menu and select show the length of your Media. Select Camera to video. open the viewfinder. 6 Select Stop to stop 2 Holding the phone, point recording. the lens toward the subject of the photo. FM Radio 3 Position the phone so you Using the FM Radio can see the subject of your Your LG GU220 has an FM photo. radio feature so you can tune 4 Press the Center key

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Recording the Radio Voice Recorder 1 Press the center key while Use your Voice recorder to listening to the radio. record voice memos or other 2 The recording time is sounds. displayed on your phone. If you want to stop the Gallery recording, press You can store any kind of the . When a recording Media file on your phone’s has been made, the memory to give you easy recorded contents will be access to all of your images, saved in the Gallery as an sounds, videos, games etc. mp

Summary of the content on the page No. 18

My Memory Card My Videos If you have inserted a memory The Videos folder shows the card, it will be displayed as a list of downloaded videos and videos you have recorded on folder in the Gallery. your phone. My Images Others The Images folder contains In the Others folder, you can a folder of default images view files that are not saved in on your phone, images the Images, Sounds or Videos downloaded by you, and folders. images taken on your phone’s camera. My Games & Apps My Sounds

Summary of the content on the page No. 19

Using the Stopwatch Organiser This option allows you to use Setting your Alarm stopwatch functions. You can set up to five alarms to Converting Units go off at a specified time This can convert many Using the Calendar measurements into the unit When you enter this menu, you want. a calendar appears. A square cursor is located on the current Adding a City to Your World date. Time You can move the cursor You can add a required city to another date using the to the list of world clocks

Summary of the content on the page No. 20

Web Connectivity Accessing the Web Changing your Connectivity You can launch the WAP Settings browser and access the USB connection mode homepage of the activated 1 Mass storage: Select Mass profile on web settings. You storage and connect the can also manually enter a handset to your computer. URL address and access the You can then drag and associated WAP page. drop files to the GU220 1 Press Menu and select removable device folder. Web. 2 PC Suite: Select PC Suite 2 To acc

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